Allison Mack cries at hearing the word salad of Keith Raniere.

Shadow State: Wait till you see what the US Department of Justice has to say at trial about Allison Mack

By Shadow State 1958

Allison Mack: Not only are there many people who defend this ‘Flying Monkey,’ but Allison Mack is literally the Keystone of the NXIVM defense.

Keith Raniere is an unsympathetic character.

Clare Bronfman is a cartoon caricature of a plutocratic woman.

But Ms. Mack is an actress with training and experience in manipulating people with a sympathetic ‘girl next door’ persona.

“Why, we were just a female empowerment group with an initiation ritual just like a sorority,” she says.


The hope of Raniere and Bronfman is that some of Mack’s good-girl image will rub off on them.

That won’t happen – if her image is exposed as a facade, an elaborate fraud and she is dragged through the barnyard of NXIVM’s many crimes.

‘Good people sometimes end up in jail?’

Good people don’t blackmail women into being branded like cattle and turned into sex slaves.

Allison Mack, with the approval of Raniere and Bronfman, did half the FBI’s work for them in collecting all of the blackmail material in one place. It’s up to the FBI to track down the leads and interview the witnesses.

I suppose some people can’t handle the truth about Allison Mack and are unwilling to do the research to express a coherent, accurate version of the truth.

Just wait until you see what the US Department of Justice has to say about Allison Mack at trial.

Allison Mack leaves the federal courthouse in Brooklyn following one of her appearances there with her attorneys. She faces charges of sex trafficking and racketeering.

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  • Why do we even bother with trials.
    Clearly the gossip you’ve read is enough to convict.
    You don’t need to see the trial, hear the testimony,see the evidence.
    She’s guilty and you’ve been bestowed with this cosmic knowledge.
    How does it feel to know better than the actual jury?

    The funniest part is that I read comments and last week, several people said you need to let go of your allison Mack obsession but you’re like NO! I’m gonna blog again and pretend like my unqualified opinions are journalism.

    I haven’t seen someone this disregarding of our judicial system since…wait are you Nancy grace?
    She never needs trials either. She just knows who’s guilty before evidence is even presented.
    You are Nancy aren’t you.
    I hope so
    It’s be scary if there were TWO PEOPLE on Earth that have no regard for due process.

  • Shadow’s next article, ‘You may think Alison Mack wears sexy panties, but she doesn’t. She wears grannie panties!”

    • Only if she does it to manipulate people into thinking she’s an ibnocent, granny panty kind of gal

  • I could barely watch the video of Mack crying over Raniere’s gibberish. Moved to tears over o guy speaking nonsense. Seriously, as it has been called, word salad. If you break down his talk I don’t think a single sentence conveyed an idea, thought or fact. And she sits there in awe. I assume because she’s that damn ignorant thus he must be one of the smartest men on earth and that’s why she didn’t understand.

    • Anyone with a serious college education would spot Raniere as a fraud within two minutes.
      Many of my college professors actually, taught from textbooks they wrote.
      They knew their subjects forward and backwards.
      Raniere is nothing but a BS artist.
      It’s a pity that Mack is too stupid to identify Raniere as a fraud.

  • I really am interested in what the DOJ has to say about Pimp Mack. I think there’s a whole lot that we haven’t heard about yet. Kor AR is an evil shiftless and lazy man. He’s also very cruel and he has always had his minions around to advised his adoring followers on what he wants them to do or what he wants them to give up, say, family or friends or all their money. He also was an advisor as to whether you should be bisexual or straight and of course that you need to have sex with as many people as you can.

    When he met Ally it was kismet! A female capable of evil equal to or even stronger than his innate evilness!! Ally brought him much joy!

    This is an article discussing Ally from when she was a child actress.

    • He can’t take his own advice. His time in NXIVM before he was dismissed because of stalking Mack has left him mentally disabled. Clifton Park may have a police report of him trying to look into Raniere’s window during a 3 some with Mack and Clyne

      • This opinion piece is conjecture. Perhaps we’ll be waiting a year or more until trial, and then again, maybe not. Regardless, the fixation should remain on Raniere. Who the heck cares about Allison, Kreuk etc. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m sure the FBI already has more than enough information on everyone involved in this sordid affair.

        • Da shadow do. He b wackin dat pecker at da very thought of his fantasy girl allie wack. He b needed a sista to set hiz azz srraight.

  • That picture of Ally Wack looks like she has finally dropped a mighty turd she’s been blocked up with for a week. ?

    • To be diplomatic about it, people who don’t eat enough food end up with constipation.
      There is not enough new stuff coming in to push out the old stuff.
      Coffee with its graininess can help with the problem.

  • “I suppose some people can’t handle the truth about Allison Mack”

    Yea, like you, Shadow. You’re the one acting like you know what the evidence against her is before it’s made public. Why don’t you go and interview people who know her, like a real journalist? Ask them what kind of person she is. All you do is repeat the same info over and over.

  • Just like you can’t the truth that you’re a shitty reporter Shadow who got rejected by Allison. Everytime you post your trashy crap on Allison ill troll your ass till the end of time you piece of shit fat son of bitch!

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