Keith Raniere sitting inside a Mexican police vehicle on March 26, 2018. It is our last known photograph of the Vanguard. Treasure it.

Clicky Eight: Another Strong Reason to not grant Raniere bail: He resisted arrest, deportation from Mexico

By Clicky Eight

Keith Raniere actively resisted coming back to America until law enforcement sought his official deportation — which happened very quickly, but was nonetheless still against Keith’s will. This is NOT consistent with his attorney’s description of a man willing to return to America on his own free will. LOL.

His attorney is now Pinocchio.

Quote from TU article:
“The defendant was uncooperative when immigration authorities arrived”

If Keith was truly looking to ‘cooperate’ and was willing to return to America at any time to assist Federal Law Enforcement — as his attorney is claiming — then why was he “uncooperative” with immigration authorities after being arrested?

Why did he actively resist coming back?

That’s game over right there. He can’t explain that away.

Keith spent several months in Mexico after the NY Times article was published, something he’d never done before for that length of time. He was arrested hundreds of miles away from his baby, while shacked up with 4 sex slaves.

He then was *uncooperative* with immigration authorities after being arrested — and he actively resisted coming back to America.

That means his trip to Mexico was meant to flee America.

Oh, and Clare (aka the ugly mule) was with that mother fucker in Mexico too? Yeah okay, that sounds normal.

Also…  If Keith was so terrified of Frank Parlato to the point he fled America for several MONTHS and abandoned his cell phone —- then why did Keith actively file lawsuits and harass Frank Parlato for YEARS? That’s a contradiction. It doesn’t make sense.

Also, after being arrested, Keith lied on his ‘asset sheet’ — by purposely misspelling Pam Cafritz as “Pam Kfritz” (probably to try and hide her sizable $8 million dollar account from immediate discovery by law enforcement, at least until he could decide how best to explain his control of that account).

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  • The world would be a better place if Frank parlato has only ended up a cum pile on his mom’s face

  • RIP Keith. Does anyone know the name of the photographer who took the photo of Keith in the back of the police car? On a lighter note, I’m thankful I’m not spending Thanksgiving at MDC. Good luck.

  • You would think he’d be more afraid to stay in a country where his enemies could have bought an indictment, had him arrested and once incarcerated in a Mexican jail he could have been raped and possibly murdered. I’ve heard of these types of crimes in Mexico.
    You would think a quick extradition to the US would be the safest bet.

  • It amazes me that KAR’s lawyers will do his lying for him. Facts are Facts and the advertisement motion his legal team filed for him, show KAR’s handy work at writing his own ridiculous need to prove to the world what a idiot KAR really is.

    He isn’t even a good mobster. He thought if he could keep things out of his name and get a group of woman to be his front line defense he could continue to rape and pillage the village. Being a sexual psychopath wasn’t enough for him, he had to attempt to get away with everything that will show up in a RICO case against him.

    The DOJ is just warming up and the truth will proville regardless of how KAR attempts to spin it.

  • Keith’s behavior is filled with contradiction. It wasn’t till recently that I grasped this.

    Nexium was about creating an ethical, just world but the means it justified doing that did not conform to ethical standards. It used money and power to intimidate and harm others. It was ok to distort the facts, sue people into submission and use the fortune of the Bronfman’s to gain favor the NYS AG and NYSP.

    The question for me is: how did I get there? What part of me was attracted to this? On the most basic level I knew nothing about those particular events but perhaps I was attracted to the air of superiority that “we knew best and could save the world?” Furthermore, Is there a part of me that is a sociopath, a liar, a thief? I wasn’t totally innocent. I couldn’t have gotten myself into this unless some part of me was attracted to this. The person I was attracted to most was found to have over 500 K in cash hidden in her home. What does that say? That’s not exactly the actions of someone who is really committed to changing the world, rather it’s the behavior of someone who has an escape plan from society. And, I had thought she was cute!

    The reality is I detest myself for my own behaviors and I can’t blame that on Nexium; they were in me before I got to Nexium. It’s not pleasant even to admit this anonymously but there is no other way to get beyond it this grotesque behavior unless one comes to terms with it.

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