When he was the Vanguard he made a lot of people suffer.

Clicky Eight: What if Keith Raniere walks free?

By Clicky Eight

Even though it’s unthinkable that Keith Raniere might get acquitted of all charges and simply walk free next yea…What if he does?

Will Keith Raniere ever walk again among us – in Clifton Park – or anywhere outside the walls of prison? Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.

What if Clare walks too?

Will this charming lady just stroll out of the courthouse following her acquittal – and immediately start suing everyone?


What would Keith and Clare do after walking free?  Many people think they’d go right back to funding and recruiting for NXIVM as though nothing has changed, but is that really possible?  Nope. It’s not.  NXIVM is finished as an organization that can actually ‘recruit’ and ‘raise funds’.

There’s way too much negative press – and way too many negative stories online – regarding the perverted acts of sexual deviants.  Who the fuck is gonna attend an intensive now?

Keith can’t just use a ‘new’ name for his organization either.  Why?  Because Raniere’s personal name is just as toxic.

He can’t just remove his personal name from the new organization either, since without Keith Raniere’s reputation as “the smartest man in the world” the organization won’t have anything to suck people in.

Without the [phony] sales pitch that the courses were created by the man with the highest IQ in the world, what is the attraction, the sale pitch, the gimmick fora ‘new’ NXIVM?
After all, they can’t promote Clare Bear (aka ‘the dunce’) as being the head of the organization. Why?  Because not only is she uglier than a mule, but she’s also dumber than a box of dirt.

Beauty is subjective and some – maybe not many  but perhaps a few – or an unknown number – would say – perhaps for the record – and then again maybe not – that this lady – Clare Bronfman – AKA Legatus – is an attractive – perhaps even beautiful woman – whose beauty shines both within and without – and on the other hand – because beauty is very subjective, there may be one of two – or perhaps more – who disagree with that sentiment – or opinion that Clare Bronfman is good looking at all and in fact – as some might opine – is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.
Which reminds me of a joke — a horse went into the courthouse – followed by cameras – and then into the courtroom of the Honorable Judge Nicholas Garaufis and His Honor asked the horse –“Why the long face?”


What about Allie Mack?

Allison’s name is as toxic as a dirty bomb.

Maybe Allison Mack is not crazy, but no one is likely to take her seriously ever again.


Her recruiting days are over since no matter what happens at trial — regardless of whether she’s acquitted or not — the public will forever view her as a sick and twisted sex slaver.

The brand with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.


So, how exactly would a ‘new’ NXIVM flourish under these circumstances? It wouldn’t.


Clare Bear would basically have to pay for everything herself for the rest of her life, with no funds coming from new recruits or intensives ever again.  It would be a skeleton organization with just Keith, Clare Bear, Allison, Clicky Nine and probably 2 or 3 dozen of their closest minions as members — kinda like a “pretend organization” where Clare pays everybody’s salaries for life.


If she isn’t wearing an outfit similar to this for some years to come, perhaps Nicki Clyne can be a big part of a reconstituted NXIVM – if all the defendants are acquitted.

That might work for a few months or a year, but sooner or later, Clare will get sick of paying for everything.  It’s well known that Clare was already getting angry at having to pay so much of NXIVM’s expenses even BEFORE it collapsed and lost all its income sources.  Clare would, therefore, not likely be willing to waste her entire fortune funding a ‘new’ NXIVM which had no income sources other than her.

For Clare, part of what she loved was aspiring to be a “respected leader” of a large and legit organization — which she finally achieved last year via her LEGATUS promotion.


MK10ART’s lovely sketch of the fabulous and attractive Clare Bronfman AKA Legatus


However, the term “Legatus” just won’t have the same ‘status’ WHEN the organization has shrunk down to just a couple dozen minions.

What about Salinas and Betancourt?

Who put the ‘beta” in Betancourt? Alex Betancourt [rear] and Emiliano Salinas [front]
Those guys would never go back to Keith and Clare ever again. Their own family names are already tarnished in Mexico — which is why both guys are doing everything they can to create ‘space’ between themselves and Raniere.

Mexican Keith: Don’t it make my blue eyes brown? Keith had many followers in Mexico. He rarely went there until he fled there to hide last year. But as this magazine cover seemed to indicate, when he did go, just like a chameleon, he began to transform his appearance to look more like a Mexican.


American Keith

The Mexico operations will never again be resumed with Keith at the helm since his name is too toxic there.  Keith might have a few minions in Mexico who will stay loyal to him, but the bigwigs in Mexico aren’t coming back to Keith ever again since there’s no upside to it.

The way I see it, if Keith gets acquitted and walks free — he’ll probably be taken care of by Clare for maybe a year or two, while they both con themselves into thinking that NXIVM can be revived. After a while though, Clare will get sick of footing the bills for Keith’s sex romps with those few female minions who remain loyal to him.

She’ll likely get tired of paying for everything and eventually cut him off financially and leave.

Allie Mack will likely be stuck working at Taco Bell since no respectable company would ever hire her again. Her acting days are over and her sponsorship days are gone too.

Clicky Nine will likely get work waiting tables and cleaning toilets at a Vegan Eatery.

Image result for pea onyu

Pea Onyu will likely get committed to a mental hospital after trying to stalk Keith —- after he calls the cops to report that he’s never even met this crazy fangirl who keeps showing up at his front door pretending to know him.

All in all, that’s the way I see things. ?

Image result for keith raniere walking
If Keith walks free, who will walk with him?

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  • Vanguard will likely get convicted, most likely on the tax and financial crimes. He certainly won’t get life. Probably 8 years max, at which time he’ll be eligible for early release in about 7 years. And all the time he’s spending in jail will be credited to him too. Sorry, but look at the trend in our society to “rethink” criminal justice. Non-violent crimes will get less time in the future. And the sexual component of Raniere’s offenses will be mitigated because most were all “consenting adults”. He’s obviously a cult leader, but proving it in a courtroom won’t be easy.

    So when he does walk free…buyer beware. Whoever gets conned by him in the future simply didn’t do enough research. Like Gordon Gecko said in the movie Wall Street, “A fool and his money are lucky to get together in the first place.”

    I hope I’m wrong, but…

  • Relax clicky….didn’t you hear the news…Shadowperv has joined the EDNY prosecuting team. Although he won’t be after Keith he will lead the prosecution against Allie Wack. Word is him mom bought him a suit and a brief case to look the part.

  • Agree – good read Clicky. Do you think there will be brutal legal retribution handed down by Clare Bear to former NXers should the “walk” scenario happen? Considering their vengeful nature, Keith and Clare don’t seem like the type to quietly retreat and cut their losses.

  • Good article; thanks. But I do agree with Shadow that the financial crimes are going to bite him (and Clare) in the ass, resulting in at least some prison time.

    If he and Clare do walk, I predict a new slew of lawsuits, against Frank (defamation), their own attorneys (malpractice lawsuits are a classic way to avoid paying legal fee arrearage), and possibly others.

    What legal malpractice, you ask, if they get off? Keith could allege that his lawyers should have gotten him released pre-trial for starters

  • Even if Raniere dodges the sex trafficking charges, the various financial crimes including identity theft, will land him years in prison.
    When he gets out he will be pushing 70 years of age.

  • That’s would be great, but I am thinking he will have an “accident”, so please let’s speculate.

    Bottom line is that he is probably safer behind bars than free. But if he wants to be free then bring it. Marcellus Wallace types are out there.

    • Linda, that would be a nightmare for sure, but I think he’d slink off to a third world country and try to start over. I cannot imagine that there isn’t large stashes of money hidden overseas. But his fear of having anything in his name means he needs at least one of these women to get to it.
      Likely Clare. Wouldn’t it be great it if was Nancy and she flips? But would she give up the money? Pure speculation

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