Marc Agnifilo spoke eloquently about a man named Keith Raniere that was kind and loving, gentle and vulnerable.

Government ordered to respond to Raniere’s bail motion by Monday; Judge Garaufis grants defense leave to make longer motions to dismiss

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has directed the government to respond to Keith Raniere’s Second Motion for Bond by no later than November 19, 2018.

I suspect we will see a rather piquant filing much to the point and rebutting much of what Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo, has asserted in his motion seeking to free Raniere – for a time with home confinement or perhaps for all time.

It should be a joy to read.

Also due on November 19th is a letter by the defense counsel for Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere on the issue of attorney-client privilege. The main concern is whether that privilege has been waived on certain emails seized by the government by virtue of the fact that the correspondence with several attorneys was evidently shared or copied to more than one current criminal defendant – potentially breaking the attorney-client privilege.

How significant this is truly is hard to say without knowing what evidence of crimes may be revealed by the emails between attorneys and Raniere, Bronfman and Salzman.

In any event, defense attorneys are billing hours on parsing this issue – researching it and making their respective client’s legal position known to the DOJ and the Court in order to sort through and determine what may very well be much ado about nothing.

This may be more form than substance. Maybe not. But the good news is that the billing rate is by the hour either way.

Also more good news for attorneys for the defense. Lawyers for the defendants asked leave to file joint motions in excess of the judge’s rule of a maximum of 25 pages per motion.  Judge Garaufis has granted the motion and we may see some filings coming in at well over 25 pages.

However, the judge has directed that “each party should file its own motion papers at its respective due date. For joint motions, only one Defendant shall file the appropriate papers.”

This should add up to some notable billable hours and some good reading too.

Also expected today is Raniere’s motion to dismiss.

His second motion for bail is a delight to read – filled as it is with comparisons of Raniere to Socrates and assertions of his wondrous ethics, as well as some fanciful yarns about Raniere’s motives for his exploits down Mexico way. The dismissal should be – if Marc Agnifilo writes it – another splendid composition that should border somewhere between legal writing and the finest works of fiction.

Image result for faulkner william
William Faulkner used to base his works of fiction on real characters and places.
No, this is not Little Lord Fauntleroy. It is Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard – the real-life subject of some pretty good work of fiction by attorney-writer Marc Agnifilo. More fine prose is expected shortly as author Agnifilo presents the court with his motion to dismiss charges against Raniere.


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  • I’m curious about the motion to dismiss the sex traffickIng charges. Sex trafficking as I understand it is basically prostitution, except no one here was paid for sex. There needs to be an exchange of value right? And a pat on the head from vanguard is pretty worthless in my opinion.

  • “William Faulkner “- Barn Burning ! What a Great Work ! Deemed “too short” to serve in the US Military …. he when to Canada and served in the Canadian Military …… Uncommon Perseverance !

  • A good lawyer would have a 50/50 of getting him off. I say that because the law is word of art, definitions, precedence, standing. Emotion isn’t supposed to play a part. So proving Raniere guilty lies with the prosecution and the defense doesn’t even have to form a rebuttal if they don’t think necessary.

    There is a lot of emotion involved here and it’s easy to see some get carried away. That’s not meant to be an insult but a point that the law doesn’t work by “anyone can see/realize his guilt. The co defendants are in a more precarious position than he in my opinion. As ridiculous as it is and may seem we have a great legal system but it is designed to protect the innocent A story the other day is a good example of mob justice. Two men pulled from jail, beat and set on fire because the mob thought they were child kidnappers and selling organs on the black market. Turns out they were in jail for minor offenses. This happened in Mexico

  • Does the DOJ know when KAR baby mama Visa had expired?

    Rumor is, she lived in Clifton Park for years on an expired Visa. Her need to go back to Mexico to renew her Visa when she did was only out of convenience so KAR could flee the country.

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