Shadow State: Brainwashing is a bogus defense

By Shadow State 1958

In 2002, a teenager named Lee Boyd Malvo claimed he was brainwashed by
an older man into murdering 10 people

Malvo is now serving life in prison.

The Lee Boyd Malvo Case

Another “insanity by brainwashing” defense hit the courtroom ­30 years later, when Lee Boyd Malvo stood trial for his role in the 2002 sniper attacks in and around Washington, D.C. The 17-year-old Malvo and 42-year-old John Allen Muhammad killed 10 people a­nd wounded three in a killing spree. The defense claimed that the teenage Malvo was brainwashed by Muhammad into committing the crimes, which he would not have committed if he weren’t under Muhammad’s control.

According to “The Brainwashing Defense” in Psychology Today:  Muhammad pl­ucked 15-year-old Malvo from the Caribbean island of Antigua, where his mother had abandoned him, and brought him to the U.S. in 2001. An army veteran, Muhammad filled the teen’s head with visions of an impending race war and trained Malvo in marksmanship. He isolated Malvo, steeped him to his own idiosyncratic, vitriolic brand of Islam and imposed a strict diet and exercise regimen on his “adopted” son.

The argument was that Malvo was brainwashed, and because he was brainwashed he could not tell right from wrong. Malvo was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole. (Muhammad was sentenced to death in a separate trial.)

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  • As a relation to someone in Nxivm, I do believe they have been brainwashed… but it didn’t work for Patty Hearst and I doubt it will work in this case.

  • If Allison Mack was going to use the brainwashing approach why wouldn’t she be distancing herself from her Vanguard? It appears she is letting Clare Bronfman pay her legal defense and is willing to sign a joint defense agreement.

    That doesn’t appear to be someone who is willing to turn on her Master.

  • Hey shadow, your article would be much more interesting if you knew Jack shit about Psychology, hypnosis, and NLP. Just imagine if you educated yourself on these subjects before writing articles! You would have so much more credibility beyond copy and pasting a link you just read. Educate yourself and learn something=stop making yourself look like a jackass.

  • A good place to start would be defining : brainwashed.

    As I’ve asked many times, do we know how many have defected from DOS? Is it so unbelievable that some would choose to live under these conditions or choose this lifestyle? I and I think most people think it strange to say the least. However, there are many lifestyles people would say is “weird”. An agnostic or atheist may have a difficult time understanding those living a strict adherence to their faith. Or veganism or the life of a party animal.

    Does brainwashing have to be the answer to why women friends and family described as smart, independent, kind and caring handed over materials that could ruin that reputation? That went on starvation diets, were branded in some cases? Did acts of what was it? Care? Responded to text messages within minutes or faced punishment?

    A few years back the Fifty Shades of Grey books were a phenomenon among women of all ages. They were described as sexy and romantic. Submissive and Dominate relationship. It’s said that people would be surprised that they have friends, family, co workers etc that are in this community. I’m far from a prude,was already around the block a few times by the time I was out of high school but this is something I do not understand. I could never treat a woman I cared for in such a way. But, I won’t judge those that choose it for themselves. Man or woman. Well, I do but privately and wouldn’t support infringement on another’s choice.

    It’s said of course that DOS went well beyond all that. I may have previously seemed to suggest that some were lying about what they experienced. I don’t think that at all and I’m sorry I communicated it so badly. I am saying I’ve heard mostly one side of a story. Maybe there is some nuance to some of this. Kieth of course is or at the least there is strong evidence a complete bastard, con man and criminal.

    I’m not sure where the women involved all fall as individuals though. It’s not black and white to me as of yet. If they chose and believe they were not coerced are they still victims or perpetrators or something else?

      • Blackmail provided by the “victim” voluntarily and supposedly without coercion. I think it’s a strong argument. I can’t remember a single person claiming they were threatened with the material. If I’m correct at least one was even given back their blackmail on request. Other than the original explanation as a tool of trust and obedience, no threats were made.

        • Perhaps no threats were made. But just the existence of the blackmail material is a threat in itself. Why have collateral if there is not the possibility of using it? What other reason is there? And, IMO, only the first collateral was given voluntarily. Subsequent demands for collateral were given when the implied threat of the original collateral was already in the hands of the DOS “masters.”

        • About that pyramid logo, Mitch. It’s cool. Where can I get one? What’s it stand for?

  • For some reason 910+ individuals can be brainwashed in Guyana but not one in Washington or some in Albany or whatever case it happens to be.

  • Good point. But counterpoint is Patty Hearst n Symbionese Liberation Army.

    So will jury n judge (at Sentencing) see Allison as Lee Malvo or Patty Hearst?

    Will Allison get a pass bc of privilege and image? Do rich n famous people get different justice system than poor, ethnic, and working class?

  • I really think Allison has way better defenses than brainwashing IF, and it’s a big IF, she will turn on vanguard. The dude is scary. People are scared of him. If Allison says she acted out of fear, maybe people would understand. If she says he tricked her maybe people would even understand. She’s clearly not the only person duped by this guy. He’s had a lifetime of practice…

  • And what is your point? You do know that Allison is a woman and don’t be too shocked if the jury treats her any differently than a man.

    Whatever you accept it or not Shadow. Allison was brainwashed and controled by Keith but you cannot see that because if your blind towards Allison due to her rejecting you.

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