Reader: Moira Penza is the REAL Problem Here; Should Make a Deal with Nancy


Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza is the lead prosecutor in the case of USA v Keith Raniere et al.

By a Reader

What Frank isn’t telling us is that the REAL problem here is Moira Penza.

1) The reason a plea deal hasn’t been finalized yet is because that fucken bitch, Moira Penza, is playing ‘chicken’ with the goose that laid the golden egg — Nancy Salzman. But Nancy will not ‘blink’ or ‘swerve’ first. She’ll drive her figurative car right thru Penza’s car and meet up with eternity, if need be.

2) Nancy Salzman is like God’s “right hand man” — she knows everything to bury everybody. She knows where all the bodies are buried (figuratively).

3) IMO, Penza needs to DROP ALL JAIL TIME for Nancy and offer her full immunity.

4) IMO, Penza also needs to DROP ALL JAIL TIME for Nancy’s lovely youngin Lauren, because a mama bear cannot allow her baby cub to be placed in harm’s way.

5) Until that bitch (Moira Penza) decides to give Nancy WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS, there will be no plea deal and Nancy’s valuable testimony will be lost.

6) It doesn’t matter if the government has a case without Nancy. It only matters that the government’s case WITH Nancy is 100 times fucken stronger. Even a retard can figure that out.

7) I’d be surprised if Penza doesn’t change her attitude soon because if she doesn’t, she’ll lose Nancy and risk putting on a weaker case — and possibly wind up as the ‘laughingstock’ of the EDNY if any acquittals happen.

8) Nancy and Lauren must be allowed to walk free as a bird. They must be free to soar high in the skies above Albany forevermore. They are two birds that must be free to SING for the EDNY and spill the beans on everybody for everything.

9) If you disagree then kiss my ass because, deep down, you know everything I said is true. ?

Don’t shoot the messenger just because he says things in the most annoying way possible. ?

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  • A reader: You keep using that word…I do not think it means what you think it means

    NC girl: well said

  • By a reader…you eat with that mouth?
    Cursing and name calling, plus the veiled threats, do not make your argument convincing.
    Besides. I, for one, do not want Nancy walking the streets of the tri cities anytime soon.
    I don’t want to run into her at Stiyvesant Plaza or Crossgates or have her standing in line next to me at Starbucks.
    I want her and Lauren to serve time, get 3 hots and a cot and be near some real bad ass bitches and not the NXIVM wanna be”s.
    I will dance in the streets when she is carted off to prison and sing “another 9ne bites the dust”.

  • Isn’t that suggestion like cutting a deal with Mussolini to get extra beef on Hitler? WTF?

  • What is the point of posting misogynistic comments and turning them into actual posts? Why the need to call Moira Penza a “fucken bitch”? It’s funny on a site that routinely, and rightly, points out the misogynistic behavior of Keith Raniere, that comments that are insulting to women would be tolerated. Seriously, Frank, if your mission is for justice for your self and for others, why would you post such insensitive, demeaning and crude garbage? What makes these trash posters any better than the “Vanguard” you revile? They are cut from the same cloth. My guess is the only difference between the posters of such rubbish and KR is that Keith actually got laid, however he weaseled his way into doing so.

    I’ve admired you, Frank, for the courage to fight back against the NXIVM machine and the tenacity of your fight. But, can you find nothing better to post than trash like this? We don’t really know what Moira Penza has up her sleeve. My guess is she’s a pretty smart woman and she has plenty of evidence and witnesses lined up. She might not need Nancy as much as Nancy thinks. We will see.

    • This was clearly written by a “she” who has a stake in the freedom of Nancy and Lauren. If this is true and Penza is holding back on giving them such unrestricted plea deals because of what they did and would rather take it to court based on the current evidence the state has, good for her. She’s a fucking hero. These people need to be held accountable for what they did for two decades.

      • I never attended law school and have never claimed I have. I also didn’t make a legal claim, as you do all the time, Captain Obvious. However, a lawyer has no greater right to make their opinion known than I do.

        Women want equal rights? Then they must accept criticism and not try to hide behind their girliness simultaneously. In the context of this story, that is what NC Girl was attempting to do. Only by allowing free speech do we expose the idiots. The answer to speech we don’t like and/or agree with is more speech. Frank is free to expose the nutjob opinions of the author of this story, I’m free to give my take on the story, and somebody having a problem with that clearly has inferior thinking.

        Nancy has reportedly had her breasts cut off, that makes her breastless. What is your point, Captain Oblivious?

  • Moira has the force and power of Uncle Sam behind her, and probably has more than enough information from the raid and people cooperating that have not been indicted, which leaves the breastless Nancy hanging out to dry.

  • The real problem is that Queen Nancy and Princess Lauren believe that a plea deal is a Get Out of Prison Free card.
    It’s the same type of belief that prevented Allison Pimp Mack from cutting a plea deal.

    The women who really run NXIVM are ENTITLED.

    FYI any plea deal Penza makes has to be approved by her supervisors in Brooklyn and Washington DC

      • Scott, you don’t even have the information to make an intelligent guess.
        When did Moira Penza meet with you to inform you what information she has?

        It must be quite a burden to be smarter than the prosecutors, the FBI and the computer experts.

        And Frank Parlato said it best:
        How do you know a NXIVM member is lying?
        Their lips are moving.

        • Captain Obvious, I can easily make an intelligent guess. However, what I don’t do is what you do all of the time, make definitive declarations as if they were facts, only to be proven wrong when more of the story comes out.

          I know much more than you do about NXIVM, because I know about what NXIVM is based on, the MLM scam that taught Raniere everything he needed to know about how to take advantage of people, Amway.

          I never claimed I know more than the Feds regarding the specific facts about NXIVM, in fact I’ve said exactly the opposite numerous times.

  • True. Moira Penza is a HUGE problem for raniere, the salzmanz and nxivm. Probably the worst problem they have ever encountered.
    Nancy could certainly benefit from Ms. Penza’s legal noblesse oblige, but I doubt Ms. Penza needs, let alone wants to give Nancy and her criminal daughters, any quarter. Why? Nancy’s ‘valuable testimony’ has been gleaned without her permission. Also, Her daughter lauren is far from ‘young’ or ‘lovely’, and indeed far from being the competent critical thinker, that supposedly described her ‘job’ in the criminal enterprise.
    Ms. Penza’s bread and butter is made from crims like them.

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