Shadow State: Allison Mack: Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

By Shadow State 1958
We are coming up to Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season. Millions of Americans will pour into stores to buy gifts for family and friends. Children’s faces will light up in anticipation of the gifts Santa will bring.
Most of us will shop in comfort and security.
I, for one, will visit with friends at the local diner and share food and conversation.
“How about those Bears?”
Later, I will drop by the library to check out the new books. Maybe I will drop by Starbucks.
At no point will I feel threatened or the target of scorn or ridicule. And no one will feel threatened by me.
No one will feel that I am about to burn my initials into their skin. No one will worry about me recruiting women into a sex cult.
Until recently, Allison Mack enjoyed such an existence.
If anyone recognized her, it was as an actress in a long-ago TV show. And people who recognized her trusted her. No one feared her. No one saw her as a snake in the grass.
And then the Horror stories came out. Stories like Edgar Allan Poe would write. Stories of women screaming late at night. Screaming in pain and agony and terror.
Stories of a house in middle class America turned into a torture chamber.
Stories of women turned into sex slaves.
And rumors of female children being recruited and groomed into sex slaves. And rumors of young women being hooked on drugs so they are compliant and docile.
And the worst part of the stories and rumors is that an ongoing FBI investigation reveals that many of them are true or have a basis in fact. And all the stories and rumors trace back to Allison Mack.
This sex cult had nothing to do with love or sex. It was motivated by Mack and her boyfriend’s lust for power and control.
Mack and Raniere lusted not for sex, they were drowning in sex, but for power. And to that end, Mack and Raniere were even willing to terrorize a community. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.
Allison Mack is awaiting trial under house arrest.
Her behavior is so beyond the pale of civilized conduct that she serves as a magnet for sociopaths almost as disturbed as her. This story is what the Hindus call Karma. What goes around comes around
Allison Mack is starting to feel some of the terror she inflicted on others.
Ms Mack is the author of her own misfortune.
And if/when Ms. Mack is convicted, she will always be known as  a sexual predator.
A danger to the community.
Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the “Scarlet Letter” about a young woman forced to wear a scarlet letter A for Adultery.
Ms. Mack will wear the Scarlet Letters K-R-A-M.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Frank, can you ban the idiots who keep insisting that Shadowstate is Thomas Sekara? This is getting beyond stupid now. These morons know it’s not Shadow, but they continue to post these lies… old are these commenters? These can’t be adults.

    • Flowers could well be Scooter Johnson. They are both juvenile morons. Please ban them both Frank. Leave shadowperv/Thomas Sekera here. His obsession is amusing. Looking forward to his Dec 7th hearing in Orange County

  • Trudeau Government Announces $600 MILLION Media Bailout

    In their economic update, the Trudeau Liberals have announced a series of measures that add up to a $600 million media bailout.

    Instead of letting the Canadian People pick and choose which media companies to support freely, the Trudeau Liberals are forcing you to bail out the media that they pick – using your tax dollars to do it.

    The government has announced a series of ‘tax credits and incentives,’ which will cost $600 million over the next five years.

    While the dollar amounts of the bailout have been announced, the government says the specifics will be decided after they consult an ‘independent panel.’ Among the expected ideas are a ‘tax credit’ (really cheques being sent to media corporations) for labour costs and content creation, alongside a tax credit for subscribers of digital media sites.

    Surely it’s just a coincidence that the Toronto Red Star just put a paywall in and is shifting towards a subscription model…

    Of course, nobody on the panel will recommend not giving the media a huge bailout at taxpayer expense.

    The big problem is that – beyond the waste of taxpayer dollars – the government will be picking which media companies end up getting bailed out.

    The Trudeau Liberals are trying to hide the true nature of the program by saying it will be ‘independent’ from political interference, but everybody who understands life knows that’s a total joke. Whoever picks the ‘independent panel’ has the power, and it’s easy to pick people who will do exactly what you want them to do.

    For example, does anyone really think any true independent voices will be picked by the government?

    And does anyone really think that the prospect of a gigantic bailout won’t influence the news coverage of desperate reporters?

    After all, with the Conservatives opposing measures to bailout the media at taxpayer expense, there is now a massive financial incentive for the media to keep the Trudeau Liberals in power. There’s zero chance that won’t influence the reporting.

    This is disastrous for Canada, because it means that any remnants of a free press we once had will be lost. Nearly all of the media – aside from independent voices like and others – will either be dominated by the state-run CBC, or will be in ‘private companies’ that are surviving only based on government funding, and are thus beholden to the state.

    It’s a serious blow to democracy, and the consequences will be very negative for our country.

    Spencer Fernando

    • There are no masculine men left in Canada. They pander to women, foreigners, poo pushers, “transgender” freaks etc for votes. With the “men” so ball-less and weak, they don’t have to face any opposition whatsoever.

      Burden Of Truth is what you get when you put liberals on the television: Men are bad, whites are bad, token interracial dykes, insulting Christianity (“straight white male” religion), virtue signalling bullshit, from an actual cult member, who filmed that shit while the NXIVM branding story was being exposed. I read an interview with Kreuk promoting this shit saying if you are a white man (in your own country) trying to get into the entertainment industry, there is “nothing for you and it is a “good thing”. So according to Kristin Kreuk, whites don’t deserve millions of dollars for doing nothing like Kristin Kreuk. Whites can stay in their stations, working boring mundane jobs for crap money and have their money taken away and given to Kristin Kreuk to insult us on white tax payer funded CBC. Maybe Kreuk could give us all tips on tax evasion she learnt in NXIVM so that we can cling on to our money and not have it given to her by the piece of shit libtards in power.

  • I wouldn’t call him a man truthseeker. He acts like a 12 year old girl. basically an inmature child.

  • Hey mitch ya son of a bitch, what a surprise to see you and scooter fondly replying to another of Thomas Sekera’s obsessed articles. December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day, an appropriate day for your hearing Mitch-shadowperv-Tom Sekera

  • It’s a generalization and I’ll be labeled misogynistic but women are pretty horrible towards each other. Worse treatment than by men. You see it whether they be partners, an office setting or even a group of friends. Judgement, insults and supposition. You see the unprovoked attacks right here in the comments.

  • Sociopaths are created.
    Keith created a sociopath in Allison.
    Over time he didvwhay ect does. Scrambled her brain and rearranged ir to his liking. Whatever critical judgement she once possessed was suspended and done so without her overt knowledge.
    All around her reinforced the new tenets of her life. Reality was replaced by an insular world where up became down, right became wrong.
    Too many years, far too many indoctrinated with this new world view.
    If and when she ever wakens she will scream like no one has heard before.
    Out of compassipn I fear for her on that day of awakening. She may descend into such a madness that is onhuman, harm herself or harm others.
    Saying this does not exonerate her of her crimes and, we suspect, they are many.
    Society will only get justice when she, and the others, are punished.
    There are so many cults of various kinds, religious, pseudo religious, ideological, etc. Different formats yet the same dynamics.
    Note=It is the women who suffer in these groups, the women who are abused and used, the women who, in the end, pay the highest price.
    I ask=where are the feminists who should be protesting these crimes against women?
    Nowhere to be found.

    Even if only half of whst is alleged is true it”s criminal and horrid and, even worse, it”s woman doing this to other women, their own sisters.

  • In light of these stalking allegations.. I don’t think Frank should allow Shadowstate to continue posting these obsessive articles… it’s unhealthy

      • haha this from a man who for 10 years exploited and manipulated for Amway… and now sees himself as some kind of whistleblower??? for years you knew it was going on, and are now sharing stories of just how much you knew… Lock him up!

    • I oppose all violence against people except in very limited legally approved circumstances.
      Ms. Mack’s violent behavior towards other women has attracted to her a mentally unstable element.
      It’s unfortunate that Ms. Mack lacked the foresight to understand how her pathological conduct could create negative consequences for her both before and after her conviction.

      All that said I suspect that Mr. Sekera intended Mack no harm.
      He was released relatively quickly and probably carried no weapons.
      Sekera is probably a deluded fan of Ms. Mack who believes that he will somehow save her from the justice she so richly deserves

      You call yourself truthseeker.
      Here is the truth.
      The FBI is about to bombard Ms. Mack with the truth from thousands and thousands of emails.

      Ms. Mack will not be done in by an ardent fan.
      Ms. Mack will be done in by her own words in the hands of the FBI.

      • look shadowstate/Tom, i want to be clear, i want Alison Mack punished… on some level to know how guilty she is (like you) but stalking isnt cool, writing 1000s and 1000s of word essays with no more information then Joe public is unhealthy.. and badgereing her for years/comic-con/twitter/waiting outside her house is just plain wrong… On some level you have to reach a point where you realise ive nothing useful left to say… Franks turned you into the new “monte blue” village idiot figure… Just like she does with KR, you need to recognise you were once a person before her and can move onto a semi fufulling life without her

        • Good try truthseeker, but shadow/Thomas is too far gone. He may have been born autistic or his mother drank too much while he was in the womb….who knows and who really cares. Bottom line is, celebrity stalkers are basically addicts to their celebrity like a crackhead to cocaine. Most teenage boys have hollywood crushes on certain actresses but grow out of it become a man and interact with everyday woman. Some guys like shadow never get out of that phase. Thankfully he was caught before Mindy Mack shot him. Probation is better than the grave for him. For Shadowperv aka Thomas Sekera, better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6

  • Hey Shadow i know you’re that middle age man stalking Allison Mack. You need to get some help with that issue. Enjoy seeing Allison in court and good luck. I know you’ll need it and Happy Thanksgiving buddy LMAO!

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