11-9-18 Calendar Listings for Mohawk Place

Monday, November 12, 6pm doors, $12 advance

Davey Muise and the Sons of Zero, Off Road Minivan, Marquee Grand, Ian McCuen


Tuesday, November 13, 5pm doors, $15 advance/$18 day of show

Spite, Falsifier, Orthodox, Depths of Hatred

Wednesday, November 14, 5:30pm doors, $12 advance/$15 day of show

It Lives It Breathes, Awake At Last, The Funeral Portrait, Destroy/Create, Breath of the ValkyrieOverlook

Thursday, November 15, 7pm doors, $10 advance/$13 day of show

Ghostpool, Hand Out, Post Prom, Worse Things


Friday, November 16, 5pm, FREE!

Happy Hour: TBA


Friday, November 16, 8pm, $5

Dan White Band CD Release Show, Sara Elizabeth, The Burkharts


Saturday, November 17, 6pm, $5

Tony Rocky Horror, Cardboard Homestead, Stillwell, The Ways of Tom


Sunday, November 18, 8pm, $5 **

Soul Butchers, Bold Folly, Pine Fever, DUDES

Wednesday, November 21, 8pm, $5 **

The Moment, The Industry of Life Divine, Ghost Water, The Irving Klaws  

Friday, November 23, 5pm, FREE!  *

Happy Hour:  Wicker Men

Friday, November 23, 8pm, $10 **

Night Slaves LP Release Show, Skin Shit, Uncertain


Saturday, November 24, Matinee Show: 3pm, $10 *

Harkness Monster Fall 2018 Showcase: Jacob Majda, deegeedaski, Zak, Michael Delano, Simmons Crew, Vintage, Muddle

Saturday, November 24, Early Show: 7pm, $8 advance/$10 day of show **

Christmas Time Is Here Again with PastMasters!


Saturday, November 24, Late Show: 10pm, $5 **

Batcave Night at the Mohawk

* New listing since the last e-mail.

** Changes/additions since the last e-mail.


11.25    Ma Baker, Funkwagon, Mosswalk

11.26    Kee Avil, Black Givre

11.27    Leftover Crack, Negative Approach, Crazy and the Brains

11.28    Flint Eastwood, Tunde Olaniran

11.28    Next door at Electric Avenue: Ricky Hell and the Void Boys, Science Man, Grain Assault **

11.29    Big D and the Kids Table, The Abruptors, The Barksdales

11.29    Next door at Electric Avenue: Jabber, Slinky X, Venus Vacation

11.30    Happy Hour: Tyler Westcott

11.30    Inertia release show, Ish Kabibble, Settlement, Allegiant

12.1      Iron Fist

12.2      Astrabula release showAmong The Wolves, Max Doldan, Milo Duhn, James Jackson

12.3      Preoccupations, Protomartyr, Rattle

12.5      Ava Luna

12.6      Rookie Of The Year, Skyward Story, Trevor Douglas, The Victory Drive, Dope City Kid, 

Eerie Shores, Michelle Lange *

12.7      Happy Hour: Tony DeRosa

12.7      catl, Soul Butchers  

12.8      DoDriver, Seven Faces, Surfin’ Cadavers

12.9      All WNY Ska Christmas: Toy Box Brigade, Reggie Childs, Daze Ago

12.11    Parker Gispert, SMUG 

12.14    Happy Hour: Sara Elizabeth

12.14    Emo Night – Buffalo (Winter Edition)

12.14    Next door at Electric Avenue: Dan Oh’s Birthday

12.15    Mohawk Place Xmas Party

12.18    Doc Rotten

12.19    Psyclon Nine, MXMS, Guidance, Striplicker

12.20    Ex-Pat, Penthouse Boys

12.22    Ben Vaughn, Church Key Social

12.23    CPXmas

12.30    Johnny and the Man Kids, Passed Out, All Poets & Heroes

12.31    New Year’s Eve Transmission Dance Party

1.4        Happy Hour: Tony DeRosa

1.4        Tiger Chung Lee

1.5        Vinny Barbarino Experience, Venom Mob

1.25      Nod, Ian Downey is Famous, The Vores

1.26      Brassband, Dixieland, Americana and Burlesque 6

3.15      All Them Witches

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