Shadow State: Little Girl, Be Careful What You Say – says Allison Mack

By Shadow State 1958

On August 17, 2017, Allison Mack posted this poem by Carl Sandburg.
Ms. Mack found the poem to be both inspirational and highly relevant to her circumstances at the time.


“Found this in a book of poems for kids by Carl Sandburg on my old bookshelf at my folk’s…. amazing how relevant these words are… so wise…. I love how things seem to show up right when you need to see them. #righttimerightplace

Little Girl, Be Careful What You Say
Little girl, be careful what you say
when you make talk with words, words-
for words are made of syllables
and syllables, child, are made of air-
and air is so think – air is the breath of God-
air is finer than fire or mist,
finer than water or moonlight,
finer than spider-webs in the moon;
finer than water-flowers in the morning:
and words are strong, too,
stronger than rocks or steel
stronger than potatoes, corn, fish, cattle
and soft, too, soft as little pigeon-eggs,
soft as the music of hummingbird wings.
So little girl, when you speak greetings,
when you tell jokes, make wishes or prayers,
be careful, be careless, be careful,
be what you wish to be
Carl Sandburg
What makes the date August 17, 2017 so relevant?
In June 2017, the Frank Report published the first story about the branding of slaves in the Raniere-Mack sex cult.
By August 2017, the cult was falling apart. Hundreds left,  Hundreds canceled or were planning not to attend V-Week.
Allison Mack could read the handwriting on the wall.
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They might tell on the Vanguard…Indeed the little Mexican girls from Chihuahua had just left the Raniere world in Albany – reportedly most unhappy and scandalized – possibly worse.

Little Girls be Careful What You Say…

Allison Mack during a performance with Simply Human at V Week.
On August 4, Frank Report wrote, “Allison Mack is expected to confess to followers of Keith Raniere that she was responsible for DOS, that it was her idea, and Keith knew nothing about it. [Please ignore cankles].
Within a few days of the branding story which first appeared on June 4, in Frank Report, Allison seem to react.

June 13 

Allison Mack wrote on her Blog

Cold sweats. Constantly.  The anxiety of being caught makes my heart thrum like a hummingbird. Someday I will be discovered. I will be found out!

I peak through the crack in the door of the closet I have shoved myself.  It’s stuffy and I can barely breath….  Why am I so nervous?

Because I am a fugitive on the run from intimacy and the fear of showing those pit stains and blood….

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Allison Mack jogs in Clifton Park.


She Tweeted:

So look at the failures, lean into them and find the lesson deep within the pain.


June 17


… We run in the opposite direction of any feeling of discomfort or physical feeling of threat, and yet – emotional pain has never killed anyone … Brace yourself for the pain. Grin joyfully, and bring it on.


June 24


I went for a long walk today and heard them being pushed into one another. The leaves were talking. It felt like the whole street was whispering secrets.


June 25


Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve….


June 28


… More often than not I am spinning in my head consumed with thoughts about what are others are thinking of me…  The noise in my head is so loud that I can’t hear anything other than the feedback bouncing off the inside of my skull. … that voice in my head now seems irrelevant.


In August, with the cult falling apart and Vanguard blaming it on her, was the posting of the Sandburg poem a coincidence or was there an ulterior motive?
For whom was the poem intended?
Within two months the New York Times would make the branding story of NXIVM worldwide news.  Within a few weeks after that, the FBI began to investigate.
Little Girl, Don’t Say Words like Pimp or Blackmail to an FBI Agent.
(He might draw wrong conclusions.)
Or maybe the FBI Agent will draw the right conclusions.
MK10ART painting – Allison Pimp Mack
She did it all for this wonderful man – Keith Raniere.
And fanboys – check out those cankles:

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