A few tidbits about the Rothschild clan – with a little Bronfman connection

By Jamo Lorswal

The infamous Rothschild clan, one of the largest banking families on the globe, once commissioned a family tree investigation.

A certain Uri Friebene shows up circa 1430.

Mayer Amschel Bauer, in honor of his first son being born, and his growing counting house in the Frankfurt Jewish ghetto, hung a red hexagram up as a herald and advertisement. Known earlier as the Seal of Solomon it is two pyramids, tangential, one up, one down. The family became famous as the “Red Shield,” or “Roths-childs,” in German.


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    Solomon, a legendary Israeli King was known to have married into the Egyptian empire and the Pharaoh’s daughter gifted him a ring with the symbol, hence it became known as the Star of David. In the legend, Solomon is reputed to have completed his great temple with the help of jinn, or demons in Arabic.

The son, Mayer Amschel Rothschild arranged some 18 marriages for members of his growing empire in Europe and Great Britain. Twelve of them were between cousins, the clan believing endogamy would ensure control of their wealth within family hands.

    The Rothschilds cozied up to the Hapsburgs and the Hesse Royals, eventually becoming the Bank of England. It was a Rothschild who  commissioned Jesuit scholar Adam Weishaupt to organize a secret group, later exposed by Bavarian police, as a conspiracy, called the ‘Illuminati’.

There are probably thousands of conspiracy “rabbit-holes” investigators have gone down in search of this elusive group. If they still exist, how much power do they wield?  Are there human sacrifice practices involved in their rituals?

In 1846, London’s Independent newspaper ran a story “The Rothschild Libel” reporting on a political pamphlet that went in a sense Belgium “viral” and was signed “Satan”.

Charles Taze Russel, founder of the Jehovah Witnesses, wrote a letter to Lord Rothschild, sent from Palestine, about an ersatz Israel lining out how Jews could re-take the “holyland”.

 With excessive wealth, the Rothschilds began to hold elaborate socialite gatherings. Surrealist artist Salvador Dali created massive headdresses for a ball held in 1972 at the Chateau deFerrieres. The leaked photos show dismembered baby dolls, taxidermy animals,and references to cannibal dishes. In line with the theme, horror filmmaker, Roman Polanski filmed some of his “9th Gate” film at the location. Polanski is in exile for child sexual slavery charges and is of course the survivor of the Manson Family murders at his mansion in Los Angeles.

 There is no direct link of the Rothschild legacy to the recently busted sex/slave cult NVIXM, yet the Bronfman sisters, patrons of the criminal group, are from a family who has done business with the Rothschild’s.

Bronfman Rothschild is a high end financial and business advisers. The logo blends the Letter B with R.

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Edgar Bronfman who made a fortune pushing whiskey, namely Seagrams, moonlighted as Head of the World Jewish Congress. Like most rich families involved in criminal activities, he hid behind philanthropy.

As we examine the Rothschild history, we learn they built a temple of sorts, a few miles north of Bohemian Grove in the woods above San Francisco.

Once a year the big business leaders, media personas, banking and politicians meet for exchange, speeches (Richard Nixon claimed his “best” speech was given there) and camping as well as some suspected less publicized activities, ranging from prostitution to human hunting.

The group’s San Francisco headquarters takes care of business aspects of the yearly romp, with its initial fee of $25,000 a head.

Ironically, there is a Mike Rothschild who runs an online website debunking “conspiracy theories”.

If one questions whether wealth combines – here is something to consider: Of the infamous Rockefeller Eastern Establishment and oil tycoons, it was reported in 2012, merged with the Rothschilds concern in the RIT Capital Group.

The net worth of the Rockefellers circa 2017 was reported to be $340 billion. That of the Rothschilds, $400 billion.

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  • yes, Roman Polanski is a Rothschild. I know who his father was I found out through my research that he was stalins hitman Genrikh Yagoda, mass murderer of millions. They look just like eachother and that means that Roman is Thomas Pynchon because he publishes all about his and his fathers crimes and I have connected the dots. Polanksi is a high priest of the illuminati and he lives next to his own child brothel in gstaad where he runs child sex slavery blackmailring with CIA/Mossad…and he stages false flags since the manson murders hoax that was part of operation chaos. he had a plethora of Ghost Writers and he writes alot of shows that are on netflix. hes everywhere you look once you know what to look for…pedophilia being the main thing. and he’s filming in Paris while he and the CIA/Mossad are fomenting riots there….as they have been for years. I plan to publish my findings in a book.

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