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Stamps The Bar (Tonawanda, NY) : Upcoming Concerts & Events (10/29/18)

Upcoming events during the next few weeks
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Mon, Oct 29th ($15 Pre – Hip Hop/Rap) : Higher Vibes Entertainment presents A Frightful Fete (7pm)

Tues, Oct 30th : Come down for a drink!

Wed, Oct 31st (No Cover/Free) : Acoustic BBQ #666
Feat: Don Roth, Yellow Sauce, Cardboard Homestead, & more! (7pm)

Thurs, Nov 1st : Come down for a drink!

Fri, Nov 2nd ($8 Pre, $10 door – Pop/Rock/Acoustic) : Vitamin K
w/ Lexxi Raine, Jay, Kelsey Law, Good Morning Hellen, & Jordan Hart (6pm)

Sat, Nov 3rd (Rock) : Roger Bryan and The Orphans (9pm)

Sun, Nov 4th ($8 Pre, $10 door – EDM/Electronic) : VCTi
w/ Digital Afterlife, Satoko, Neon Black, & Onikz (7pm)

Mon, Nov 5th (No Cover) : Buffalo Jazz Composers Workshop (8pm)

Tues, Nov 6th : TBA

Wed, Nov 7th (No Cover) : Saucy Wednesdays Open Mic (7pm)

Thurs, Nov 8th ($5 Cover – Punk/Rock) On The Cinder, Dredneks, Over And Out, Crystal Godzilla, & Three Green (6pm)

Fri, Nov 9th ($5 Cover – EDM) Flow Love (10pm)

Sat, Nov 10th ($7 Pre, $10 door – Hip Hop/Rap) Milli waves, Sirius blvxk, Paradox, Philosopher, Mage, MB Goosie, & Daygo boys (7pm)

Sun, Nov 11th ($10 Pre, $12 door – Rock) Super Bob & City Of The Weak
w/ Protpilot, A.C. Anton, The Finality Complex, & Allie Burns (6pm)

Mon, Nov 12th : Come down for a drink!

Tues, Nov 13th ($8 Pre, $10 door – Rock) Adventurer
w/ Eerie Shores, Scathed, Signs (oasb), Mindchaser, & Astrabula (6pm)

Wed, Nov 14th : Come down for a drink!

Thurs, Nov 15th ($5 Cover – EDM/DJs) : Blacklight Thursday (7:30pm)

Fri, Nov 16th ($5 Cover – Rock) : Seven Faces, Good Dude,
& Green Slime

Sat, Nov 17th : TBA

Sun, Nov 18th : TBA

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