Was Nancy Salzman lying about college and high school?

A comment by someone using the moniker Brett Stein suggests that Nancy may have lied about her high school and college.

Brett wrote:

Another lie under oath. Nancy Salzman does not have a bachelors in nursing. She had many bachelors while pursuing nursing, but not the degree. She attended a now defunct hospital nursing program that led to an RN but not a bachelors degree.

Her bio info says she went to Muhlenberg college – a liberal arts college in PA which does not offer a nursing degree. Another lie. She went to the defunct Muhlenberg hospital nursing program.

A simple confusion of names, of course. At most they gave an associates degree through a local community college. And her reported high school is a lie too.

Is she trying to hide her meager roots in small town NJ?


K.R. Claviger wrote,

Of course there are legitimate practitioners of psychotherapy – just like there are legitimate human empowerment programs. But neither Nancy or NXIVM fall into that category.

My point in bringing up Nancy’s pre-Keith illegal Medicaid-billing activities was simply to show that she was not some innocent lamb that got corrupted by Keith. She had already wandered down the path of corruption long before she even met him.

And my point in bringing up the fact that Nancy glommed onto the title of “Psychotherapist” was simply to show that there is no such recognized profession in New York State. For that matter, the same is true for the term “Therapist”.

But using legitimate-sounding titles is just one of the ways that fraudsters like Nancy and Raniere ply their trade.

The fact that Nancy and Raniere have started claiming that they can resolve real medical problems like Tourette’s Syndrome could cause them some real legal problems. But probably not in New York State because the New York State Department of Health is one of the most lax agencies in the country when it comes to this type of stuff.

When Nancy  was seeing private clients in Albany – before she got involved with Raniere. But the details have been well documented – and there is zero doubt that she was, in fact, involved in billing the Medicaid (not Medicare) program for some of her clients by using another licensed therapist’s Medicaid billing number.


Here are some details we know about Nancy:  

According to

Nancy Salzman was born in 1954.

She is 64.

She claims she graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Back in the late 1970’s, Nancy started working as a nurse and therapist. 


Full Birth Name Nancy Salzman.
Nick name Nancy.
Working As 1.    Founder and President of NXIVM. 2.    Former Nurse and Therapist.
Age Sixty-Four (64) years old (As of 2018).
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday 1954.
Birthplace/Hometown New York, USA.
Nationality American.
Gender Female.
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign) N/A.
Ethnicity Caucasian White.
Religion Christianity.


Albany, New York, USA.

Famous for                                          Recently arrested because of her involvement in the NXIVM sex cult case.

Physical Statistics

Height (Tall)                                        Feet & Inches: 5′ 6″.

Centimeters: 167 cm. Meters: 1.67 m.

Weight                                                 Kilograms: 55 Kg.

Pounds: 121 lbs.

Bra Size                                               33B.

Body Measurements(Breast-       34-26-35. waist-hips

Shoe Size (US)                                  6.

Tattoo details? None.  
Eye Color Grey.  
Hair Color Dark Brown.  


Supposedly her Favorite Celebrities: Actor:Johnny Depp.

Actress: Jennifer Aniston.

Dream Holiday Destination                                      Italy.

Favorite Color                                                   Blue and Black.

Love to do                                        Reading, Shopping, and Traveling.

Favorite Food                                                    Italian Cuisine.

Nancy Salzman                  Networth Net Asset                                        Approx.$2 million USD (As of 2018).

Salary Per Hour                                    $10,000 US Dollars per hour.


Nancy had radical mastectomy and her bra size may not be up to date.

As for the $2 million net worth, she probably had that much hidden in cash at various times. Perhaps she still have cash squirreled away somewhere.

$520,000 was seized from her house.

She is presently being represented by attorneys who are being paid by a Trust reportedly funded by Clare Bronfman and possibly others.

Here are photos of Nancy through the years:

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  • I do not understand why Nancy does not speak about the problem of domestic violence. This is a terrible act that still takes place in modern families. Children suffer physically and mentally from this. You can read an essay and study about this on the website. I think Nancy is telling a proavdu about colleges and high schools Now the government is hiding a lot of information from us. Everyone has the truth about modern education and problems in the US educational system.

  • A very good run down of Nancy Salzman’s background.

    But it fails to mention that Nancy is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.
    (The Vanguard said it so it must be true.)’

    Raniere told followers Salzman is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler.

    Raniere told his second-in-command, Nancy “Prefect” Salzman, she was Adolph Hitler in a past life.

    ‘ Raniere told Salzman she must atone for her crimes when she was Hitler by doing whatever he told her. He alone could help her overcome the assault on Jews she committed in her past life.

    “The law of Karma weighs heavy on you,” Raniere reportedly told her. Salzman, teary-eyed, thanked him for saving her and removing her karma and vowed to obey him for life.

    • What’s shocking about that? That’s *very* close to my height and shoe size – most people have bigger shoes than I do, but I’ve met other people who have really small feet (and hands – they generally go in tandem) for their size. So I don’t find that combination at all strange.

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