Kim Constable – Irish leader of NXIVM – jokes about working out in prison; shows results of badass workouts

Kim Constable, 39  – one of Sara Bronfman’s ‘girls’ – is the leader of NXIVM in Ireland. She lives in Belfast and is also the leader of Rainbow Cultural Garden there.  According to a source, she recruited at least one underage teen girl who was almost shipped to the USA with Allison Mack for the branding iron of DOS.

Fortunately, the teen girl – with her mother’s help – escaped at the last minute. But not before there was a little violence and the threat of something truly sinister – which frightened the girl. I will tell more of that story later.

For now, let us say hello to Kim.  In addition to her NXIVM work, she is a vegan body-builder and sells courses on how to look like her.  Her husband is a famous ex-athlete, Ulster rugby player Ryan Constable (46) who owns a sports management company.

They have four children: Corey (12), Kai (11), Miya (8) and Jack (6).

At one time, they all slept in the same 18-foot bed together. I am not clear where the Rainbow nannies slept.

“Before the big bed was created I spent my nights bed-running about from room to room trying to get all the children to sleep,” Kim explained to Belfast Telegraph. “I am there for my children 24 hours a day and night. Whether they have a bad dream or want a drink of water, I will be there for them during the night just like I am during the day.”


In any event, Kim is big on selling her body-building techniques, which you can buy here  and it seems she loves to pose for Instagram.

What caught the attention of our correspondent, Shadow State 1958, was the following post on her Instagram account – The sculpted vegan —

Kim asks, “Ever feel like this? ?” We should ask Keith Raniere, her leader. He is in jail right now but may not be focusing on gym – as Kim imagines.


Kim is close to indicted sex-slaver Allison Mack and both of these women have been described by Sara Bronfman as her “girls’.
Two friends
Here is Kim [second row 2nd from left] with Sara [first-row middle] and Nancy Salzman [front row right].

We mentioned that Kim likes to pose. She is especially fond of showing followers the contour of her ass – but not for the sake of showing it off – nothing uncouth like that – but to help inspire women to work out hard like she does.


Kim writes, “I totally detest when I see fitness pros on Instagram teaching the poor unsuspecting public about building a good butt, and all they are actually doing is making videos that show off their own glutes at the best possible angle….  they are clad in the latest designer booty shaping leggings, pretending that they’re showing you how to build a great ass, when really all they are doing is showing off their own ass.”

Kim — “As you can see, on the right, my shape is so much leaner and symmetrical. I have always been a natural pear shape, carrying most of my weight around my butt and thighs. And before I started bodybuilding, it never occurred to me that I could change my natural shape!”

Kim – “My shoulders are now wider which gives the impression of a smaller waist. My quads are bigger, which gives my hips the illusion of being smaller. My butt is much bigger which gives me fullness and more womanly curves, and takes away the sag that I had under the cheeks.”
Kim – “If you want to truly build a great butt, then you need to work for it.”

Such a nice little lass.  And I couldn’t agree with Kim more. Like Kim says, don’t you just hate it when women fitness trainers pretend they are teaching people how to develop their glutes  -when all they are really doing is showing off their ass?

Yes, a nice little lass — but below, what is that in front – near her bikini line? Is that just a tramp stamp – or is there a brand with the initials – K-R and A-M? is Kim a DOS slave?

If so then not such a nice little lass after all. A Badlass.


In any event, it is time to return to more serious topics about NXIVM.

For those who want to see more of Kim — there are many more selfies and professional photos of her on her Instagram.


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  • From what I’ve read Constable is not the ordinary follower. From what I’ve found she isn’t a follower at all. Her Rainbow Garden sounds like it consisted of her kids and maybe the children of some close friends. Nannys/ teachers hired from people she knew or ads placed.

    Again from my research it sounds like she moved on long ago. She homeschools and her business is her vegan bodybuilding training, supplements and such.

    Of course I suspect this post will anger some. I’m just not seeing the “nefarious” connection. And yes I know she said Mack is her bff and said and listed Raniere as her mentor.
    I never heard of her before this story broke. I don’t like or dislike Constable. I tend to do my own research on the players listed and other than what’s here and the sister site, which is mostly conjecture, I don’t see her as a bitch or a monster.

    Shadow’s or Frank’s silly questions and reading into everything at times is really a stretch. Frank’s blog to do as he wants. I think it’s important not to assume everyone associated, even with the high level NXIVM creeps is guilty themselves.

    For now she seems like an independent woman with some ideas that are definitely outside the box and mainstream.

    Maybe I missed a post by Frank?

  • Frank, you say she’s the ‘leader’ of NXIVM in Ireland but I thought NXIVM’s worldwide operations were permanently suspended and/or shut down in many areas?

    Can you elaborate?

    Are you saying people are paying for NXIVM courses/material in other countries still? Who’s depositing the money?

    How can Ireland mom’s send their kids to Rainbow Schools in light of the negative press?

    I find it hard to believe she’s the leader of anything in NXIVM, anymore.

  • Have you seen what happens when body builders stop working out? Wether age or other reasons the body turns to sag.
    You have to wonder what its like for children to see the self absorption when mom is constantly focused on every aspect of her body.
    This woman is still Nxivm?

  • I find it so disgusting when women do this to themselves. Like, it’s fine to work out…. but to take it to this degree?

    Also, I laughed at the mention of a ‘badlass’. -Good one, Frank

  • I see chronic inflammation, an overworked, (heavy) heart, fibrotic muscle tissue, appalling gut health – a typical ‘cardio-junkie’ physique. I expect it is not a barrel of laughs in the home of this women whose obsession must overwhelm everything. To be fit through regular exercise and a good diet is a beautiful (and fortunate) thing. This just smacks of desperation and penance?

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