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More song premieres from THE WALL [Redux] via Consequence of Sound and The Obelisk

The cover-to-cover re-imagining of Pink Floyd’s ambitious concept album by up-and-coming and seminal artists from across the heavy music landscape is just two weeks away, and this week sees two more big music premieres from the highly anticipated project.

First, Consequence of Sound profiles ex-Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder on his connection to Floyd and the background behind his haunting take for the site’s “Origins” series.

Of his lonely rendition of “Is There Anybody Out There?” Reeder says:

“A big part of the vibe in the original piece is simply the ambience, holed up in a motel room on a desolate highway zoning on the TV, with a neighboring crying kid at the end. I instead wanted to portray the isolation that one can feel out here on our ranch, so I recorded some sounds around here.”

Then, over at The Obelisk, today saw the unveiling of an exhaustive feature on the entire project that includes thoughts and quotes from every artist who participated, as well as song premieres of the contributions from Solace to THE WALL [REDUX] and Red Mesa to BEST OF PINK FLOYD.

Obelisk honcho JJ Koczan, in his introduction to the piece, says:

“I won’t be so self-aggrandizing as to call this a companion for The Wall [Redux] or The Best of Pink Floyd or anything like that, but it’s a look at the bands talking about how Floyd came into their lives, how they got to do the songs they did, and how they view the album in the context of today. Some take a political angle, some just dig the record. Both are valid, and The Wall stands up to scrutiny on both levels.”

Magnetic Eye Records will release THE WALL [REDUX] and the companion album, Best of Pink Floyd [REDUX], on November 9th, with a massive cross-section of established scene luminaries and ambitious newcomers including The Melvins, Low Flying Hawks, Greenleaf, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard and Year of the Cobra taking on tracks across both volumes.  Pre-orders for both are available now at this location.

The full tracklist for The Wall [Redux] is as follows:

Side A
1. In the Flesh? – The Melvins
2. The Thin Ice –  Low Flying Hawks
3. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1 – Ghastly Sound
4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives – Sergeant Thunderhoof
5. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 – Sasquatch
6. Mother – ASG

Side B
1. Goodbye Blue Sky – Mos Generator
2. Empty Spaces – Domkraft
3. Young Lust – The Slim Kings
4. One of My Turns – Worshipper
5. Don’t Leave Me Now – Spaceslug
6. When the Tigers Broke Free – Year of the Cobra
7. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3 / Goodbye Cruel World – Greenleaf

Side C
1. Hey You – Summoner
2. Is There Anybody Out There? – Scott Reeder
3. Nobody Home – Mark Lanegan
4. Vera – Ruby the Hatchet
5. Bring the Boys Back Home – Sunflo’er
6. Comfortably Numb – Mars Red Sky

Side D
1. The Show Must Go On – Open Hand
2. In the Flesh – Solace
3. Run Like Hell – Pallbearer
4. Waiting for the Worms – WhiteNails
5. Stop – Blue Heron
6. The Trial – Church of The Cosmic Skull
7. Outside the Wall – Yawning Man

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