Prison is a dangerous place to be… in Brooklyn jail, inmates consumed rat poison in carrot cake

A poisoned Thanksgiving meal in 2015 made Brooklyn House of Detention inmates severely ill and will cost the city $232,000, the Daily News reports.

The Brooklyn House of Detention is not the same facility as the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center – which is, of course, where Vanguard, the leader of the NXIVM slaver cult,  presently resides.

At the House of Detention – 16 inmates were given from $500 to $26,000 because they each ate carrot cake and sweet potatoes that contained rat poison.

The food was served as part of their Thanksgiving Day meal.

The food had high levels of Brodifacoum, a highly lethal rat poison. Three inmates passed out and several others underwent CT scans and had their stomachs pumped, according to a federal lawsuit.

Some were denied medical treatment.

A prisoner who worked in pest control noticed green pellets he recognized as rat poison were in the carrot cake.  But the jail officer in charge of the kitchen said the pellets were clusters of nuts and fruits, though she refused to sample the food herself, the lawsuit alleged.

When inmates tried to call 911 for help, jail officers put the facility on lockdown.  Inmates were met with laughter when they begged officers for medical help, the lawsuit claimed.

Officers threw the remaining tainted food away, forcing investigators to find samples in the garbage, the suit alleged.

It remains unclear who put the poison in the food, according to the Daily News, and evidently no one will be punished.

The city did not admit any guilt in the settlement.

There was once a case of food poisoning or something that occurred at Vanguard Week a few years ago.  It is not clear what caused the outbreak of illness.

The above story points out the serious and ruthless nature of prison life in America. Sometimes, the crimes committed inside the facilities are worse than the lies that led to the inmates being there.
The man who said he wanted to foster a more noble civilization, Keith Alan Raniere, presently resides inside prison. Perhaps within the microcosm of his current residence, he can create that more noble civilization he said his technology would create.
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  • On frankreport there are many readers who are concerned about the well-being
    of Keith Allan Raniere, especially with regard to detention conditions, health,
    nutrition, visit opportunities, shopping, education, leisure and sporting activities.
    Since Keith certainly surpasses the urge to move of a golden hamster, I wonder
    whether a hamster wheel should be installed for Keith.

  • Rat poison, it would take a very cruel person to put poison in a holiday meal. Prisoners or not it is not up to an individual to decide such a heinous measure. I have 2 uncle’s and a cousin who were prison guards, my cousin died of a heart attack at age 48. Its a brutal job.
    The reminder though of all of the innocent adults and children who were obviously poisened at Vangaurd week, I say obviously because if the story I read was accurate none of the higher up members got Ill, it was not reported to the health department and those that were Ill were instructed not to tell anyone.
    Another odd Nxivm event that needs to be cleared up. Some members know what happened, it’s a crime not to pass this information on to authorities. Children? Come on

    • Yep. I heard Raniere ordered a cabin “quarantine” at V-week in response to the food poisoning event. It makes more sense to lockdown unruly convicted criminal prisoners than to essentially lockdown paying guests at your party in a similar situation. But, of course, Agnifilo would say the V-week guests were “consenting” even if the lockdown was a cover-up to blame the victims on the “contagious” food poisoning.

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