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Heidi: Please be very careful Frank

By Heidi Hutchinson

Sk a commenter on the Frank Report made this comment on the post Legal Defense Trust Fund To Face Judicial Scrutiny – Raniere’s Attorney Suggests There May Be Multiple Contributors

In response Heidi wrote: 

I feel the need to speak to SK’s warning here and since FR is monitoring, I’ll let Frank decide whether or not it’s too personal to post.

The threat on Frank’s life is real.

I know this because Frank was our honored houseguest for a time while we were living in Malibu not far from Catherine Oxenberg.

There were already sure signs of Nx-trouble in our little world but once Frank arrived the flying monkeys that had been circling overhead and swooping in on special occasions, went absolute Apeshit! This was in early July, this past summer, prior to the superseding indictments.

The very day Frank arrived, I started getting texts that appeared to be from my young second cousin — from her number, under her name. “B” (my cuz) is from Clifton Park, but now lives in LA. She’s in my phone contacts, but we’ve rarely texted. “B” had visited us at home a few weeks prior to this incident.

My first clue that the messages were not really from “B” was that they were written entirely in perfect Spanish. My second clue was that the messages were full of death threats and perjorative terms young “B” would never use with me even if she did speak fluent Spanish, which she does not.

Plus, “B” does not want to kill me — her parents might — and she’d never heard of Frank Parlato. “B’s” since been ruled out as a “suspect.”

Frank posted about this at the time without naming us as his hosts: Briefly, Frank had a live chat with the hackers — middle-aged Mexican males — swearing them off as I tried to translate. They were pretty shocked to hear from Frank himself, rather awkwardly asked for money and threatened “B’s” life in addition to mine and Frank’s. Authorities were notified, the texts stopped.

Meanwhile, Frank was notified of a couple of other palpable threats on his life by Catherine’s very reliable sources. A Nx Vancouver assassin assemblage was purportedly descending on Malibu. Frank was also getting emails offering to provide details on these murder plots in exchange for bitcoin currency.

There were many other oddities occurring at this time, as one might imagine in their worst nightmare from the lowest rung of hell. A jobseeker calling herself “Jezabel Lopez” — when I was waxing poetic under a suspiciously similar pseudonym for Frank Report — kept not showing up for an interview but had many queries about our male guest who was answering our home phone.

Officer “Franquez” from the San Bernardino PD also called our unlisted home number and asked Frank, who answered, to have me call him. A crime had occurred in a vehicle bearing a duplicate registration to mine and the suspect, a Mexican female, claimed she knew me and I’d sold her the registration among other things. Never heard of this person before, I swear. (And, man, was I glad I’d made a couple of police reports regarding suspicious identity theft activities weeks prior).

There were rattlesnakes fresh and freshly FROZEN (in a heatwave) showing up everywhere, drone strikes, my cell phone became further “possessed” by degrees. I had young Mexican family-owned businessmen I’ve been acquainted with for decades — since they were teenagers — who never previously expressed any interest suddenly begging me for “a date” or failing that, “just some nude pics,” in my ripe, old age. Lol.

Through all this and more, I have never seen anyone so focused, so calm, cool and collected under any circumstances, as Frank Parlato. The branding story was on fire and Frank was not to be deterred from stoking that flame every waking second in all the time he stayed with us. The only thing Frank seemed to fear was leaving his laptop unguarded lest someone slip some kiddie porn on it a la’ John Tighe.

I thought perhaps Frank’s almost annoyingly casual, often even cheerful, attitude was overly cavalier, in sharp contrast to my own panic level at these very tangible threats. But Frank’s nonchalance began to rub off on me. Frank convinced me that the only proper response that could ever protect us, that anyone would ever respect enough to leave us be, was “strength and courage.”

I’ve since adopted that attitude, made it my new motto in life, and it seems to be working against further harassment so far. Except on the Frank Report itself. JK.

Still I worry about Frank’s “bravado,” that he naturally has so much of it he might be caught off guard.

Sometimes paranoia IS a safe place. We ended up moving out rather hurriedly from that beautifully idyllic, prized “Malibu” locale I never wanted to leave. Frank helped with the move out negotiations. We settled into our new spot that isn’t nestled in nature, doesn’t have an ocean view or a prestigious address surrounded by mansions and movie stars. (It does have a killer security system.)

Weeks later, our former address doesn’t exist anymore. Nearly our entire old neighborhood and surrounding, verdant hillsides was engulfed in the recent Malibu fires. The once abundant foilage is not much beyond charred sticks, the mansions reduced to cinderblocks and cinders.

But thanks mostly to NX’s flying monkeys and the fear they engendered, we landed safe and happy in our new home so far.

Sometimes, a little paranoia is a safe place. Yes, please be very careful Frank.

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  • Frank, don’t post this. I’m sure you don’t remember me but a few months ago I posted for the first time in my life and mistakenly put my full name on it. I totally panicked and texted you asking to delete it. Within in 10 minutes you had changed my name to anonymous. That small gesture to a complete stranger really impressed me and confirmed my opinion i had been developing of you. You really are one in a million and the world can’t afford to lose you. So you, Heidi and everyone in your circle are in my prayers and for Gods sake be careful !

  • I remember Frank’s earlier post about this, and about some threatening emails he had received around the same time.. very scary stuff.

    Heidi, in an article Frank posted a couple years ago, it was mentioned that you had been harassed then, and had had your phone stolen and your house broken into, which you linked to NXIVM. Did any other harassment incidents occur in between then and the incidents last summer? Do you know for sure that NXIVM was responsible for the phone theft?

    This interests me because the first harassment incident that happened to me was the theft of my phone, back in 2013. Then it appears as though the thief got my kid’s phone number from my contacts and started to prank my son by placing fake online ads with his name & cell number….such immature stuff, yet it appears his friends were not responsible. And then the harassment continued in other ways…
    (And I really have never been associated with NXIVM, Heidi, that’s the truth)

  • well written post Heidi. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your home, and all the other stuff. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I’m glad you have found a home here on Frank Report and feel comfortable telling your story.

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