Shadow State: What about the souls of the women pimped out by Allison Mack? 

Pea Onyu made this comment to Shadow State 1958: “Stop picking constantly on Allison. Every day Shadow State goes after her to gore out her eyes and her soul. Why don’t you go after true wickedness – Nancy and Lauren. Frank, Toni, Cat, Joe and the wicked Rick Alan Ross?”


Shadow State 1958 replied:

What do Allison and her friends have to complain about?

First of all the people who started calling Allison a pimp are her own slaves, not me.

Upon investigation, the FBI found that, yes, indeed, Allison is a pimp. And the Justice Department saw fit to indict her for being a pimp. If Allison did not want to be called a pimp, then she should not have chosen to act like a pimp.

Allison should not have branded the women.

Allison should not have collected blackmail on the women.

Allison should not have introduced corporal punishment for the women.

And Allison should not talk about female empowerment while acting like a pimp.

This is a representation of the paddling punishment imposed on the women of DOS who fail to meet their quota of slave enrollment. The man with the paddle in this picture is not Keith Raniere. Sources say that the paddling is administered by women on women and introduced by Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack.


And what about the souls of the women pimped out by Allison Mack? They are the true victims of this story, not Allison Mack.

Pea, As for the people you label as wicked, Frank Parlato exposed the criminal behavior.

Toni Natalie is a former girlfriend of Raniere who exposed him as a psychopath.


Catherine Oxenberg is a mother trying to save her daughter from the clutches of Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack.

Joe O’Hara worked to expose the financial crimes of NXIVM.

And Rick Alan Ross worked to expose the cult-like nature of NXIVM.

All those people are heroes.

And Pea, I have some news for you: The FBI has combed through Allison’s electronic accounts and plans to drop more charges on Allison, Keith, and Clare just in time for Christmas.

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  • @Methodist Minister Shadow State
    Allison branded women? Or was it the doctor?
    The above picture of the spanking is so gratuitous that one can only surmise a lonely sex-starved fiend is the NXIVM super sleuth known to as Shadowstate1958, who uses his raincoat flashing as an excuse to inform readers about the dangers of a cult.

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