Angry Canadian: Kristin Kreuk’s TV Show, Burden of Truth, is anti-white male liberal propaganda

Kristin Kreuk’s TV Show, Burden of Truth, funded predominantly by white male taxpayers, is such obvious anti-white male liberal propaganda. Everything about it.

All the evil comes from Kreuk’s onscreen, white father, representing the generic white man for all to hate. There is even a token interracial lesbian couple. I do not want my hard-earned money going to Kristin Crook, especially when the content is propaganda attacking me and especially when it was filmed during the NXIVM shit storm of 2017 – with Kreuk silent as a mouse.

Of course, Kreuk reads Frank Report. She probably read this article, yet she still went on Twitter yesterday to promote Season Two of this taxpayer-funded bullshit.

She’s a hoe.

Where do governments get money from? The taxpayer. They take your money and give it to others.

In this case, they give your hard-earned wages to multi-millionaire dickhead actors making them even richer while you have to work. Then, when you complain about mass uncontrolled immigration and other things that you have to pay for, these asshole celebrities who don’t have to face any economic burden insult you and call you the usual liberal names: bigot, Nazi etc.

The government has no moral right to use other people’s tax dollars to fund a television network. What a waste of money. Either increase advertising, stop giving the shitty actors so much money or self fund.

Anyone happy to have their money taken away is a moron. If there are morons willing to pay for this shit, then they can set up a Kickstarter campaign and let the morons fund their bullshit. I refuse to pay for it. I don’t even watch TV. Too much pandering to the liberals.

They can all fuck off.

Kristin Kreuk in the taxpayer-funded – and according to some – “anti white male’ – TV show – Burden of Proof. But,  supporters say, it’s just entertainment…

Is it government’s job to entertain the governed?

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  • In the news:
    He posted several videos to a YouTube channel in 2014 that painted himself as the victim of “treachery” by many of the “females” he has wanted to date. “Those who engage in treachery will ultimately be the victims of it,” he said in a video titled “The Rebirth of My Misogynism.” At other points, he names girls and women he has known since eighth grade, complaining about their “collective treachery.”
    He lamented in a video titled “The Dangers of Diversity” what he viewed as the rise of “foreigners” in the U.S. and praised nations that maintain one “ethnic character.” In a video he dubbed “The American Whore,” He said interracial relationships were “a betrayal of blood,” and that women in them have a mental illness.
    Does this sound like you?
    It does to me.
    Often your comments here is similar to those words quoted above from a guy who shot up a Florida Yoga class because of his resentment toward the same people you seem to hate.

    • Sure, we are all mass murderers because we want border security, tight immigration laws, politicians who don’t shit on us for minority and female votes and because we don’t want our money going to virtue signalling celebrities.

    • You are either an ugly female or a weak low testosterone, emasculated soy boy dickhead (so basically an ugly woman). Either way, probably 98% of your entire belief system has to be shit. ? Fuck off.

      • So you are saying you have the same beliefs as this deranged killer?

        • Stupid fool. I don’t believe in “transgender” and ISIS don’t believe in it either. It doesn’t mean I have the same beliefs as ISIS.

          I believe in the death penalty. So does Sharia law. That doesnt make me a Muslim.

          You are so hateful that you want to lump people who don’t believe in your bullshit to a mass killer because he didn’t believe in liberalism either.

          He was just a loser virgin who couldn’t get any pussy. Instead of working on himself, he did what he did. Emasculated males usually become whiney bitch liberals to fill the void of testosterone and spunk. Most don’t resort to mass shootings.

          And in case your thinking it, I am not a Nazi, member of the KKK, follower of any religion or political party. You fucking retard.

  • “the evil comes from Kreuk’s white father, representing the generic white man for all to hate”…..the Angry Canadian adds that the show’s “content is propaganda attacking me,”

    So Angry Canadian thinks the CBC is a conspiracy against HIM…and amazingly, a commenter named “Reality” lives in the same unreal world.

    Relax, the evil father in the show was intelligent…so he wasn’t representing either of you.

    • Re-read the article. Nobody said what you are saying. I would bet a months wages you are a fan of Kristin Crook. This complete bullshit is 100% propaganda: Whites, men, family etc = bad. Women, non whites and bulldykes = good. Fuck anyone involved with this BS.

      • Get off the computer Scotty and take a walk outside. Canada isn’t even your country.

      • Dearest aggrieved “T Levels”

        Considering I quoted from the article, obviously that IS what the article said. That’s the way quotes work in the real world.

        And now quoting you, “100% propaganda: Whites, men, family etc = bad. Women, non whites and bull dykes = good,” you also live in Angry Canadian’s “reality.”

        • This is what is annoying about liberals, beta males, white knights etc. You either believe what you say or want to believe it. Whether you like it or not, this show is feminist anti white male nonsense. A healthy man will naturally detest it.

  • “She’s a hoe”

    Reason enough not to post this article imho. Stopped reading once I saw that. But maybe I’m not insensitive enough.

    Maybe she is a “hoe” (eew I used the word…and whose definition of “hoe” are we to cite here anyway?) I don’t know what she is…but c’mon…what’s the point of uncovering all this just to be derogatory toward others…guilty or not?

    (((Curious…what word do we use for a male who would do the same things that makes this woman a “hoe”? Is there one so easily accessible?)))

    Love the site and love your writing Frank. Using your talents in a really amazing way.

    • In his opinion she is a hoe… what. Men often times are called pigs. Raniere fits that description quite well.

      • Just saying…Frank’s vocabulary is – as well as some others posting here – far superior to this…

        I happen to think a clever combination of words – ordered in such a way – can cut to the point with more force than simply resorting to easy nasty words. Maybe we call someone who resorts to this usage as a word hoe! Lol…

        Which is why I so enjoy Frank’s writing style. There is style. Illusion/Allusion is something all “hoes” lack…the traditional hoes and the word hoes.

        All opinions!

  • The author admits he doesn’t watch the crap. Yet he is still spot on. The show apparently is for simpletons like yourself. Doesn’t matter if it is Hollywood or Canada, the shows all have an underlying agenda

    • So he never watched it, yet he gave an uninformed opinion on it, and you believed him? That sounds just like confirmation bias to me. Simpletons believe things blindly.

      • Problem for you junior, is that he was right. Pretty informed without having to waste time on jibbershit. You keep eating the pablum

        • I don’t know what that last statement means. Nevertheless, no he’s not right. He’s actually very wrong, and this is not surprising at all since he never watched it – unless you think philandering, cutthroat, no holds barred behavior, etc., is an accurate representation of most white men? – so he can’t form an informed opinion on it. You repeating that he is will never change this reality.

          • Sorry skipper he is 100% right. Reality is cruel to those of you living in Lala land. You keep living in your obvious delusion. Reality will eventually give you a hard bite on your ass.

  • And yet, there are a number of white men in the series who do the right thing. Joanna’s father is a philandering, cutthroat, no holes barred, lawyer whose behavior isn’t remotely suggested in any way to be tied to his skin color. This post is absurd and it just shows the author hasn’t watched the series at all.

  • Thanks for this article Frank. I love this guy. Cuts through the bullshit and propaganda and presents cold, hard reality

    • Indeed and of course his main antagonist is the one and only Sultan of Perversion. That about tells you all you need to know about that creepy dude.

  • Tax funded tv shoes should be nothing but instructional series, drawing shows. WhennI was a kid there were art instruction shows. Now there are none

  • I havent seen the show, but I read that she makes a face pr something when she looks at a bible in a hotel room. That pissed

    I hate liberals, and Canada is one if the most liberal, clucked nations around. Trudeau is a loser.



    • WTF? You’re pissed off that the character makes a face when she looks at a bible, but you’re suggesting a cracksmoking zombie as Prime minister? ?
      Its bad enough that his sleazy brother is now Premier of Ontario. The whole Ford family are criminals, and that’s been known for years.

    • A number of people making comments on the show who haven’t watched it. That’s enough to give their opinion absolutely no credence.

      • Nobody said they have not seen an episode. And whether they have or haven’t, does not mean the article is not correct. It certainly is. A NXIVM cum slut taking huge tax dollars from white men to insult them while refusing to address NXIVM because she knows she’s dirty.

        • No one cares what you think. That’s why you’re crying about it on a worthless blog.

          • You don’t like the truth do you? You are either a fan of this cult member/actress, someone she knows or the smell the fart actress herself. Facts are facts. Deal with it fool. And this “worthless blog” that you read brought NXIVM down you twat.

          • You wouldn’t know the truth if it punched you in the face. And no, Sarah Edmondson and those ex-NXIVM members who did the blog a favor by revealing what they knew to the government brought it down you worthless, misogynistic piece of crap.

          • I am 90% certain who you are. Are you a brown “man” in his fifties or above? And no, Sarah Edmondson the selfish criminal did not bring down the cult.

          • Are you a xenophobic, sexist pig who likes to call women sluts because they refuse the tiny penis train service you want to put between their legs? And yes, Sarah Edmondson did more to bring down this cult — along with all the other Jane Does — than anyone else did. I know and you don’t.

          • That settles it. You are SultanOfSpank. Someone said something about Kristin Crook and the Quran and you can’t stand it.

            Sarah Edmondson is a criminal who knew all about NXIVM crimes. She profited. She got burned and she didn’t like it. She didn’t give a shit about all the victims of the cult.

            Cunts like you allow her to go overnight from criminal conspiracer ignoring real victims over many years to pretending to be the naive heroic victim. Fuck you.

            Frank broke the branding story. The mainstream media followed. Mainstream media didn’t do anything when all the other information about the cult was exposed, when real victims came forward. They did nothing whatsoever after the Times Union expose.

            If you think Edmondson is the one who brought NXIVM down, then you have to believe the NYT did it because they spread the word which got the authorities to investigate. What a grade-A cunt you are you brown piss worm.

          • Not me you utter dumb shit white trashy whiny little bitch ass privileged brat. Boohoo. My white privilege is going away. Boohoo. I hate feminists. Boohoo. These libtards are stealing my tax dollars. Boohoo. Let me cry about women being sluts because no woman wants my ugly soul and I can’t force myself on women anymore. Let me cry on a blog instead of actually changing my asshole self and doing something about it in real life. Cry. Cry. Cry. You’re the cowardly racist little soy boy shit.

          • Whine some more you bigoted, cowardly prick. You cry about Kristin being a coward but your scaredy cat little ass could never say your garbage face to face to her.

            Big bitch.

          • That’s it Rasheed! Keep it coming! Maybe she STILL won’t let you Allahu-Spank her!

            Also, you come from a third world shithole where they literally shit in the street, rape women and tiny girls as part of daily culture, chop of their clits and pussy lips, false them to walk around in black polyester in the hot sun, you hate all outsiders and bring nothing but misery to the world. It is YOU who is privileged to live in a white country. Our success is not privilege. You taking advantage of our success is. We don’t want your kind. Jesus, white liberals are bad enough, now we have to deal with walking talking turds with towels on their heads? Fuck that. I bet those minority Coptic Christians killed by muslims in Egypt the other day were privileged bigots too!? Go back to Pakistan you used teabag. We don’t want you. And liberals don’t care about you either. They hate us normal people who oppose them and use all you pets as a weapon to feel righteous and at the ballot box. We are not losing privilege as we have none. We are losing our countries because liberals promote everything bad for families and let in smelly people like you who are not inflicted with self destruction tendencies, other than blowing yourselves up of course.

            By the way, Vaseline is tested on animals so every time you spank it to Kristin Kook, you are supporting cruelty to animals you smelly Spanker. ??

          • Keep spewing your ignorance you little shit. Your kind has nothing to do with anything that could be considered “advanced” in the West – ethically, politically, scientifically, socially, or economically. Your posts prove it. You can’t even beat the so-called “libtards” in reality so you have to whine about it in the comments of a blog.

            You cry like a little girl whose Barbie was stolen from her.

  • Bread and Circuses, Frank, how else does government undermine if not entirely eradicate the power people can create through civic duty? The last thing ANY govt. wants is an energetic purposeful people who might hold them to account and make them work for their money and produce results for their votes – come on now!!! Fire up the microwave and Where’s that remote..?

  • I haven’t visited the blog for a while, amd still there are tons of articles about KK.
    STILL, there are NO FACTS being presented, just allegations… and you’d think that after all this time, and the good work Mr. Parlato did, he’d present facts, and not just allegations in his crusade against Kristin.
    We know she was in the cult, we know that at some point left. She said she left in 2012, other say she left in 2015.
    Ok, then WHERE is the proof? WHERE is proof she had threesomes, she did tax evasion and other illegal stuff?
    THERE is none.
    If you base your articles only on anonymous comments… Then I can start saying whatever I want: like this person assaulted me, or he coerced me into shoplifting or whatever.

    Really, for me it’s like you have an ax to ground with KK, like she rejected you or something.
    But INDIA, who we know was branded, gets pushed out of the limelight because of Frank connection to Catherine. While I admire that she is taking back her life, we know she was active in DOS, she did illegal stuff and worked for minum wage.
    So, where are all the articles about India being privileged???

  • Canada is the number 1 feminist country in the world. What do you expect to happen.?

    • If you think that’s outrageous the sex education curriculum for the Province of Ontario was written by Ben Levin, a convicted Pedophile who said his life goal is living long enough to have sex with his grand daughters.

      • Ben Levin is a disgusting disgrace! His wife was away when he was arrested, I believe she was canoeing at the time and couldn’t be reached by law enforcement when he was arrested. When she came home she had no problem with him being allowed to come back to their home under house arrest. His whole family supported him unconditionally.

          • It sounds like his family didn’t believe he was guilty at first, but he later admitted that he was guilty, so they know it true. Levin is probably a narcissist or a sociopath, and his wife and kids are “brainwashed”, just like a cult victim. Because sociopaths are like Jekyll and Hyde, it can be difficult for their victims to reconcile the 2 personalities, and often the victims become their flying monkeys.
            But it’s creepy how the wife wrote that letter…especially since Levin kept claiming she was also a pedophile. It sounds as though there’s a possibility shes involved, too.

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