More great news for Allison Mack — she makes Top 10 ‘most googled’ actors in 2018

This is a red letter day for Allison Mack. This wonderful actress not only topped the list of celebrities exposed by blind item gossip columns, but, according to Refinery29, in 2018, Mack was in the top 10 most googled actors.

Viva Executive Success.

The top 10 most Googled actors of 2018 are

  1. Logan Paul
  2. Bill Cosby
  3. Sylvester Stallone
  4. Pete Davidson
  5. Michael B. Jordan
  6. Allison Mack
  7. Noah Centineo
  8. Bradley Cooper
  9. Roseanne Barr
  10. Chadwick Boseman.

Just think, before Allison began to take Executive Success Programs, she was just a b-list actress on a TV show.

When Keith Raniere’s patent pending tech gets to working, it stops at nothing.

Allison Mack will perhaps be better remembered for her work with Dr. Danielle Roberts than for her acting even. Painting by MK10ART

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  • Frank lol very funny stuff.
    The best part about your posts on this website, Frank is the fact that all of the NXIVM defendants on trial out on home detention are probably following everything you write. They are probably always checking to see if you know anything more or know something about their fellow NXIVM comrades that they do not; or if their former comrades are leaking information to you.
    The fact that you lampoon them with all new articles every day must drive them crazy.
    They are probably even going to read this comment. Lol NXIVM dip shits!!!!

  • Some silly(?) thoughts–
    Ally Mack was brought down by “green-eyed monsters.” One is Jealousy–and Mack (I believe) was jealous of the second, green-eyed Kristin Kreuk.
    Mack had been a successful actor for years before joining Smallville. Kreuk was just a beginner, but was already the female lead–the beauty that Superboy dreamed of while Mack’s Chole dreamed in vain of him. Mack and Kreuk both had their fans and were friends off the set, but Kreuk was the rising star.
    When Kreuk and Mack were in NXIVM, again it was Kreuk who the “male star” really desired, while jealous Mack again played the secondary role. But when Kreuk left, Mack finally was the star–unfortunately turning minor fame into greater infamy.

  • Who says Vanguard’s not the ultimate movie star-maker?

    Meanwhile, poor Kristin Kruek can’t even get herself arrested in this town!

  • Other than collateral and branding, which many dumb bitches were/are happy to be a part of, what else did this Mack bitch do? What about what she was a part of before DOS? What about the other shitty people in NXIVM? You think Mack didn’t know she was in a criminal cult before DOS? Why are others not being held accountable? Tax evasion, money laundering etc.

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