(This is a work of poetry. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.)

By Baasir Idrak

We were three
My rich wife, her new artiste friend and her gigolo husband – namely me
none were as happy as we
as we walked beside the Mediterranean Sea.

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Passion grew
as passion has a will and want to do
long before the Autumn was through
they walked beside lavender fields as two.

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July’s done
it fell beneath the knife of August sun
and out here where the lonely cuckolds run
I walk beside the olive trees as one.

Image result for domaine des andéols olive trees

We were three
my rich wife, her new love and me
and none were as happy as we
until I lost to a better gigolo than me


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  • Ryanne’s unprovoked anger smells a lot like Flowers. ?

    Anne didn’t say anything untoward but falls victim to an over the top comment. Very bad form. ?

  • Sara was ok looking when she was younger but facing facts she’s a rather unattractive over 40 year old now. Her money attracts men but I simply don’t see love emanating from the artists behavior.
    And every time that poor baby is shown I see the monk, Temsin I believe his name was. I pray she’s grown hair and it isn’t so obvious for the poor girl.
    There’s nothing normal about anything in this cult, but lately there’s nothing normal about this blog either.
    I’m still bypassing Allison Mack articles written by shadow. I cannot take them anymore.

    • No one care what you do, fake Heather Anne!
      I don’t give even the tiniest fuck about what you read, or don’t read, or if you like Shadow guys posts, or about anything you post, you fake dummy . The post where you use the name Rob are even dumber than your usual dumbness, fake HeatherAnne.

      • Who pissed on your cornflakes this morning, Buttercup? ?

        This is completely uncalled for and antognistic behavior.

        • You’re one to talk Mr. MYOB! So mind it, clicky click bait eight, and stop minding mine.

          • Look Mr. sphincter boy, please don’t get so butthurt.

            Just cuz you got bullied in high school and probably got your ass kicked each month doesn’t mean you should release that anger by attacking Heather.

            Capiche? 🙂

            Don’t take your anger out on Heather —- since her posts are about 10 times better than yours.

            If you disappeared from this blog and off’d yourself, I truly don’t think anybody in the world would care. I’m not telling you to off yourself of course, I’m merely pointing out the obvious fact that IF you ever choose that option to end your misery, I don’t think anybody would give a shit — probably because you don’t contribute anything positive to the world.

            Toodles! 🙂

          • Take your own advice then Clicky toodle moron- go ahead and off yourself. Do it! Do it now!.

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