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Cure Ear Infection of Your Dog at Home Without A Vet

There are two types of people; we see—those who are madly in love with puppies and crazy about petting one and those who aren’t.

Again, people of the first stream are of two different rows.

The first row’s people stick with vet guidance only and take a visit every 4-5 months. Conversely, the second row follows up medical care by their own besides having a regular visit to a vet.

The study shows that the dogs of the second type of people stay secure from common illnesses like bloat, fungal diseases or ear infections.

Talking about a bunches of dog diseases, I must come up with the ear infection at first. This infection is way crueler and sneakier than others because it does not show onset symptoms. You only understand it when you see your dog shaking its head wildly.

Some owners do not realize it at the beginning but when they get it, they are late, and their dogs need surgery then.

Fortunately, if you track your dog’s health strictly, you will find this common but painful, ear infection of your cuddly puppy is curable without giving a sitting to a vet.

So, How to Cure Dog Ear Infection by Yourself?

There is plenty of less painful as well as money-saving home treatment for the infections. The first step is washing the infected ear and the second step is treating the diseases.

Wash the Ear

If the infection of your dog is in its starting stage, you have to follow this procedure. Otherwise, if the disease is a severe and old one, you should not clean the infected ear. As the ear skin is at already very soring state, chemical bathing can forge it.

Washing Ingredients of Dog Ear Available at Home

Warm Water: Warm water is the cheapest and safest washing thing for your dog. Hose down warm water in your dog. It will kill the bacteria and growing yeast of the ear.

Hydrogen Peroxide (HP): This is an active chemical. So, be precise in measuring that. Use three tablespoons of HP in one liter of water and clean the ear before each treatment.

Boric Acid Powder: Boric acid is very harsh. It is wise to use if your dog is having the problem for 3-4 weeks. It wipes out the acrid smell of the infection as well as all the wax and dirt. Add three and half spoon of powder in 500 milliliters of water or alcohol.

Steps of Washing the Infected Ear

Step 1: Take a syringe and pour the chemical.

Step 2: Run it in the dog ear until the shushing sound inside the ear stops.

Step 4: Rub under the ear very gently for 4-5 minutes. Make someone hold your dog’s head attached to the ground.

Step 5: After the long massage, use a cotton bud or cotton ball and a cotton swab to soak up all the cleaning liquids.

Step 6: Let your pet rest on a cozy bed after that. In that case, a indestructible dog beds is the safest option.

Striking the Infection

Mainly, the ear infection blooms because of several fungus and bacteria. So, to fix an infected ear, you have to fight with the gradient growth of these microorganisms besides soothing the irritated ear skin.

Treating Ingredients for Dog Ear Infection Available at Home

Vinegars: Vinegars are very mild and effective. They clean all the dirt, dissolves the wax and ear oils along with healing the infected spots. Mix up 50% water and 50% vinegar and apply inside the infected ear tube. You can use-

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • White vinegar

Natural Oils: Oil heals the infection very quickly. It prevents the further thrives of bacteria and yeast. However, oil creates a messy, sticky situation if your dog has matted hair on its ear. So, it is better to trim them before applying oil. Few drops of any natural oil can slow down the bacterial growth. Some natural oils are the following that can fight the infection.

  • Garlic Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Mullein Oil
  • Aloe based herbal Oil

Steps of Treating the Infected Ear

This procedure is quite similar to cleaning the ear. You only have to extend the massaging time. 10 minutes of light massage helps in maximum healing. Alternatively, you can also get OTC dog ear cleaner for treating the infection. Zymox ear cleaner is the best for treating dog ear infection and also prevents excessive wax or debris buildup.

Final Cautions and Thoughts

However, before jumping to the treatment, remember that you are not a vet. So, follow the procedure strictly. Otherwise, the situation can slip over your hand. If you think that you can’t handle the situation, consult with your vet.

Anyway, homemade remedies of dog ear infection are a pocket saver and easy.

Besides, If you want, you can also follow this method one time in a month for your puppy. This treatment will keep its ear healthy.

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