Reader: KAR, a man of evil

By a Reader:

KAR bail package sounds like an advertisement package, not a real legal document. It is full of BS testimony of what a great guy KAR is and why he should be granted bail.

The Judge already refused 10 Million dollars with armed security guards while staying within the reach of the DOJ/FBI in NYC.

KAR now believes a motion on “What a great guy KAR is and what he has done for the world (minus all the illegal crap KAR has pulled) will change the ruling with 1/10th the bail (which is still not KAR’s) and he gets to go back to his old stomping grounds of Clifton Park where KAR seems to have political/law enforcement protection?

KAR is still burning through “other people’s money”. The properties that are going to be put up are most likely those that cannot sell anyway because they have the CULT stink on them.

He is still a flight risk. If he can get three fools to put up $1 million, won’t his foolish followers put up the funds to get him out of the country? He is the ringleader of the CULT.

Without his evil mind plotting to do illegal behavior, Clare would still be riding her ponies, Nancy would still be in private practice and teaching NLP courses, Lauren would have a real job, be married with children and have a relationship with her father. Kathy would of never moved from Alaska and would have a relationship with her family and her now adult son.

Or they might of fallen for another stupid scam.

Clare Bronfman was an equestrian before she became a Nxian.

Editor’s note: And Allison Mack?  Perhaps she would be still acting in TV, but for her mentor who taught her the “effective tools to achieve success and greater happiness” learned exclusively from Executive Success Programs.

How many people have suffered from the “ethics, logical analysis and problem-solving skills” of one sinister person?

KAR of ESP and DOS

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  • Frank Parlato.
    Did you seriously just type “they might ‘of'” and “she would ‘of'”??? (It is might HAVE or might’ve and would HAVE or would’ve)
    You compromised the integrity of your entire case by showing that you don’t have basic intelligence. We already knew that you were very strangely obsessed with KAR but this is a whole new low.

    • An error in grammar does not signify a lack of basic intelligence. “Might’ve” and “Might of” sound an awful lot alike, and it’s a common mistake to make. Even someone who knows the correct usage can absentmindedly type the wrong one from seeing other people use it incorrectly. Remember, whatever is seen imprints on the mind, for good or for ill – and in this day and age of most read more writing from the average person who hasn’t mastered the finer points of grammar as from professional sources (as opposed to in the past when nearly all text that was read was professionally produced and had been reviewed by editors). In that light, your line “compromised the integrity of your entire case” is rather extreme and more than a bit rude. (And if you can’t make your point without resorting to insults like that, you really don’t have a point to make whatsoever. I’m sure I’m not the only one who immediately dismisses whatever someone has to say if they can’t say it politely. Politeness may not equal maturity but maturity is never found without it!)

      That said, anything going up for public viewing should probably be checked and double-checked for mistakes such as those. I find grammar and spelling easy and instinctive on the whole, but I know I prefer to have someone read over anything I’m going to post that might be seen by lots of people, just in case I have made a error somewhere.

  • I like how Keith Raniere calls himself a “scientist” as displayed in the image. Has this “man” ever conducted an actual science experiment, or been a part of team that has done so, and published the results in a paper for a legitimate scientific magazine? LOL.

    This guy is only great in his own mind and believes that whatever he comes up can convince others beside his sheeple who have been brainwashed with hundreds of hours of intensives. He is a total grifter.

  • Well said. I do believe my sister, Gina Rose Hutchinson — along with others who needlessly passed — would be alive and well had they never crossed paths with KAR.

    • Probably true and others like Mack and Lauren just needed someone to bring out the bad that was always there

  • The man is a psychopath. Plain and simple. He has ruined the lives of the above listed people and so many others. He doesn’t feel remorse about anything. Every emotion he shows is fake. He’s good at stealing money from people, and he’s good at getting people (mostly women) to follow his every word.

    Why doesn’t Keith have his college roommate vouch for him? You know, the poor trusting sap who sat by dumfounded as Keith stole 50 grand from him.

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