Allison Mack cries at hearing the word salad of Keith Raniere.

Shadow State: For Allison Mack – Silence Equals Consent

By Shadow State 1958

Remember that the Allison Mack/Chloe Sullivan of Smallville was mouthing lines written for her by screenwriters.  The real Allison Mack is dimwitted and fell in love with a misogynistic perverted toad. Moreover, the real Allison Mack has displayed a cruelty towards her fellow women that proves she is a dangerous sociopath. From the time she joined to date, she, along with the other leaders of the sex-slaver cult of NXIVM, have been utterly silent on the harm done by NXIVM.

When Keith Raniere lectured the Jewish female leaders of NXIVM on how they were reincarnated Nazis, they were Silent.

Silence Equals Consent!

The three authors of the branding of women – Allison Mack, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman. Artwork by MK10ART

When Raniere engaged in an extremely promiscuous lifestyle, the female leaders of NXIVM were silent.

Silence Equals Consent!

When Raniere engaged in pedophilia, the female leaders of NXIVM were silent.

Silence Equals Consent!

The Silence among the women who ran NXIVM while Raniere lounged about was Deafening!

Silence Equals Consent!

Ultimately, the atmosphere at NXIVM turned gradually more Toxic and Bizarre.

To the point where NXIVM leaders like the nut job Allison Mack were encouraged to invent new ways to dehumanize women.

And Ms. Mack clearly admitted in the New York Times that she invented the branding.
Silence Equals Consent!

Yes, Keith Raniere is an anti-social individual who brought out the worst in people.
And Allison Mack derived joy in causing women to suffer.

But every step along the way, the female leaders of NXIVM, 80% plus of NXIVM, were Silent!

Silence Equals Consent!

Allison Mack is today a pathetic washed up actress who demonstrated her insanity by torturing the very women she wanted to “empower.

Mack demonstrated her “wisdom” and acting talents by sobbing over Raniere’s explanation of the word “authenticity.”

Allison Mack gives insanity a bad name.

NXIVM is living proof that female criminals can be as goofy as male criminals.

Allison Mack
The brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

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  • Frankie coming from a felon working with the feds to get sweetheart deal your opinion don’t mean much. You know much about Stockholm syndrome, Batter spouse syndrome, PTSD because it appears you don’t

  • Sarah Edmondson was told by Lauren Salzman that she was getting a tattoo. A giant branding with the initials of Pimp Mack and KAR is hardly a tattoo. The other DOS slaves were either told a similar story or nothing at all about what would happen to them in this special ceremony of Badass Warrior Bitches. They were assaulted and disfigured.

    • Yep all those hypocrite bitches of Hollywood that kept silent when ole Harvy Weinstein was having his way. The same hypocritical cunts who trashed the rape victims of Billy the rapist Clinton.

  • Wow haven’t checked the shadow report in a week. More bullshit from a loser. Out for awhile again Frankie, no clicks from me until another week or so. Used to check in quite frequently but one or two people seem to run the place

      • No moron I got out. Is Parlato a loser. I did it for professional reasons and was one and done with just the loss of money. You of course did it to stalk the celebrity members and would still be in the cult today if you could.

        • You know why is guilty of 19 felony counts and after giving the feds some else they wanted they dropped some of the charges and now he still helping them in hopes to make the rest go away. all he is a fed stooge who will say anything to get off on his chrages

  • Keep these contributions coming Shadow. Your detractors are certainly not silent or consenting. It’s joyful.

      • You are not exposing anything–you are just posting your own personal opinions over and over again. Frank, seriously, stop this person from taking over your site.

          • Apparently Shadow seeks to emulate vanguard by calling his speculations as facts and the worst of all is that the more imaginary victories he has against the ALL POWERFUL and evil allison mack, the old pervert who wants to punish him continues to stifle his pocket reality where he is a hero who saves the day, seriously what I like the most is to see how he contradicts himself in his arguments, in a publication he says that allison tortures the women of DOS but in this he says that silence is equal to consent, forgetting that according to this logic everyone consented to everything that was normalized in NXIVM and that inclined to the same frank who in his time in NXIVM realized that keith slept with the students and kept silent until they became enemies, the same You can hear from each one of the complainants, like Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Sarah Edmondson, Joe O’Hara, – Catherine Oxenberg, Bonnie Piesse, Marcos Vicente. The only one who was always denounced You were John Tighe.
            oh shadow your vision of yourself as the great detective and the defender of the victims of allison when you should focus on the mastermind behind all this, because if that is not the objective, there would be no reason to say that this was a cult that Washes people’s brains and in the end it was just a bunch of obsessive people doing crazy things like sadomasochism groups that got out of control but of course we would have to accept that everyone absolutely knew what they were getting into, finally I tell you this shadow Remember that “everyone gives what they have inside” and your treatment and language with Allison says little about her and a lot about you.

          • That you were involved with NXIVM but were dismissed with no refunds for stalking and harassing the celebrity members. Also your fantasy about being Tom Welling and fucking those celebrities he worked with. The sweet irony is that while you were feverishly jacking off to Smallville and Battlestar reruns all these years, you Master Raniere was getting the real thing. Hey sucks to be you, but at least you are not in jail………… yet.

      • How about tell about the real you, That you are guilty of wire fraud conspiracy, money laundering, and corrupt interference with the administration of the IRS laws, Tells the deal you cut to make most of it go away and about the charges that didn’t

  • Why does she stick her tongue out all of the time? It’s the lesbian equivalent of an erection.

  • Shadow you’re dimwitted though. Don’t you have anything better to do than put your so-called readers thru boredem with your obsession with Allison Mack? get a life and seek some help you foolish bastard!

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