Clicky Eight: Government understands the elements of Sex Trafficking charges against the Vanguard and Allison Mack

A reader with the moniker ‘Max” wrote, “I’m curious about the motion to dismiss the sex trafficking charges. Sex trafficking, as I understand it, is basically prostitution, except no one here was paid for sex. There needs to be an exchange of value right? And a pat on the head from Vanguard is pretty worthless in my opinion.”

By Clicky Eight

A pat on the head from Vanguard isn’t ‘worthless’ when Vanguard is holding blackmail material on you or your family — therefore pleasing him becomes coercive and mandatory.

Likewise, granting women ‘special status’, ‘promotions’ or ‘stripes’ (or other organizational benefits) in exchange for either sex or for procuring sex with other women — that’s not legal either, regardless of whether actual monetary currency is being exchanged.

If you think that earning stripes and getting plum assignments/positions within NXIVM is ‘worthless’ then you’re not viewing the situation from the point of view of the women. If the women really viewed that stuff as ‘worthless’ then they wouldn’t have continued with NXIVM in the first place and would have simply quit. Remember, these women are devoting their ENTIRE LIVES to NXIVM and their ‘status’ within the organization meant more to them than their own families did — since most of them alienated family members to be with NXIVM. Most of them shit on their families to do Keith’s bidding.


If not a pat on the head, how about a brand on the pubis?

Keith’s bidding became their whole world, It became something worth more than gold or diamonds to these women.

Also, importing young women illegally from other countries for sexual favors isn’t worthless, nor is it legal, regardless of whether monetary currency is exchanged.

Women were imported from Mexico for sex and/or other nefarious activities within NXIVM (like computer hacking) — and they were ‘controlled’ by Keith via the threat of being deported or by having other blackmail material held over their heads. That’s not legal either.

You need to just have faith that the government understands what elements of each charge need to be proven.

Doing Keith’s bidding became their whole world.
Hail Vanguard, for that will please him, He was a soft, a very soft man – with a stone cold heart. A ruthless man, a pretender, a man who pretended to love compassion, and ethics and he demanded tribute, constant tribute, as he plotted the destruction of all those who opposed him and even some of those who dedicated their lives as slaves to him. It gave him joy.
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