Gay cult offers something to Keith Raniere now that he has only men to lead.

Silicon Balls Sex Cult: Slave dies after injecting scrotum with silicon to please his master

With Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard in prison – likely for the rest of his life – and, therefore, required to spend his days solely with men, it may be time for him to start planning his next MLM cult,.

He might want to take a cue from Master Dylan Hafertepen AKA Noodles and Beef.

While Vanguard ran a largely heterosexual/lesbian sex cult, Master Dylan runs a gay cult.  Master Dylan has thousands of followers on social media, and is known for posting photos with his slaves, whom he calls “pups.”

Online, Master Dylan shares pictures and details of him with his slaves, which include Dylan’s husband, Big Pup, as well as Pup Biff, Pup Angus, Pup Alpha, and the late Pup Tank.

Tank, Alpha, Angus, and Biff have tattoos on their backs that read “Property of Master Dylan.”

At Master Dylan’s wedding to Big Pup, a drag nun named Sister Roma officiated.

Just as Raniere had his own preference with women – emaciated, long-haired and with an unshaven pubic region, Master Dylan prefers his slaves to be hairy and muscular—called “muscle bears” in gay parlance. They must wear padlocked chains around their necks, a symbol of Dylan’s ownership over them.

Raniere required his slaves to wear either a collar, belly chain or anklets.

Another similarity is death itself.  Raniere suffered deaths of followers and slaves [Gina Hutchinson, Kristin Snyder, Barbara Jeske, Pam Cafritz]. One of his Dylan’s slaves, Pup Tank AKA Jack Chapman, 28, died last month.

You’ve heard of branding women on their pubic region and, of course, you’ve heard of injecting silicone into female breasts to make them more fulsome? Well, this cult encourages men to inject silicone into their scrotum to make them more fulsome. Dylan’s pups have artificially enlarged silicone genitals.

According to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office, Pup Tank died of “silicone embolism syndrome” caused by injecting silicone into his scrotum.  It caused a viral inflammation of the lungs called pneumonitis, which progressed to acute respiratory distress syndrome, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office said. The syndrome eventually resulted in hemorrhaging in the lungs.

Master Dylan’s Tumblr account (as well as the Tumblr accounts of several of his pups) contained images of their engorged scrotums, dramatically increased in size due to liquid silicone injections. In one picture, Pup Tank’s testicles dangle outside of his basketball shorts, his nuts roughly the size of a volleyball.

Such injections aren’t approved by the US Food and Drug Administration because of adverse reactions.

Image result for Dylan Hafertepen,

Master Dylan AKA Noodles and Beef has his lower body tattooed. No word on whether he would be interested in retaining Dr. Danielle Roberts for scrotum branding.  A Facebook post on a memorial page for Pup Tank praises his relationship with Master Dylan.

Master Dylan with his late slave Pup Tank.

Three weeks prior to his death, Pup Tank signed over all his money to Master Dylan in his will. Pup Tank had received $200,000 after his father’s death.

Following Pup Tank’s death, Master Dylan deactivated his Instagram account and his newsletter. The content at was taken down and replaced with a single page saying goodbye to Tank.

“Tank left a very detailed will I’m determined to fulfill,” Master Dylan wrote in the goodbye.

Pup Alpha is the executor of Pup Tank’s estate.

When asked about the matter, the Seattle Police Department said, “There is no criminal investigation at this time.”

Dylan AKA Beef and Noodles

Image result for Dylan Hafertepen
Master Dylan’s Instagram amassed 60,400 followers, and his weekly newsletter had more than 200,000 subscribers.  His personal blog,, had 2.2 million readers.


The late Tank Pup and Noodles and Beef. Inset Tank Puff shows off his silicone balls.

So how did this cult association begin?

Pup Tank lived in Australia and Master Dylan in San Francisco. They met online on OkCupid and carried on a virtual relationship for a year.

Pup Tank traveled to San Francisco to take a five-day vacation with Dylan. During the visit, “I asked if I could try on his collar,” Tank said in an interview. “I was very uninitiated in the world of pups and slaves and masters.”

Tank returned to Australia. He and Dylan started to write out a lifetime contract or vow for the two of them.

Dylan sent him a “training collar” in the mail. They revised the vow and Master Dylan gave him a “full collar.”

After coming to the US and living with his Master for several years, things started to not work out. Tank regularly got “in trouble” with his master.

One time, Tank and a friend waited at a bar for an open lane at a bowling alley, Tank got in trouble because he’d only gotten Master Dylan’s permission to go bowling, not to visit a bar.

Tank told one friend he was scared of Dylan and knew that once he left, he’d no longer be able to talk to his fellow pups. But in March 2017, while Master Dylan was on a trip to Japan, Tank left and went to live with a gay couple.  Tank’s friends took him to a Home Depot to remove the chain around his neck with a pair of bolt cutters.

That same week, Master Dylan introduced his newsletter readers to his newest pup, Pup Angus, “a bearded ginger muscle cub” who could’ve passed for Tank’s cousin.

Master Dylan then sued Pup Tank and wrote him a timeline message that said, “Have a good Folsom! Stay tuned for part 2.”

Dylan filed a lawsuit against Pup Tank which was ultimately settled with Pup Tank paying Master Dylan $4,787 and Pup Tank returned to Master Dylan and the other pups.  Tank unfriended or blocked all of his social media accounts.

A few months later he was dead.


On December 20, 2012, Tank shared his vow with his Tumblr followers.  I am posting key provisions of the vow. Much of it Raniere has already employed with DOS slaves. There may be a few helpful suggestions for the man who brands women.

Interestingly, the gay vow provides for branding – above the rump.

Here are the terms of the vow, which, one hopes, may be helpful to Raniere as he formulates his plans for his new MLM cult:

  • The Golden Rule: All orders are to be carried out, quickly, fully and without protest [with] a mindset of duty, loyalty, love and obedience towards Master.
  • Reserved and conditional loyalty, or loyalty when it is convenient is worthless.
  • A pup is to stand by his Master through all obstacles.
  • As a symbol of his lifelong loyalty, a pup may be blessed with a brand above his rump when he is proved himself capable and worthy. This brand will be in two parts, the first will be the shield motif with text reading “Property of Master”, the second part, when the pup has earned the privilege of revealing his Master’s identity, will read the Master’s first name.
  • As a pup progresses deeper into his subspace, a pup may find his ability to create words and coherent sentences is diminished, whimpering and grunting are usually considered adequate substitutions.
  • When a pup is in subspace, he is not to look directly at his Master’s face. A pup has not earned that privilege, and a pup is not worthy of looking upon the perfection of his Master’s face. Master’s affection is a gift that is given, not a right that is earned.
  • Master’s word should overwrite a pup’s internal reality and be accepted as absolute truth.
  • When a pup craves physical attention, he may present himself in groveling posture and whimper for his Master, but is to understand this does not automatically mean Master will give his attention.
  • A pup is to not hold any romantic or submissive feelings towards anyone besides his Master.
  • A pup’s loyalty to his Master stands above all existing relationships and commitments.
  • It is the primary responsibility of the pup to guide himself forever deeper into his subspace. The slave will strive diligently to re-mold the slave’s body, activities, habits, actions, and attitudes in accordance with his Master’s desires.
  • A pup has no sense of value or identity outside of that which is given to him by his Master.
  • A pup is to be completely emotionally dependent upon his Master.
  • Short times away from one’s Master will make a pup feel uncomfortable, long periods away are enough to cause extreme mental distress.
  • A pup will submit himself fully and unreservedly to all punishments.
  • A punished pup must grovel before his Master for forgiveness and demonstrate he has learned his lesson.
  • A pup’s body is the exclusive property of his Master
  • The Master has explicit body goals for his pups regarding their weight, their muscle mass, their measurements, and their proportions. The pup will make all efforts possible to ensure these goals are realized and should never feel satisfied until his Master is satisfied.
  • A pup will submit to all orders for body modifications, including piercings, tattoos, scrotal saline inflation as well as body growth supplements including steroids and HGH – in accordance with the wishes of the Master.
  • A pup is to refrain from consumption of alcohol. Additionally, getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night is very important. A pup will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that he gets enough sleep.
  • A pup is to at all times wear the uniform that his Master prescribes of him. Around the house, this is usually a jockstrap.
  •  A pup is to always have his collar in plain view outside of his clothes and wear it with pride. To obscure one’s collar at any time is a betrayal of one’s role as a pup.
  • Pup is to keep his hair neat in a short and tight haircut. He is not to cut, trim, pluck or otherwise modify any facial hair (eg, eyebrows, lashes, beard). The removal or trimming of any other body hair is at the discretion of one’s Master.
  • A pup may never, under any circumstances, wear deodorant.
  • A pup is the most valuable possession a Master can have. A pup is to recognize this privilege and present himself accordingly to his Master and to the public.
  • A pup is to remain exclusively sexually chaste to his Master unless his Master grants specific exemptions.
  • A pup is sexually available to his Master at all times.
  • A pup may only experience sexual pleasure through his Master. The more sexually pent up the pup is, the more he is to crave and desire his Master and use it to drive him further into his subspace.
  • A pup must never sexually touch himself sexually or masturbate without his Master’s explicit permission.
  • To cum without permission from one’s Master is a betrayal of the highest order.
  • A pup is not to sexualize anyone except for Master. A pup lives to sexually satisfy their Master and only their Master. Sexually, nobody else registers within the consciousness of the pup. A pup is to feel deeply uncomfortable and repulsed when any person except the Master attempts to sexually touch him. All other come-ons are to be politely but clearly rebuked with a reminder that the pup is owned property of his Master.
  • It is expected that all household chores are to be performed by the pup promptly and effectively. When all duties are satisfactorily performed, a pup may then rest at the feet of his Master.
  • A pup has no assumed right to sit on the same level as his Master. A pup must be welcomed by his Master to sit at the table with him or with him on the couch regardless of whose house it is. A pup may only sleep in the same bed as his Master when he is invited – otherwise, a pup must sleep on the floor, couch or another bed.
  • Every morning a pup is with his Master, he is to awaken before his Master and ensure that his Master’s breakfast is made.
  •  When Master is present, he is to grovel before his Master and give his thanks to his Master every day, bringing himself to a submissive flurry of emotion.
  • When Master is not present, it is expected that pup will do the same before photographs of his Master.
  • A pup is to never watch television. A pup’s time is too valuable to waste and is better spent in service to one’s Master.
  • A pup will identify as any name that his Master bestows upon him.
  • A pup is to always refer to his Master as such at all times, not by his given name. Including to his work colleagues, family and friends.
  • When greeting your Master, a pup is to grovel before his Master and kiss his Master’s feet and ankles until the pup has permission to rise to his feet once again. Once risen, a pup is to stand upright in the ‘at-attention’ posture, demonstrating a tall and strong posture with one’s hands behind one’s back.
  • A pup is expected not to speak until he is spoken to first. A pup is never to interrupt when his Master is talking.
  • A pup’s social world is his Master, finding contact with other people pointless, unfruitful and unfulfilling.
  • A pup is to be contactable by his Master at all times. Master will give his pup a cell phone, saved onto it will only be Master’s telephone number and important work contacts. Anybody who wishes to contact pup must go through his Master first.
  • A pup is to relinquish his salary to his Master. Every week/fortnight a pup will get an allowance loaded onto a prepaid card, this allowance will be both based upon the pup’s performance and anticipated needs in the coming weeks. Master has the right to view his pup’s transaction history at any time.

This is similar to DOS vow but may offer Keith some new ideas. I hope it has been helpful.

[MK10ART] Vanguard, you could learn a lot from Noodles and Beef and perhaps could possibly employ his techniques at your new residence.

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  • Implants or infusion? I d like to get implants of simillar size. Any advices for? IG @shirmanchainy
    Thank you.

  • [Chorus]
    I’ve got big balls
    I’ve got big balls
    They’re such big balls
    And they’re dirty big balls
    And he’s got big balls
    And she’s got big balls
    (But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all)
    Maybe he’s an AC/DC fan?

    This has inspired songs, and poetry by Hudson Bay.

    • On a more somber note, the mother of the man who died, was not even informed that he was in the hospital, and never found out he was sick, until after his death.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy is eventually charged with some crime, or is sued by the grieving mother.

  • Wow read this sick cult of growing man puppies LAST WEEK

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    To nice place
    SLOW painful death

  • Incredibly sad that so many would choose to give up their life for a false prophet. Rainere may not have been as bizarre yet, but he was heading this way. Thank you Frank for stopping him.

  • Keith never had us do anything that was not for our best interest. This leader is obviously not the smartest man or a true spiritual leader. Sad ?

    • As followed his blog it was showing more and more cult like behaviors. It really is sad because this person Dylan, looks like he suffers from body dismorfofobia and amongst other damaging physiological problems that he often stated on his blog.

  • This is what happens when you become a slave to your whims, lose a rational and naturally intuitive metaphysical basis to your beliefs, and toss traditional values out the window. You fall for fake leaders and inject massive amounts of silicone into your breasts and balls.

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