Reader: Kristin Kreuk describes a women’s meeting at her home – only problem – everyone – including Allison Mack – are NXIVM members

This is better than a Ben Szemkus story of a NXIVM gathering

By Anonymous

Kristin Kreuk describes a meeting at her home. She said, “There is something special when women come together. It is such a comfortable, warm and truly inspiring experience. About 15 ladies got together last night at my place, and it was soooo beautiful. We ate, chatted, avoided stepping on the dog, and really just hung out. A lot of our time was spent introducing each other and sharing why we value and love the ladies we brought with us… There were some tears. Okay, a lot of tears. haha… we are such girls. I love it…

“So we had Kendra and her belly, which is having plenty of movement these days. K is such a fabulous lady. She has a drive and determination that is very powerful. She talks a lot about being afraid all the time, which is something I do experience with her, but I also see her taking these great chances. I mean the woman has chosen to have a baby and build this company. At the same time. That is pretty balls.

And Tabby was there as well… I see Tabs as a girl who has gone through a lot of shite and has chosen to create a positive and productive life. She left her life (and kitty) in L.A. and came to Vancouver in like two days…okay slight exaggeration, but still. Tabby has a really lovely girlish energy, combo-ed with an ability to call code “beautiful”.

Allie-mack is one of my dearest friends. She has been an inspiration to me in her ability to be open and to translate her passions to others in a way that they get passionate too. Allison is so great at bringing people together to create. And her commitment to help others is something that we share. I have so enjoyed spending these years of my life in her presence.

And my dear friend Rose… Who to me is the embodiment of woman. She is a pillar of strength and a force of female-ness. Intelligent, holistic and ultimately compassionate… I see so much of the type of woman I want to be. Rose-y is now a beautiful mother of a seven-month-old girl, and this seems to have brought out a vulnerability in her that I hadn’t experienced before. She is truly amazing…”


Sounds like Kristin Kook is describing a JNESS meeting that took place at her house. An all-female NXIVM group. All the women she wrote about in this post: Ally Wack, Tabby Chapman, Kendra Voth, and Rose Bhura were all in NXIVM. Mack, Bhura and Voth were recruited by Kook and Chapman was a Smallville fan recruited by Mack. And apparently, now, at least one GBD girl, “Jane” recruited into NXIVM by Kristin Kook started in GBD and is now a branded sex slave. If that’s true, that’s really bad.

And there was Kreuk and Voth denying (lying) GBD was not related to NXIVM without confirming or denying they were NXIVM cultists. Bad, very bad. This was just two years into Kreuk’s NXIVM involvement. She had already leveraged her fame to recruit for NXIVM through Acapella Innovations, College Project, Juicy Peach, and GBD. She was four years away from being named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit as a likely future defendant. In two years time, she would be on Necker Island for a secret NXIVM cult summit where money laundering was said to of been planned.

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