Prison Injury — Vanguard steps on metal object, starts bleeding, and crying at sight of his own blood

Keith Raniere, the man who headed up a sex slaver cult that required its top-tier members to be branded with his initials – who once imprisoned a young woman for 18 months because she didn’t want to be part of his harem – who ordered other members of his harem to run head-first into a tree and to drink from a puddle of ground-water – who doggedly pursued those he perceived as enemies with endless litigation – and who committed all sorts of other despicable acts – is a pussy!

At least that’s the conclusion of the other inmates in his unit at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY – and the medical staff there – after the man who likes to be called Vanguard nearly passed out when he stepped on a sharp object and cut his foot sometime last Thursday.

Apparently still not seeing very well with his prison-issued spectacles, Raniere turned himself into a human spectacle by the way he reacted to the bleeding that resulted from his self-inflicted wound.

He taught a module on human pain. He had women branded with a white-hot cauterizing pen on their pubic region to teach them to transcend pain, but when he stepped on an object and pierced his foot, he almost started crying and became faint.

The half-inch foreign object that he stepped on got embedded in his foot – and had to be removed by the MDC medical staff. But the procedure caused a fair amount of bleeding – the sight of which caused Raniere to get queasy and teary-eyed.

In typical MDC fashion, the medical staff slapped a couple of band-aids on Vanguard’s boo-boo – and sent him back to his cell.

Raniere is reportedly walking very gingerly now – and looking for sympathy from his fellow inmates. None has been forthcoming.

Those who know Raniere – I mean really know the kind of man he is – will not be surprised to hear about Keith’s reaction to a small cut and some blood.

Even his own attorney, Marc Agnifilo – who has only known Raniere for a few months – has described him as a “soft” man (Many of the woman that Raniere bedded also complained about the fact that he was “soft” – but that’s another matter to be discussed at another time).

Rather than making a big deal out of a small wound, what Raniere should be worrying about is the possibility of getting a serious infection while he’s at MDC. The place is notorious for its general lack of cleanliness – and its high incidence of staph infections.

The “good news” is that those who have been worried that Raniere might off himself while he’s incarcerated can stop worrying. He clearly doesn’t have the balls to do anything that might cause him any pain.


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  • Get him into general population as quickly as possible.
    Let’s see the world’s smartest man ? work his magic on hardened criminals.
    This should be hilarious.
    Yes, I want more than a pound of flesh extracted from this cruel, inhumane monster done by brute force.
    I want to hear reports he wails, sobs, cries for mercy, is made to drink from the toilet, is branded by other inmates to toughen him up as he did to women.
    I want him to have only nightmares when he dreams. I want him to live in fear every waking minute. I want him to beg the CO’s for solitary confinement.
    Should this monster get religion in prison I will pray God strikes him dead for his blasphemy.
    I want every last one of his days spent imprisoned until the day he dies and then have him buried in a cardboard box in potter’s field in an unmarked grave the location kept from his acolytes.

  • I thought there were no victims? Now we’re talking ultimate victim. The comments are a gift that keeps giving. So many can be found on other blogs and websites. Commenting and providing even more entertainment. It’s like performance art. I’ve learned so much. What it is to be human? Ha! Keith, it’s all right here! And it’s free

  • Cruel beyond measure is Frank report and it’s readers. No mercy no compassion Keith is the ultimate victim

    • Keith is a predator who victimized mainly women, and underage girls, and elicited the complucity of other NXIVM women to victimize their iwn sex.
      This was/is no self help group. What this is is one man’s criminal sexual fantasy come to fruition aided and abetted by Nancy, Clare and Sara.
      Without the complicity of the Bronfman’s and their willingness to waste their inheritance to legally terrorize others and Clare’s willingness to perjure aka lie under oath NXIVM might have died out.
      NXIVM couldn’t claim to be a religion so instead they laundered mobey, cooked the books,etc.
      This group is as bad as Scientology.
      In fact Keith stole from Scientology.
      If I were David Miscavage I woukd sue NXIVM for stealing Scientology tech.
      Pea, you and your kind are disgraceful.
      Were you in my presence I would spit on the ground in front of you which would indicate you are lower than dirt, that dirt has value, you do not.

    • Pea spreads heresy. I thought there were no victims in NXIVM teaching. Pea, you weren’t paying attention in class. After-sitting.

  • Doesn’t surprise me at all.
    He was such a coward that he couldn’t even talk to me himself.
    Had to send his flying monkeys to summon me.
    Still grateful every single day that I refused every invitation.

    • A moral woman would have refused NXIVM’s free scholarship offer in the first place, rather than stay there and flirt with him for 5 days before finally leaving.

      You didn’t leave for 5 days, LOL, yet you claim he was sexually harassing you from day #1.

      You sound like an obedient little sheeple who can’t stand up for herself. Baaaah! Baaaah!

      Also… Why attend that intensive in the first place “IF” your life was going well and you were truly happy and satisfied?

      Sounds to me like your own man wasn’t satisfying you or providing you with a great life, thus you were looking to hook somebody at NXIVM — possibly even Vanguard — but were disappointed that he and his minions didn’t turn out to be handsome enough guys for you.

      Sounds to me as though you might have even volunteered to fuck Vanguard “IF” he had turned out to be better looking and taller.

      Sounds to me as though you were simply disappointed that Vanguard wasn’t good looking —- and only AFTER you realized this fact did you decide to turn down his offer (to tune you up).

      QUESTION: If your own man was satisfying you and providing you with a good life, WHY chase after Vanguard’s offer of a free $10k intensive?

      You knew what you were walking into BEFOREHAND. $5k-$10k being waived? Yet you didn’t expect anything nefarious was up? Yeah sure. If so, your IQ must be well below 90 and I feel sorry for the twins who will likely inherit mama’s brainless decision making.

      COMMON SENSE: If your own man was rocking your world and your life was great, you’d have no reason to search after a better life with Vanguard and NXIVM. 🙂

      I have no doubt that “IF” Vanguard was a tall and handsome man, you’d have let him tune you up. 🙂

      I’m glad that you have “standards” in that regard — but IMO what you did was still on the borderline of whoring yourself out. Just because you didn’t let Vanguard fuck you doesn’t excuse the fact that you went there in the first place searching to ‘hook’ a good looking man who could give you a better life than what you had at the time.

      A moral woman would have simply said “no” to attending under such nefarious circumstances.


      • It’s really sad for you that your life is so miserable that you need to come make up lies about random strangers.
        Between you and Flowers (if you are actually different people), I don’t know if there is just a total lack of mental health services at Canada or neither of you are taking up the opportunities that exist.
        I hope you are able to get the help that you clearly, desperately need.

  • This underscores how much Keith hates women from the bottom of his soul. He obviously knows what pain is and does not like it one bit, but he could stand by and watch women be burned and scarred without anesthetics, suffer hunger pains and sleep deprivation, without a single thought.

  • I bypassed the article about Allison completely.
    If he’s not in general population than he’s pretty safe at this point, but after conviction he’d best hone his judo skills because no one like him, and I’m sorry Pea but the rest of the world does not see him as you do. And no one like him is going to get by without some hazing or outright attacks.

  • What a pussy.We women have more balls than he does.I would like to see how he would take someone to brand his balls with their name.I will wait patiently for the softy story.For this vangurd thinks he is next god’s gift to women.

  • Frank, my inside sources from MDC tell me that Keith’s rodent feet will make the possibility of infection 3 times more likely.

    • I think you’re right! This was the best article to wake up to! My furnace died and the place is freezing and Vanloser has a freak out over a cut foot.

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