MK10ART's painting of Allison 'Pimp' Mack, leader of DOS, the women's empowerment group led by a man.

Shadow State: The rest of her life the letters ‘AM’ will be Allison Mack’s scarlet letters

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack has been indicted on a raft of crimes involving racketeering, sex trafficking, slavery, extortion, and wire fraud.

Most of the NXIVM women who actually ran the cult day-to-day knew damned well what Keith Raniere was doing with women and young girls.

Raniere openly talked about how it was OK for a grown man to have sex with underage girls.

And now Allison Mack, and her gullible supporters, are shocked that Raniere would actually act on his teachings.  Allison Mack is shocked, shocked, that Raniere would actually have sex with teenage girls.

If you read the comments sections of social media you will find that many people around the world, people who had liked “Smallville”, and the character of Chloe Sullivan, were upset when the branding and slavery were revealed.

Here are some Twitter comments from #allisonmack

So #AllisonMack who played Chloe Sullivan on #Smallville ran a secret #sexcult for years and she just got arrested for it … childhood is officially ruined ?????????????

#KeithRaniere and #AllisonMack smile and LAUGH in court as #NXIVM cult leaders are told their trial will be delayed until March – as furious judge blasts their childish lawyers for ‘acting like third graders’

My argument is that Allison Mack sold herself to more than one Devil.

She sold herself to Raniere.

She sold herself to Clare Bronfman.

She sold herself to Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

And in the process, Allison Mack became a Devil herself.

Selling yourself to the devil is never a good bargain.

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