Former US Attorney Dennis Burke, one of the top figures in the Arizona Mafia, and attorney for Clare Bronfman.

Clare Bronfman’s invisible man – lawyer Dennis K. Burke

By Thomas Todd

Who may have been the mastermind behind the “joint defense” attempts to hold together 20+ lawyers in a coordinated effort to defeat the Government’s prosecution of NXIVM, a man who possibly aided and abetted in obstructing justice?

One of Clare Bronfman’s “stealth,” “invisible” lawyers, who tries to avoid putting his name on public documents: He is former U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, who resigned in the Obama era Fast N’ Furious scandal after being called a liar by Deputy A.G. James Cole.

Burke seems to have coordinated much of the intimidation/controlling of witnesses and coordination of NXIVM lawyers at the behest of the notorious Mexican Salinas family. Who else in this entire roster would have been able to mastermind a coordinated “joint” effort between 20+ lawyers?

It’s a fair question.

Among other acts, Burke made phone calls on behalf of Clare and NXIVM, telling witnesses they ought to “do things the NXIVM way,” [or else?] and probably was the “invisible” mastermind who has orchestrated efforts to defeat the federal Government’s prosecution of NXIVM.

After being censured and fined by the Arizona Bar in 2014, Big Man Burke reportedly moved on from being involved in covert Mexican weapons trafficking during the Obama administration to using his insider knowledge of DOJ procedures to empower bad guys (and gals) in a Mexican/U.S. “sex cult.”

“Fright experiments,” obstruction of justice, witness harassment and intimidation, and human trafficking anyone? The University of Arizona (Burke’s law school) must be proud!


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  • Even though he’s working behind the scenes I don’t think it’s his reputation he’s protecting here.
    His main job is keeping Mexico and US and prob Canada on the same page behind the scenes.
    You can bet he didn’t take the rap on fast and furious just to cover up for others.
    This is the first I’ve read of his part in intimidating witnesses, I hope they recorded him and that they are talking to the right people.

  • Utter scum. What is it with the legal community in Arizona that creates monsters? Like Andrew Thomas, the county attorney who believed he was above the law, Burke should be disbarred. Burke has already been sanctioned by the Arizona bar and is a persona non-grata in corners of the legal community. No one is above the law. Not “Vanguard” with his long list of crimes, not “Legatus” with her abusive litigation intended to destroy others in court, and despite what he apparently believes by virtue of his historical conduct, Dennis Burke is not above the law either. “Invisible man?” Nice try. The truth about Burke has been exposed. Obstructing justice is illegal. Intimidating witnesses is illegal. They should be prosecuted. He should be prosecuted. When will he be appropriately charged and convicted? The NXIVM legal team “house of cards” is falling apart.

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