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Kristin Kreuk’s ‘Sexy 7’ aimed suspicious questions at 12 year old girls

While she was a member of NXIVM, Kristin Kreuk launched an extremely curious website called Girls By Design [GBD] targeting teens and preteen girls for inclusion in her group. Allison Mack was also involved to a lesser degree.

In 2009, Kruek came out with a survey that seems age inappropriate – her “7 Sexiest Questions” – geared for 12 and 13 year old girls.

The distinguished artist MK10ART has a point of view on the topic. Her article is also illustrated with her exquisite artwork.

First let us present the 7 sexiest questions Kreuk is asking little girls to respond to. Keep in mind that the girls that this survey is intended for are under the age of consent to have sex. Yet they are asked to answer the 7 sexiest questions:

“GBD wants to know your answers to the 7 sexiest questions…tee hee!

  1. How do you think people perceive you and how is it different from the way you perceive yourself?
  2. Which of your irrational fears is the silliest?
  3. What is the most time consuming activity you participate in?
  4. What is the greatest lesson you have learned from a child?
  5. If you could wave a magic wand and ask for whatever you wanted, what would you ask for?
  6. What is the most beautiful moment you have ever experienced?
  7. What are you most grateful for?

“Send in your answers via video, audio, or text to:  info@girlsbydesign.com.  Don’t forget to write “SEXY 7? in the subject line.”


All art in this post is by MK10ART


When Kristin Kreuk’s GirlsByDesign (GBD) asked mainly 12-13 year old girls on their website to answer “the 7 sexiest questions…. Tee hee” most people probably didn’t bat an eyelash.  They are just harmless and fun questions for girls, right?  Wrong.  In this article I am going to describe how some (if not all) of these questions elicit information that could be used to manipulate these girls.

  1. How do you think people perceive you and how is it different from the way you perceive yourself?

The first question asks the girls how they see themselves versus how others see them.  This refers to what psychologists call “metaperceptions”—the ideas we have about others’ ideas about us.

“People rely on others’ impressions to nurture their views about themselves, says William Swann, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Austin. “… If you are socially anxious (otherwise known as shy), you likely fret that you don’t come off well.”

It would certainly come in handy to know how a girl sees herself if you are planning to manipulate her, doesn’t it?  Who are the easy targets?

Question #2  Which of your irrational fears is the silliest?

Someone recently said to me “Don’t let anyone know your fears or they can manipulate the Hell out of you” I immediately thought of “sexy” question number two.  There have been numerous studies done by psychologists that clearly demonstrate that fear based manipulation is the most powerful (and some say most evil) way to manipulate a person.

In the Journal of Experimental Social Psychologythey repeatedly showed that the “fear-then-relief” technique works wonderfully to manipulate people.  You simply stun them with their worse irrational fears, then ask them to do something while they are still reeling from the anxiety and they will do it.

Scaring The Hell Out of You: The Fear-Then-Relief Procedure

What it is: Arguably the most evil manipulative technique is what psychologists call the “fear-then-relief technique.” The technique preys on a person’s emotions. Here, the manipulator causes someone a great deal of stress or anxiety and then abruptly relieves that stress. After this sudden mood swing, the person is disarmed, less likely to make mindful or rational decisions, and more likely to respond positively to various requests.

Examples: The book The Science of Social Influence details a few experiments that showed this in action. In one, shoppers in a mall were scared by a stranger touching their shoulder from behind. When they turned around, the shoppers found that their assailant was a (supposed) blind man who just wanted to ask the time. After that deflection and relief, someone else—the fake blind man’s confederate—asked the targets if they would buy and sign postcards for a political charitable cause. Those who had met the blind man and experienced the fear-then-relief rollercoaster were more likely to do so than the control group which wasn’t manipulated.”

Questions number 3 : What is the most time consuming activity you participate in?

Seems pretty harmless right? Wrong again.   “In terms of our happiness, time is really the fundamental currency,” Dunn says. “What really matters for your day-to-day moods is what it is you’re doing with your time.”  So whatever is the most time-consuming (a negative connotation) is going to probably be something you dislike or dread.  I wonder how a manipulative person could use that information.


Number 5 is the same idea reversed: If you could wave a magic wand and ask for whatever you wanted, what would you ask for?

Do you want to be a ballerina like Kathy?  Then guess what? Raniere has a program for that!

The last two are more of the same idea – find out what the girls really enjoy and what they hold most valuable and then use that as collateral.

  1. What is the most beautiful moment you have ever experienced?
  2. What are you most grateful for?


The bottom line is that Kristin Kreuk was just as evil as child molester Raniere.  She may not have touched the girls physically but mentally is was rape. Kreuk had special access to these girls as a star of a hit TV show for children.  They looked up to her – idolized her.  How did Kreuk show gratitude to her young fans?  By using them and abusing them.  The GBD website exposed them to inappropriate articles while milking them for personal information to manipulate them with.  All of the articles and personal details ended up at the same destination – NXIVM.

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  • Leave alone Kristin Kreuk! Why dont you pick on Mark Hildred or Allison Mack or any other public actress that was involved with this. Seriously you must have an issue with KK to keep on writing bad stuff about her. Move on live your life , just as Kristin has since she left this NXIV thing, so why bring back old stuff ( news) everybody once in a life time make bad choices or commit an error in life and Kristin Kreuk was one of them long time ago, but she is out of it for the longest time now, so please you need to find something more intertaining in your life to write on. Kristin Kreuk is a very talented actress and beautiful too and does not go beating or bothering people, mostly a quiet person. Stop gossiping on her old news.

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