Fotios “Freddy” Geas - what would he think of Vanguard?.

Whitey Bulger was ‘slocked’ – allegedly by prisoner who hated guys who abuse women – what will they think of Raniere?

Looks like they “slocked” Whitey… That’s a tough way to go…
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Did Freddy Geas slock Whitey Bulger to death?

Whitey Bulger, 89, was beaten to death Tuesday evidently by more than one inmate – within hours of his arrival at Hazelton federal penitentiary — a maximum security prison. One of his attackers used a sock with a padlock in it as a weapon.  This is known as slocking.

The top suspect in the killing is former Mafia hitman, Fotios “Freddy” Geas.

Geas, 51, is serving a life sentence for the 2003 assassinations of Adolfo “Big Al” Bruno, onetime head of the mob in Springfield, and associate Gary Westerman.

Geas didn’t dispute his role in Bulger’s murder but refused to identify accomplices.

“He wouldn’t rat on anybody,” said his former attorney David Hoose. “And he had no respect for anyone who did.”

“Freddy hated rats,” said Geas’ friend, Ted McDonough. “Freddy hated guys who abused women. Whitey was a rat who killed women. It’s probably that simple.”

Wonder what the boys will think of Keith Alan Raniere if he winds up in Hazelton?

Not a real photo: Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard, if convicted, will likely be assigned a maximum security prison – just like the one Whitey Bulger spent the last few hours of his life.

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  • Very thoughtful of Frank to remember Keith with a spooky greeting for Halloween y dia de Los Muertos!

  • With regard to Keith’s often repeated claim that he was a world class “NY State Judo Champion”, here’s a few Judo facts to put things in perspective.

    Even though Keith could have won a tournament, here’s some facts:

    1) The division for 12 year olds includes 11 year olds and 12 year olds, but nobody aged higher. In other words, he beat other 11 and 12 year olds but couldn’t likely beat a 13 year old.

    2) The division for 11-12 year olds usually has 6 different weight classes, from 66 pounds at the bottom all the way up to 120+ pounds for the heavier/fatter guys. Which means even if you win, you’re only one of six different “12 year olds” who won, LOL. When you add in all of the other age groups and weight classes in those groups too, you’ll see that winning such a tournament is almost a meaningless accomplishment.

    3) Competitions in judo are also separated by “skill level” (what color belt you wear). This means Keith was only in the NOVICE division competing with other WHITE belts and YELLOW belts.

    How do I know this?

    If he were in a higher division or had a higher belt color, this would have been mentioned by him as part of his accomplishment.

    Also, as a 12 year old you’re not really eligible to have an advanced belt color for competition — since many dangerous ‘judo maneuvers’ are forbidden by the rules until you’re older than 12 years old.

    If Keith ever held a brown or black belt in Judo at ANY age in his life — then it would be verifiable with the national federation called “USA Judo”.

    This is true because advanced Judo belts can’t be given locally by instructors like they do in karate. Local instructors can sometimes give out lower level belts up to a certain color, but not higher level belts.

    In Judo, only regional panels of Judo experts can promote somebody to a high level belt, and records of these accomplishments are kept at the national level at USA Judo.

    The reason Keith doesn’t mention a belt color (or skill level) is because he likely was just a little 12 year old white belt or yellow belt. LOL.

    Any claims that he was just being modest (by not mentioning his Judo belt color) are contradicted by the fact that he’s already BRAGGING about winning the NY State Judo Championship to all of his followers as proof that he’s super special.

    If he were truly modest, he wouldn’t be mentioning this accomplishment period. LOL.

    Many people outside the Judo world don’t realize that Judo for kids (under 13 years old) isn’t “real” Judo because the rules FORBID the most violent ways to win a Judo match — such as SUBMISSIONS via choking and armbars. The rules also forbid kids from doing the most dangerous types of throws/maneuvers. Kids can throw people, but the most dangerous throws are not taught to kids that young.

    Many people don’t realize that Judo matches can also be won by simply PINNING your opponent’s shoulder to the mat for 25 seconds (except only one shoulder needs to be pinned in Judo, not both like in wrestling).

    Sitting on your opponent’s chest (with at least one shoulder pinned) is one way to win a judo match, especially for novice kiddies who don’t know how to defend very well yet.

    For novice kids who are shorter & stockier than their taller and thinner opponent —- winning can be as simple as tackling your thinner opponent and sitting on his chest for a few seconds.

    Judging by Keith’s short and stocky structure, I’m guessing he was a chubby little fellow who probably won his matches precisely like that, LOL.

    I don’t think that’s gonna work out too well in prison, when somebody comes to “slock” him though. 🙂

    But what does Pea Onyu think? 🙂

    • Thank you for the information. We need more posts like this that delve into the details.

    • Awesome ?. ROFLMOA! Still, Couldn’t help but draw a sad parallel to the “moves” Keith pulled on 12 yr. old girls with these claims.

  • I think if Keith wears those sexy leather pants, like the ones modeled by the Keith dummy, it could get the other inmates all excited, so that is probably not the best prison attire for him.
    Are leather pants the standard prison issue? I thought it was orange jumpsuits?

    • On closer inspection, I see that photo has been edited. There is a suspicious mark directly above Keith’s fly. Hmmmm….what was someone trying to edit?
      I’m an expert at spotting poorly done photoshopping jobs.

  • I doubt that he’ll end up in a maximum security prison if convicted. He has no prior convictions and doesn’t appear to be physically menacing to other males. Is he even being charged with any violent sexual crimes? Coercive sexual crimes with adults won’t be looked upon with the same gravity as forcible compulsion with minors or a physically menacing rape of an adult. Besides, what got Whitey killed was that he “ratted” to the Feds about other mobsters. My bet is that the sex charges get dropped, but he’ll get convicted of the financial crimes and end up in a min to medium security facility similar to Michael Milken. Hopefully, I’ll be wrong about that, though…

    • He won’t wind up minimum security for the same reason he can’t get bail.
      He fled to Mexico thinking he could escape charges.
      It’s already clear he would just walk out the door.

  • Being a world judo champ, I hope Vantard tones it down, or some of his would-be attackers could get hurt…

  • I will not lose sleep nor shed a tear if prison justice is meeted out on Keith.
    Let him, for once, feel fear.
    Jeffrey Dahmer received such justice which I applauded.

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