And check out those cankles, fanboys.

Shadow State: What Allison Mack did was evil

By Shadow State 1958

Why make everything about Allison? She was not the only “slave” master.”

Allison Mack was deliberately recruited to be the Tom Cruise of NXIVM.

If Allison’s mother has an issue with me, she should come out of the shadows and identify herself and let me hear it.  I bear no ill will towards Allison’s mother. I understand that what she is undergoing must be agonizing for her.

But Allison’s mother, and Allison herself, must recognize that what Allison Mack did was evil.

It was stupid for Allison Mack, who had a decent career as a TV actress, to throw in her lot with a charlatan and fraud like Keith Raniere.  But Allison went further and chucked away any sense of right and wrong in blindly following Raniere in his scams and abuses of people.

For twelve years, Allison made one bad decision after another and even threw away her moral compass. Her ability to distinguish right from wrong.

And now Allison and her mother must suffer the consequences of Allison’s horrible decision making.

I take no joy in this sorry state of affairs.

Sarah Edmondson bravely showed the world that the branding story was true.

As for Sarah Edmondson, she trusted in NXIVM and its program.  And Sarah trusted her duplicitous “friend” Allison Mack when Mack promised to let Sarah in on more secrets through the DOS section of the cult.

And Allison Mack used and abused Sarah Edmondson’s trust to use and abuse Sarah personally.

And brave Sarah stood up and publicly protested Allison Mack’s perfidious behavior.

Sarah Edmondson was the main source to publicly come forward and accuse Mack and Raniere of branding women.

And Sarah Edmondson went to the New York Times, the premier newspaper in the country, to expose the brandings and the physical abuse that Allison Mack and Allison’s Banshees had inflicted upon her.

What was more convincing of the madness of NXIVM and its fanatical followers than Sarah Edmondson showing the branding inflicted upon her?

Even NXIVM could not deny pictures that documented Allison Mack and Keith Raniere’s cruelty towards women.

As for the NXIVM harpies trying to spread discord within our ranks, we should ignore them.  They only feed on hatred and division and discord just like Raniere himself.

But if that is not possible, then we must  give them back their abuse measure for measure.  Show Raniere and Mack and Cruella Bronfman that we will not give in to their bullying.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Frankie is deleting comments that point out he is felon working with the feds

  • I’ll have the occasional typo or misspelled word but some of these comments read like ciphers! It’s great too because they’re usually insulting the intelligence of someone here. A misspelling I can usually get past but at times it’s as though they started a sentence with no idea where they’re going with it! Lol

  • In the end all Cankles Mack will be known for is her cruelty and her badass idea of branding. Her acting career was over the minute she joined forces with KAR. She is evil incarnate! Her parents and siblings must be so proud of her now!

  • I just love the articles about this ass goblin Cankles. Keep ’em coming. If anyone deserves it, this piece of filth does. The only more fitting would be to pour table salt in its eyes and make it crawl through a mine field, then get branded on the forehead. That would be soooo badass. And by branded I mean with a red-hot paperclip heated with a lighter.

  • Shadow you should stop this. Allison is being hurt. She’s suffered enough already. Give her a rest. Stop writing these hurtful posts. She’s vulnerable. She’s blue. She misses all of us. And she misses our V. On top of that she blames herself when all she wanted was to be noble. Even Jesus on the Cross said “my God why have you forsaken me?” And Joan of Arc as she was dying felt a momentary flutter of doubt Keith has told us. Shadow you are just the deliverer of pain. Stop please. Don’t be known as Pontius Pilate

    • Pea:
      Are you honestly comparing Allison Mack to Jesus Christ?

      Here are some of the teachings of Jesus:

      1.) As you treat the least of you so you treat me.

      2.) Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

      3.) What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

      Everything that Allison Mack has done is a denial of Jesus and His teachings.

      And while we’re on the subject did Clare give Allison and Keith an ownership interest in Waykaya island?
      Why is the holding company called ACK Waykaya?
      Allison, Clare Keith?
      Was that a payment to Allison for services rendered?
      Was Allison’s BMW also a payment for services rendered?

    • What do you want to talk about on your radio show? Saturday mornings correct? I might be interested if you are

      • Let’s talk about all of the idiot commenters on this website or any other ideas you may want to discuss. We usually keep it to about an hour, but it will take at least 8 hours to cover even a small fraction of the possibilities. It’s Saturday at 8:30 pm Eastern time. The number to call is 347-237-4097. Call at just after 8:15 and wait on the line for Peter to pick you up, and we can talk about the topics we want to discuss before the show starts. Provide the last 4 digits of your phone number here or email me at so we know to connect you and not some brain-dead idiot commenting on this website. We can also talk before Saturday, I have a number, and you can keep your phone number confidential by dialing *67 before calling the number. The conference call number is 641-715-3288, the access code is 975016#. We just need to find a time when both of us are available. Suggest a couple of times and I’ll let you know if I’m available.

    • Shawdowperv found it numut. He has every picture of her that was ever taken. He even know when she is about to fart before she does. The two are soulmates in perversion.

      • You’re a Putz.

        You think by,threatening my email that you will shut me up.
        You are a typical NXIVM thug.
        I’ll see you ad you ilk burn in hell.
        Every last one of you.

        • Hey shadowperv. your shrink is sending out the men in whitecoats for you. Burn in hell what an isiot. Now you moved from playing lawyer and detective and doctor to being God… lunatic

          • Aw little fella you thought you ere a big journalist huh. Not working so well as you project your own NXIVM time in the cult stalking Mack.

          • Stan Lee
            November 14, 2018 at 8:48 pm
            Aw little fella you thought you ere a big journalist huh. Not working so well as you project your own NXIVM time in the cult stalking Mack.

            Once a NXIVM liar always a NXIVM liar.

      • He has every picture of her that was ever taken

        You area typical NXIVM liar.
        No lie is too outrageous

        • Looks like someone struck a nerve. Can’t say I am sorry to see it. Buddy why don’t you take some badly needed time off and get some bed rest for awhile. I think this blog will just fine while you are off.

          • Buddy why don’t you take some badly needed time off and get some bed rest for awhile.

            You aren’t my buddy.
            You are a NXIVM troll.
            I will keep posting until every last NXIVM member is hauled into court.

  • “I take no joy in this sorry state of affairs.”

    With all due respect, you obviously take a lot of joy out of these Allison Mack posts or else you wouldn’t have created so many of them. Your “articles” are filled with your thoughts about Allison Mack and and how evil and stupid she is.and you also post what you think are her thoughts and what her actions mean, as if you know her and her motivations. You don’t, this is all your personal supposition and wild imaginings and it’s rather disturbing to read.

    Also, wasn’t it was Lauren Salzman who got Sarah Edmonson deeper into DOS? It seem you are making it out to be Allison which is false.

    I can’t believe Frank allows you to keep posting this biased crap.

    • It’s a blog and they’re post by Shadow do it is perfectly fine to be biased. Are you joking? Most of the media has given up attempting to hide its bias.
      Hell, why does Mack deserve unbiased “reporting”? This is not a courtroom. Many of us find Mack guilty. Guilty of things she isn’t even charged with.

      Here is a question for all the complainers ;
      Why does Shadowstate’s “obsession” bother you so much?
      The irony is not seeing your own obsession with Shadow while complaining and ridiculing his supposed obsession. The same applies to the accusation of stalking.

      • is annoying because it contaminates the blog with his obsession, he says interested in the victims but that is false just looking for a reason to distill hatred towards this woman, in this blog frank public information obtained from sources within NXIVM and none of these people had this deal towards allison in fact all always focused on keith, even shadow lies blatantly when he says that Sarah Edmondson is a heroine and that she was deceived ‘by allison both claims are false.

        • it contaminates the blog

          Is this blog as contaminated as Clifton Park was with diseased perverts like Keith Raniere and Allison Mack?

        • Contaminates? Lol Just ignore it.
          Shadow’s writing style is very similar to Frank’s.
          I think a lot of you are just like NXIVM. Bullies. Cowards but bullies just the same. The immature crap about stalking and masturbating directed at Shadow you wouldn’t have the balls to say to someone in person. It’s all silly. Complaining the blog isn’t to your liking and demanding Frank do things. Complaining about contamination while you and the rest contaminate it with going after Shadow.

          Keep it coming though. It entertains and in case you didn’t notice, Shadow writes and Frank publishes even more. Lol

    • You are spot on Lena. I started reading the Frank report back in early 2016. Only maybe 2-3 a month at first. Than more as things got more interesting. I used to hang out during my time in Clifton Park at MochaLisa caffe. I had seen Allison in there a couple of times at a table with I now realize were Nicki and India and Laura and others. Never saw Raniere. Allison I did recognize ,but never talked with her.. Did not recoognize the others at the time. Actually I saw Clyne in there more than a couple of times but had no idea who she was until this all broke out nationally. They did have a meeting once in the back room when was in there having a beer. Raniere may have been at that but I don’t recall. It is all water under the bridge now since I have left the area. I also remember talking to a couple of folks that may have been in the cult at The Shmaltz Brewery tap room. Don’t remember their names but funny cause I was drinking a Slingshot lager and so was the one dude I was talking with.

      Anyway I remember when this shadow guy first started posting. He made some really decent posts at the time when there were very few trolls here. I noticed he always posted on the Allison Mack columns shortly after Raniere’s arrest. He didn’t seem to comment so much on anything else. Then after Mack was arrested he would post mainly about her whether the column was about her or not. He always found away to work his venom about her even if the column had nothing to do with her. I am not here to defend Mack she will face justice and a trial will hopefully bring out the truth. However I really do not trust this Shadow character. He does seem to be intelligent but strikes me as somewhat mentally imbalanced. I do believe he may have been involved in the cult and was probably chasing the celebrities in it to a point of stalking. Anyway I do find the man very distasteful and do not enjoy this blog like I used to. Not as informative as it once was and unfortunately the blogger loses some credibility with these goofy guest posts from disingenuous writers.

      • at The Shmaltz Brewery tap room. Don’t remember their names but funny cause I was drinking a Slingshot lager and so was the one dude

        Saratoga Smitty:
        You spend too much time in the tavern getting drunk.
        SOBER UP!
        I have never been in either Saratoga or Albany counties

        • Lately it has been Orange County CA stalking the Mack residence. I agree with Smitty, you are completely unbalanced.

          • Stan Lee
            November 14, 2018 at 8:52 pm
            Lately it has been Orange County CA stalking the Mack residence. I agree with Smitty, you are completely unbalanced.

            Do you ever get tired of lying?

    • I can’t believe Frank allows you to keep posting this biased crap.

      According to you AUSA Penza is biased.

    • There are two obsessive freaks on Frank Report. The worst one is the old Pakistani freak who defends Kristin Crook like he knows what she was doing in the cult. He weaves narratives he wants to be true because he is a sad superfan and can’t fathom that she is not squeaky clean. Shadowstate’s obsession is apparently due to rejection from the one he lusts over. Perhaps if Kreuk told SOS to fuck off, he would be the paki version of shadowstate. When men had balls, the world was better.

  • Shadow is an evil man who has nothing better to do but to waste people’s time with stuff about Allison Mack. He’s such a fanboy more than the rest.

    Screw you Shadow cunt!

  • But if that is not possible give them back their abuse measure for measure. Show Raniere and Mack and Cruella Bronfman that we will not give in to their bullying.

    Bullies hate nothing more than being bullied back.

    • You speak the truth there Shadow and that’s why Frank deserves a lot of credit. Real bullies, like the NXIVM hierarchy, cannot stand to be questioned. They push back harder until the voices of dissent are silenced. That didn’t happen this time. They pushed the wrong person who had truth on his side.

    • Hey crackpot, those folks are either in jail or under house arrest. You seem to be the obsessed bully here. You really need to see a shrink to deal with realty. Also stay out of your mother’s booze cabinet.

      • Hey Minerva you are another NXIVM comic book villain sent to defend the gangsters and Flying Monkeys working for Rainire and Bronfmn.

        Minerva Zsa Zsa Gabor Minerva was created specifically for the series. She is introduced as a spa owner catering to Gotham City’s wealthy. Minerva uses a modified hair dryer to scan her client’s minds to find out where they hide their fortunes.

      • He takes his order right from the feds or else his deal with them is off, It looks like his job is to taint a jury. He won’t respond to how he got out of a lot of his felony charges or how the us U.S. tax payers has to pay for his tax fraud

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