Chelsea Brown cancer operation successful; recently split NXIVM member likely saved by leaving cult

Much attention has been given on this blog to the mother of Keith Raniere’s youngest child, Mariana Fernandez, who birthed the dark one’s son in August 2017. The whole Fernandez family was involved in NIXVM for years – with three sisters, one brother, plus mom and dad, deeply involved.

The whole family [usually whole families don’t go in deep like this] saw Raniere as akin to the second coming.  One sister – the first to come in – and who brought in the others – became defiant and left. She was ostracized by the family, Then mother Adriana Aguilar left the cult.

Mariana and sister Camila, both of whom were part of Raniere’s harem [they were literally sister-wives] remained. So did brother Adrian “Fluffy” Fernandez and their father, Hector. They believed their duty to Vanguard was far higher than to mother, sister or daughter – even if they had been foully abused by the creepishly horrid one.

Adrian ‘Fluffy’ Fernandez served under the Vanguard for years. Then his eyes were opened and he left the sinister one.

Finally, Adrian and his NXIVM girlfriend/wife Chelsea Brown also left Raniere – earlier this year. This left only dimwitted father, Hector, Mariana, with Raniere’s babe, and sister Camilia [who had been groomed for Raniere – when underage – by Karen ‘Pimp-those-little-girls’ Unterreiner] remaining in the cult that brands women, among the Fernandez clan.

It was a fortunate thing Raniere was arrested in March [and Adrian and Chelsea left the cult]. Otherwise Raniere, like he did for other cancer victims, might have undertaken the treatment for Chelsea who, on October 12, 2018, was diagnosed with Iris Melanoma, cancer of the iris, an extremely rare condition.

Here’s how it happened: Chelsea went to an optician who noticed she had a spot on her left eye during an eye exam. Actually Chelsea had this spot or freckle, also known as a nevus, in her left eye since she was a child. Sometimes, a nevus can become malignant and spread to other parts of the body if not treated in time.  Her optician recommended she see a specialist.

Without the world’s smartest man to guide them [since he was in jail] Adrian and Chelsea traveled to New York City to see an expert in the field. [Had they been still in NXIVM they would have been required to admit that this expert doctor knew little compared to Raniere].

The doctor discovered the spot was malignant and recommended Chelsea undergo Plaque Brachytherapy within a month to treat the cancer and prevent it from spreading to other parts of her body.

The doctor explained that if treated in time, iris melanomas has the best prognosis, with mortality being 2-3% in cases with metastasis.  Plaque brachytherapy is the most widely used treatment, delivering a highly concentrated radiation dose to the tumor (with relatively less radiation to surrounding healthy tissues). The radioactive plaque, called a ‘radiation implant’ or ‘radioactive source’, is placed, in the operating room. The specialist attaches the plaque to the wall of the eye, covering the base of the tumor.

The plaque stays on the eye for about a week and then is removed in a second surgery.

Obviously, the diagnosis took a toll emotionally, mentally and financially on the couple.  Because Chelsea had been an employee of NXIVM [the Knife Media] she had no health insurance that would cover the costs of this expensive surgery.

Adrian created a crowd funding page, writing “We are hoping and believing for a successful surgery, a speedy recovery, and complete restoration of her eye and life. We would really appreciate support from Friends and Family if you are able.  Please know that anything helps.”

In less than a month, they raised $31,233 of their $35,000 goal.  Some 148 people contributed to the Go Fund Me page. Chelsea was able to schedule the surgery. 

It was gratifying to see the names of both ex-NXIVM and current NXIVM members donate to the cause.

Still, I wonder, if current NXIVM members would have been permitted to help Chelsea, if Raniere and Clare Bronfman were still at large. Raniere is in jail and Clare is subject to home arrest and prohibited from contacting NXIVM members outside the presence of her attorneys. She might have been able to stop these donations but for the court prohibition on her contacting members.

Neither Clare nor Sara Bronfman donated to help save the life of their young friend – who they knew and interacted with for years. Neither did the members of the Fernandez family – Mariana, Camilia or Hector – who are still in the thrall of the wicked one.

On October 31, Chelsea got the operation and we learn the good news from Adrian: 

“Friends and family, surgery was successful today! Chelsea has her radioactive plaque that she gets to keep for 7 days in order to kill the tumor, after that she will have a second surgery to remove the plaque. thank you friends for all your support.”

This sounds hopeful and may I just say, “Viva Executive Success” – with the understanding that success begins the minute you leave it.


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