French Reader: Article on Sara Bronfman finding new Vanguard is ’tissue of lies’

By a French Reader

The article entitled Has Sara Bronfman found a new Vanguard, like many others, is just a tissue of lies. Big bullshit in a box!!

What do you really know about his people?

Stop being hateful and having nothing to do with your lives than harassing them! You criticize Sara but look at your friends, you are like flies that agglutinate around a big shit!

I knew that Americans loved tele-reality (which is often not real) but then you go beyond the understanding!!

Sara Bronfman and Abdul Basit Igtet with Sara’s daughter. Will the child one day grow up to read about her mother’s role in NXIVM?

Sara is an accomplished woman. She does not need a guru or any other person to live. She just wants to live quietly and raise her children like any other mother. You can not respect that?  Dare to talk about the head of his children to whom she looks like?  No, but what’s that? Do you think in the future? Could these two beautiful children read on the net?

You are just a bunch of jealous and bitterly resumed your lives instead of wasting your time. These surveys and assumptions will not bring you anything.

Evonne [Brossard, the writer of the story] as for you, dare to tell shit like that! It’s really pathetic. If you really live in France as you claim, meet us, have the courage of that! and I specify that I have no connection with Nvxium or even Keith Raniere that I do not defend at all! I am just an honest person who hates injustices or lies!! When to those who criticize the Luberon stay in your total ignorance and continue to feed you shit!! Have a good word!

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  • Safia. May be happy to discover her father was a monk rather than a potential terrorist who attempted to overthrow Libya , this fucked up mess was caused by her mother not her but children do have the right to know who their biological parents are. The info is out their on the net and has been. All she has to do is see a picture of Lama Tenzin and she will know.
    I’ll wait for the FBI and DOJ to decide what Basit is, an idiot Nxivm puppet? Or an actual danger to society?
    This whole case is sickening and it’s to late for Sara to give these children a normal childhood.

  • the response i wrote to this piece of shit post removed from the original comment reprinted here?

    Some of us take time out to assist this report, put it back or else Why should I fucking bother?

  • lol! what an intelligence through your story! you sweat the IQ level of oyster you by cons! I would not lower myself to answer your anneries that would give you importance and criticize the Americans would not be smarter than what you are! there would be many things to say! Anyway we may be the cheese but you are yet many want to come home delect our cuisine, our wine and our local products that do not exist in your fast food! let’s not be jealous !!! we have nothing to envy you can keep your American dream and your violence !! to the pleasure of never seeing you at home so stay hidden behind your computer to eat greasy donuts that have probably grilled your neurons!

  • French people tend to smell badly with horrible body odor.

    French people think that bathing daily is a ‘decadent’ American quality.

    I’m not interested in meeting you Mr. Frenchie, cuz you probably smell bad enough to make a homeless man puke.

    French people tend to suffer from ‘laziness’ which is why their economy is in shambles. They just don’t like to work.

    French people would rather sit around all day eating stinky cheese, while not bathing for days.

    France is for lazy losers.

    Sara’s new resort is a DUMP that resembles a summer camp for kids more than a rich get-a-away.

    • Nobody here is remotely interested in meeting a lazy Torontonian who pretends to be an expert on an organization he never had anything to do with in real life yet appears to never leave his parent’s basement. Your life is in shambles since you have nothing better to do than troll Frank Report. Maybe you should have a shower and good get a job and a life.

      • I hate to state the obvious for you, but…

        If you truly didn’t care what I think —- you wouldn’t have bothered commenting about your irritation with ALL of my posts here at Frank Report, LOL.

        Duh. Now don’t you feel dumb. 🙂

        Look… Don’t be butthurt and so thin skinned, little Frenchie lover. LOL.

        Just because my posts and opinions often make you angry and hurt, that’s not a reason to become unglued and unstable.

        Toodles. 🙂

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