Can Mexico save Raniere? Agnifilo plans to call Mexican ‘First Line’ DOS slaves to defend Raniere and impeach DOJ’s American/Canadian ‘victims’

Mexican DOS versus American DOS 

Marc Agnifilo is a formidable attorney. Relentless. Thorough. Efficient. And when he gets a witness on the stand, he can usually pick them apart.

One attorney told me today: “Just read Marc Agnifilo’s affirmation – and am now more convinced than ever that the Feds may have trouble making any of the DOS-related charges stick against anyone.”
In a recent affirmation to the court, Agnifilo seeks to have Mexican DOS witnesses testify via closed-circuit television – unless the government assures him they will not indict these women.
Agnifilo told the court he plans to call numerous Mexican witnesses. This seems to be the heart of his defense – Mexico.
He and Raniere prefer that the Mexican witnesses appear in court and provide live testimony, he said.
However, these “witnesses have reason to fear that the Government may arrest or detain them if they travel to the United States to testify,” he wrote.
Raniere, Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman have legitimate defenses against sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor, wire fraud conspiracy and a RICO conspiracy predicated on state law extortion. [The DOS charges.]
Agnifilo needs the Mexican witnesses to clear Raniere. The same is true for the attorneys representing Mack and Salzman.
Agnifilo writes, “…in order to promote these defenses, counsel must call the ‘first-line’ DOS masters who developed the tenets of the sorority…all but one of the unindicted first-line DOS masters reside in Mexico.”


The First Line Slaves, I believe, are:

  1. Allison Mack
  2. Rosa Laura Junco
  3. Loreta Garza
  4. Camila Fernandez
  5. Mariana Fernandez
  6. Nicki Clyne
  7. Dani Padilla
  8. Lauren Salzman
First Line; Allison Mack
Rosa Laura Junco.
Loreta Garza
Camila Fernandez


Marianna Fernandez.

Nicki Clyne


Dani Padilla
Allison and Lauren have been indicted. Of the remaining six, only Nicki Clyne is in the U.S. She remains in Brooklyn and may be indicted in the next superseding indictment.
Agnifilo says his Mexican DOS witnesses will rebut the government’s theories about DOS and Raniere. They will testify that DOS slaves gave collateral “without any coercion, threats or manipulation.”
Agnifilo writes, “The evidence is overwhelming that the collateral was a function of a woman’s membership in and commitment to DOS, and nothing more.”
His Mexican witnesses are expected to testify that their sexual relationship with Keith Raniere “was entirely consensual, unrelated to their involvement in DOS, and oftentimes kept secret from other members of DOS.”
[His argument seems akin to: “I am not a rapist because I did not rape 1,000 Mexican women, I only raped two or three Americans. And I will call the 1,000 Mexican women to testify I did not rape them. As for the three who say I did rape them, I will attack their credibility and get Mexican women to say they are liars. That they wanted fantasy rape sex etc..]
Marc Agnifilo with Meghan Kelly

Agnifilo is looking for “reasonable doubt” – and to get that, he needs a battery of happy Mexican DOS women – and to impeach the DOS victims as liars or mistaken.  He has already argued that the American and Canadian DOS victims only imagined their collateral would be released – with no basis in fact.

He has shown he will impeach the American Jane Doe #5 who claims she was blindfolded and sexually assaulted. He has claimed he has a witness who will testify that Jane Doe #5 was a “kinky” women who wanted this kind of violent sex.

In order to ensure he will have his Mexican DOS witnesses, who otherwise might be pretty frightened about coming to the US, Agnifilo has asked the Government to agree to grant “safe passage” to his Mexican witnesses.

He writes, “…the Government may arrest and/or detain these witnesses if they come to the United States to testify in this trial. Even if the witnesses were willing to enter the country without safe passage, several of these witnesses do not have a visa that will allow them to enter the United States. Accordingly, we would need the Government to grant them parole to gain their appearance…In the event that the Government does not grant these requests, counsel asks this Court to allow us to conduct live, two-way videoconferencing with the witnesses during trial.”

Agnifilo further reveals how and why he intends to call his Mexican DOS witnesses:

He will call “first-line DOS masters,” who were directly under Raniere in the “DOS pyramid” and “DOS slaves” – to impeach the Government’s witnesses.

The “first-line DOS masters” are essential to the defense, he says “because each of them played a role in developing and implementing the principles of the sorority: the name, collateral (and what it should be), assignments, acts of care, readiness, and branding.”

They will testify that DOS was good. That DOS helped women overcome weaknesses and gave them opportunities to build character.

“Rather than feel manipulated or coerced, several witnesses feel that they joined a mentorship group that helped build their bond to women and gave them tools to overcome their current life’s difficulties,” Agnifilo wrote.

Agnifilo further laid out his intended line of defense as follows:

“These ‘first-line’ DOS women will testify that DOS was a goals program meant to strengthen loyalty to one another, to grow and to empower each other. Moreover, they will testify that branding was a choice and that slaves could opt out if they chose. They will also testify that they never threatened any of their slaves with release of collateral…

“The first-line DOS women will further testify that the concept of collateral was not created in DOS as it was first used in a Nxivm entity called ‘Society of Protectors.’ Therefore, these women will testify that a majority of the women in DOS, who were allegedly ‘mostly from within Nxivm’s ranks’… knew of and had used this as a tool in the past.

“First-line” DOS masters will also testify that many DOS slaves stated that they did not want to give collateral and received no negative consequences.”

Agnifilo also reveals what his Mexican lower-ranking DOS slaves will testify: that the branding was not as the American and Canadian victims have told the government:

Agnifilo writes, “counsel intends to call the DOS ‘slaves’ who reside in Mexico who can impeach the testimony of the Government’s witnesses as to key aspects of the branding ceremonies. There are several witnesses who reside in Mexico who have material information to contradict and impeach this false testimony.”

Agnifilo sums up his need for Mexican DOS women with this simple concept:

“Raniere proclaims his innocence,’ Agnifilo writes. “Not only did women willingly join DOS but they also willingly gave collateral to their prospective masters after learning about the requirements of DOS, willingly got branded, and the ones who engaged in sexual activity with Raniere did so consensually.”

Keith Raniere hopes that his Mexican slaves will save him.


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  • Some slaves may have given their first collateral willingly. But, if I recall correctly, they were not told that they would be required to provide new collateral every month. Now they are really captives, and this is where Agnifilo’s argument breaks down.

    Then Agnifilo tries to argue that the DOS slaves were never threatened with the release of collateral. But why the hell else would they collect the collateral in the first place, unless it was meant to be a deterrent and a threat? Geez, what a weak argument.

    But as Frank says above, Agnifilo is a relentless attorney. He didn’t get to be such a high-priced lawyer for nothing. The sex-related charges may not be a slam-dunk for the prosecution. I hope the evidence behind other serious charges, such as money-laundering, is ironclad.

  • Yeah tell Moira to ask the what is a value. What is pride what is pain and suffering what is a parasite etc and he will se they are all like little robots taught to speak like word salad and they all say the same that has no meaning for the rest of the world. They speak another language and are brainwashed. Btw judge should not allow them to speak under oath if they are not there and 2 when they needed a visa to go there they where not afraid. If they really mean what they say why are they afraid to go?

  • Surely these women in Mexico have not been subject to intimidation or threats from the Salinas regime. Surely they will offer testimony favorable to Vanguard of their own free will.

  • In Mexico one finds an even more racist society than America.
    The top 15% of society is of European heritage.
    These are the rich people who rule Mexico’s government and economy.
    They are the Alphas.
    The middle 60% of Mexico is Mestizo or mixed race.
    These are the Betas who do the more mundane jobs.
    The next 20% are natives or Indios.
    As the name suggests Indios are almost pure blooded Indians.
    As far as the Mexican elite are concerned the Indios barely exist in Mexican society.
    These are the Deltas.

    When Carlos Salinas, Emiliano’s father, was a boy he shot and killed an Indio maid while plying with a gun.
    No big deal.
    No consequences.

    Murderous Carlos Salinas reportedly killed his first victim when he was four
    Police were called. The boys were detained. They were disturbed because they couldn’t play freely at the station.
    “Naughty boys. Don’t do it again.”

    From the looks of these Mexican witnesses they are all upper class women of European heritage.
    “Maria, get lunch ready for my friends who are dropping by! PRONTO! PRONTO!”

    So now these upper class snobby Mexican women, many of whom view the bulk of Mexico’s population as barely human robots,
    will pour into America to defend their Vanguard and restore slavery, peonage in Spanish, to America.
    With the help of two twisted minor Hollyweird actresses to virtue signal at every opportunity.

    Who taught me about Mexican society?
    Professor Robert Scott of the University of Illinois.
    Mexican Government in Transition. By Robert E. Scott. (Urbana: University of Illinois Press)

    • I have to agree here. I don’t thinks it’s acceptable to allow testimony from self serving DOS first line slaves. These women are risking nothing. I’m sure some can get temporary visas to testify!
      Collateral will be difficult to explain. Women today are more open about nudity, but it seems the collateral goes much farther than simple nude photos.
      Can collateral be used without identifying who it belongs to?
      Even Agnifilo must be pondering how to explain the content of the ongoing collateral. As a woman I could not bear the shame the pictures described being used against me would cause not just myself but my family. Much less the danger of written collateral designed to damage reputations of loved ones. Who’s to decide what’s true and what was made up. How many children could be removed from parents while investigations of abuse are investigated?
      I’m curious if other women feel as I do about nude pictures of you touching private areas had the potential of being released? Keeping in mind how the women felt just knowing KAR had seen them and ultimately controlled them.

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