Shadow State: Allison Mack is a pervert herself

Allison Mack was promoted leader of DOS ahead of Lauren Salzman even though Lauren had been with NXIVM longer.

Why did Vanguard promote Mack over Salzman?

Mack is younger by 6 years and Mack is a charismatic actress who could seduce more young women into the DOS harem.

Now Lauren Salzman has the opportunity to wreak revenge on Vanguard and Mack for being passed over. Is it possible that Lauren Salzman , Number 2 in DOS, is going to sell out her good friend Allison Mack?

The Feds are worried more about nailing Raniere, Mack, and Bronfman.

For Allison Mack to turn into a Brainiac, she first has to have a Brain.

Notice that all three prosecutors are female.  And also notice that all three defense lawyers for Clare Bronfman are female.

Both the US DOJ and Clare Bronfman understand the gender politics inherent in this case.

Meanwhile, Raniere’s and Mack’s legal teams are predominately male. I wonder who the designated Fall Guys are in this case.

As for Kristin Kreuk:

Hypocrisy and Cowardice are not crimes.

Racketeering is a Crime.
Extortion is a Crime.
Mail Fraud is a Crime.
Human Trafficking is a Crime.
Involuntary Servitude is a Crime.

That’s why Kristin Kreuk has a TV program and Allison Mack is standing trial.

The real hypocrisy in the NXIVM story is Allison Mack talking about female empowerment while luring women into a sex slave cult.

If Allison Mack had had her way, Kelly Clarkson and Emma Watson would now be sex slaves.

Did the “brave” Allison Mack ever stand up to the perverted Keith Raniere and call him out?

No, Allison Mack enthusiastically joined in on Keith Raniere’s perversions. Because Allison Mack is a pervert herself.

Read Frank Parlato’s article on Ms. Mack and the 8-year-old gymnast girl.

Allison Mack has spent 12 years traveling through NXIVM with her Eyes Wide Shut.

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  • When i see hatred for allison mack it’s like a sword being stabbed in my chest, i remember that first season of smallville, allison mack was one of my favorite characters in smallville, That cute face, i cried so much when i heard the news about allison mack.

  • For what it’s worth, I am thoroughly sick of all of them and all the articles – speculative or otherwise – regarding celebrities. It will all come out eventually, and then the regular press will be all over it, I can assure you. There is no doubt at least the Allsion Mack is a disgusting, selfish, amoral human being. Can we leave it at that for now?

    Others have suggested just skipping over the articles about AM, KK, etc. and that is good advice. But Shadow, there seems to be an inordinate amount of space trying crucify Mack and others. Can we let law enforcement do its job? Mack is under arrest and is preparing to stand trial. Kreuk is not – at least not at the moment. Who knows whether or not she should be? If the feds spread their resources as thin as tissue paper chasing down dozens of people, there is a greater chance that Raniere will wind up walking on some technicality. I would love to see the feds focus heavily on those currently charged.

    Why isn’t there more digging about Raniere himself and his shady past? There is quite a bit unknown at this time.

  • The 8 year old doesn’t mean a thing, have you ever watched gymnasts train, their coaches are always standing them straighter and manipulating their bodies. This is the problem when your stories only focus on Allison!
    You are not gaining support for your hate mission here.
    Just because you write it doesn’t make it true.
    As Frank is trying to pull the report back to a valid blog, you could do your part and stop proving those that say your behaving like a jilted lover (where have we heard that before)?
    Since your obviously a writer on here now, write something. No more regurgitating the same old stories. I quit reading your articles for a while, I decided to give you another chance, i was wrong I should have just kept passing you by.
    When your ready to focus on something besides AM I’ll give you another chance.
    Best of luck!

  • “Read Frank Parlato’s article on Ms. Mack and the 8-year-old gymnast girl.” You point to a story told by a third party as though it is evidence instead of hearsay, as though this is proof positive that Allison Mack is a pedophile, instead it’s just more examples of your writing salacious articles. And why is Allison Mack’s being a pervert some kind of news story?

    Frank, seriously, please stop posting these ridiculous “news” stories.

  • How come no media about Keith taking the branding from the Gorean pedophile cult based on the books by John Norman?

  • I still don’t get it.
    Ive gone to new age groups before.
    When someone says ok, now we want a naked picture to blackmail you with if you leave and you have to fuck the leader,
    I say, nah, I’m good.

    To stay is a personal CHOICE.
    I have not yet seen any evidence that anyone’s free will has been violated.

    How weak would a person have to be to be forced to do something against their will?
    And where are these weak people? Because I’ll happily tell them to transfer their bank accounts to me.
    And they’ll just do it because they’re so weak.

    • Unfortunately this is not how it was presented to these long term members. They were tricked and yes most of us would still say no fucking way, even to your best friend! Brainwashing over a long time period and NLP is a powerful tool along with sleep deprivation. Mothers remember how exhausted you were after a new baby, especially if your breast feeding and go back to work. Your like a zombie.

  • Lol. Frank you obviously have anger issues mate! Did Allison turn you down somewhere in your life? If only the UK had you on our side when Jimmy Saville was alive. Things might have been different.

    As for pervert. She was brainwashed. I have fell for women who tell me stuff and time and time again it ends badly. I believe their words. We all sadly fall for some kind of crap. Allison fell for the wrong kind sadly. She was trying to please someone she thought liked her. Been there and done that myself endless times only to find out she never liked me. Only liked what I could give or bring her. Keith and Allison are no different. Just twisted and sick. She fell for the wrong guy.

    Please learn what journalism really means! You’re a disgrace mate.

  • For God’s sake, more of your seething hatred for Allison fucking Mack, again. The bitch is already going to jail. You are just as mental over Mack as Mack is for Raniere.

    You brought up Kristin Kreuk because you want the heat 100% on Mack.

    Both Kreuk and Mack were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit. That was February 2012.

    Both Kreuk and Mack were on Necker Island where attendees went to address the bad publicity of the cult and where money laundering is said to of been planned. That was spring 2010.

    Both Kreuk and Mack were named as NXIVM recruiters in the Times Union expose that spoke in detail of Raniere’s pedophilia and other crimes. That was February 2012.

    Both knew about bad stuff prior to DOS being formed in 2015.

    Allison Mack did not just go off the rails with the formation of DOS in 2015 when Kreuk was still an active NXIVM member and people who were still there know that is true.

    It is wrong for Kreuk to still have a tv show, especially tax payer funded tv, with hypocritical off the chart virtue signalling, that is not being called out by the press. She is not some naive little victim who didn’t know about anything wrong. She has not been called out by the press and she is being allowed so far to get away with what she did and knew about. To suggest Kreuk didn’t know anything bad would be to suggest Mack didn’t know anything bad until at least 2015. Do you actually believe that?

    Even Sarah Edmondson, a known criminal, has filmed a television show since the branding story.

    Mark Hildreth has not been called out by the press and it’s unlikely he plans to avoid pursuing fame.

    Olivia Cheng is in a tv show about Bruce Lee and not once has the press called her out either. She was the face of “One Asian” which was a NXIVM shell company. Perhaps Raniere’s attempt to get some Asian beaver? ?

    A lot of cunts.

    The press should read Frank Report more.

    • — Allison Mack did not just go off the rails with the formation of DOS in 2015 when Kreuk was still an active NXIVM member and people who were still there know that is true.

      This is now well over a dozen times you have stated this but have provided no evidence whatsoever. You have been asked each time to provide it and haven’t done so. Either provide your evidence or stop repeating it as it doesn’t make it true no matter how many times you do so.

    • Yes, Kreuk has a lot to answer for…but so do you.

      You have said a dozen times that “in 2015 Kreuk was still an active NXIVM member and people who were still there know that is true.” But a dozen times you have been asked, in what way was she active and how do you know?

      So, once again, share your “knowledge” of Kreuk’s continued NXIVM activity, or stop saying it–otherwise you look like a hater and not a credible critic.

  • In all fairness, the 12-year-old gymnast girl was based on what a neighbor “saw”. Everything starts to look nefarious and sinister after finding out the crap someone was involved in. The same is true of some of the sketches that were made.

    Again to be fair, the speculation might be correct. Or the gymnast story and the drawings by Salzman could be innocent and the perversions might have been the furthest from their minds.

    So, while I am convinced that they are all guilty of many things, it’s a good example of the damage done by accusations. The damage done to someone that is legitimately innocent of accusations follows them for a long time, maybe their whole life. Reputation and character destroyed.

    • Fair enough but at the time the neighbor thought Mack’s familiarity with the gymnast girl was highly peculiar at the time and the incident stuck in the neighbor’s mind.

      Particularly the part where the neighbor saw Allison feel the girl up.

      Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8-year-old girl

      Here is a partial transcript of his on-the-record comments:

      Frank: Allison was trying to interview an 8 or 9-year-old girl who was trying to be a gymnast?

      Neighbor: Yes. She even told me I should get into doing a blog. That’s what she was doing with the girl – a video blog.

      F: Allison?

      N: Yeah.

      F: And she wanted to videotape this girl?

      N: Yeah. She was videotaping the girl…. The girl was doing these little gymnast things.

      F: Did you think it was suspicious at all?

      N: It was creepy. Very creepy.

      F: That is very creepy because you know Keith Raniere had a predilection for little girls.

      N: I saw her feel the 8-year old up.

      F: Whoa!… Could you say that again? You saw her feel the 8-year girl old up?

      N: Yes.

      F: Where were you?

      N: We were up off of Independence. She was up on —-. and they were sitting there and I was walking [with his dog] and we were coming back and I was wondering what she was doing. I did not know who she was at the time. I did not know who she was until November and then I was like, ‘Oh that’s who that girl is.’ But they were sitting there and I just said “Hi” and … I went up to to be nice to them . We started talking and she was trying to quick-end the conversation so she could get back to what she was doing.

      F: With this 8 year old?

      N: Yeah, And at one point she was next to the 8 year old and she turned around and went like that up the girl’s chest.

      F: Allison?

      N: Allison did that, yeah.

      F: Maybe she’s a perv too.

      N: Yeah, she is obviously.

      F: Could you have been mistaken? Could it have been a push or friendly playful thing?

      N: It didn’t look like that

      F: Why didn’t you call the police?

      [He explained how he had a bad experience once before on an unrelated matter involving adults when he called the police to report a crime and the police were not friendly and almost tried to turn it around on him. I certainly could not argue too hard against this, since this is especially true for whistle-blowers against NXIVM.- they are the ones who get into trouble.]

      • So concerned she called child services or walked over and said hi, what’s going on here. She did nothing so her story looks like 2 minutes of fame.

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