Jen Kobelt describes human fright experiment with Dr. Porter – for CBC

en Kobelt, 28, was an assistant to Sarah Edmondson – when they were both in NXIVM. She describes for CBC her experience with human fright doctor, Brandon Porter, and his experiment on her.

It is a good account, interestingly told: ‘Turn it off!’: Ex-NXIVM member describes Clockwork Orange-style ‘fright study’

Jen Kobelt

Kobelt agreed to help her friend and fellow Nxian, Dr. Brandon Porter, with his research study in August 2016.

They went to Apropos – the NXIVM clubhouse. The room was dark. She sat in front of a TV and was hooked up to a cap with sensors.  There was a camera in front to record her facial expressions, and a machine behind her, which she assumed would track her brainwaves.

She was shown a video that had a gang rape scene from the 1988 Jodie Foster film The Accused. 

It made Kobelt upset.

“Turn it off!  I can’t watch this! Why the fuck are you showing me this?, Kobelt screamed.

“What’s going on for you, Jen?” Porter asked.

Another clip  – from American History X – showed a white supremacist, played by Edward Norton, killing a black man by stomping his face into a curb.

Kobelt burst out crying and continued right through a number of happy clips.

Porter said he had one more clip to show but was nervous because of her “intense reactions.”

Not wanting to appear weak, Kobelt said, ‘Just fucking do it.’”

The next clip was a snuff video – of a group of men in a cornfield, with bandanas over their mouths, and guns in their hands. Four women were on their knees, several of them topless, with arms behind their backs. One man spoke in Spanish. Four men, positioning themselves behind the women, grabbed them by the hair, and chopped their heads off with machetes.

Kobelt was shocked. She had tears and snot dripping down her face.

Porter asked her, “What’s going on for you?”

Porter suggested Kobelt have an Exploration of Meaning, or EM, to find out why she had such extreme reactions to some of the clips.

“I don’t know if this is something I want to resolve,” Kobelt thought. “I don’t know if I ever want to be OK with gang rape. Or… murder by machete.”

Then she thought about her NXIVM training and that her reaction might be tied to her childhood.

She went to where she was staying, had a shower, then texted her NXIVM coach: “Hey, I really need an Exploration of Meaning.”

Read Kobelt’s story here:

‘Turn it off!’: Ex-NXIVM member describes Clockwork Orange-style ‘fright study’

Dr. Brandon Porter takes a moment to relax on a swing in between showing human fright experiments on unsuspecting women.
A scene from The Accused – shown to slender young ladies – by Dr. Porter.

Jen Kobelt’s extreme reaction to the films shown by Dr. Porter might have helped her. She was evidently not ‘bad-ass’ enough – and she was not – I emphasize – was not – invited to join DOS.

She was one of the few women of her age and slenderness that was not recruited during that manic time from late-2015- to mid-2017 – when all the Front Line women of DOS were pressured to recruit women as slaves.

Her extreme reaction might have revealed that Jen Kobelt was not equipped to do whatever it was that DOS Grandmaster, Keith Raniere, ultimately planned for DOS women to do. Had he not been stopped, we might know today just what that was.

I think the true reason for Dr. Porter’s human fright experiments was to weed out women – like Kobelt – and conversely find women who, because they were able to witness, unblinking, extreme violence, might be also able to commit the same to themselves or others.

Behind all, including these fright experiments, was the hand of Raniere.

He was having the time of his life — then – but not now.

I find it intriguing that Dr. Porter admitted that one of his favorite characters is Spock from the TV show Star Trek. Spock is half human and half from the fictional planet, Vulcan – where the denizens show no emotion. I can see Porter watching Kobelt screaming and rocking and shaking in her seat and he, calmly and emotionless, asking her “What’s going on with you?”

Then thinking, “Most illogical these earth creatures.”

Was Dr. Porter “Spock” to his Captain Vanguard?
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