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Buffalo Philharmonic “Music For Youth” series plans media day on Oct. 30

BUFFALO, NY – The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Buffalo Public Schools are inviting the media to a BPO Music For Youth concert at 10:15 AM Tuesday, Oct. 30 at Kleinhans Music Hall.

The media event begins at 9:30 in the Mary Seaton Room of Kleinhans Music Hall. New BPO Assistant Conductor Todd Craven; new BPO Assistant Conductor, Community Engagement Jaman E. Dunn; BPO Director of Education and Community Engagement Robin Parkinson; and Buffalo Public Schools Music Supervisor James Schwanz will be on hand to discuss the year’s programming, the partnership between the BPO and the Buffalo Public School district, and the overall state of music education in Buffalo.

The concert will commence at 10:15 in the Main Hall of Kleinhans. The audience will be comprised of third graders from the Buffalo Public Schools. The program is titled “The Orchestra at Work” and explores how the individual roles of composer, conductor, musician, staff, and audience work together to create a successful symphonic experience. This program, like the entire Music For Youth series, was developed by a committee of musicians, educators, and administrators. It aligns with New York State arts and social studies standards and Common Core learning standards for English language arts and literacy.

All Buffalo Public Schools students between grades 1 and 6 attend a BPO Music For Youth concert every year. The series also serves many students from suburban districts, private schools, and homeschool groups for an estimated total of 51,000 per year. The concerts are engaging and interactive, and are crafted to reinforce lessons taught in the classroom. This year, the BPO has added dedicated concerts for kindergarten and pre-k groups. The orchestra will once again offer a concert to be streamed on demand by schools throughout Western New York’s eight counties; side-by-side concerts with the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra and Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts; holiday concerts tailored to people with developmental disabilities; an iteration of Carnegie Hall’s award-winning Link Up program with select schools; and a concert at St. Mary’s School For The Deaf.

This event will be an opportunity for the media and for potential funders to learn more about the BPO’s robust education program, and to witness a concert in action. Photography and video are permitted at this event. We request that you shoot from row K or from the back of the hall. You may capture film for up to 30 minutes; up to three minutes may be used for news.

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