Bill Clinton with billionaire Carlos Slim . Slim has donated tens of millions to human genome research.

Some tidbits on the Human Genome industry

[Editor’s note: The following article has nothing to do with NXIVM.  Unless you could argue that if we could somehow get hold of Keith Raniere’s DNA, we could clone him.]

By Jamo Lorswal

GENECOIN is a blockchain cryptocurrency company.

According to, “Genecoin samples your DNA, turns it into data, then stores it in the world’s largest supercomputer: the bitcoin network.”

Editas Medicare is the first CRISPR startup (read: gene recombinant corporation) and has received over 500 million in donations from Juno Therapeutics and Bill Gates.

 Out of Solana Beach, California, Nebula Genomics pays gene donors incryptocurrencies. Luna DNA acts as middleman, sharing in the profits when Big Pharma, universities or any other buyer purchases genetic data.

One of the founders of 23 and Me, Anne Wojcicki, is married to Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google.

She says, “Once we have the data (genomes), the company literally becomes the google of personalized health care.”

During the Clinton years, Al Gore helped insure government funding for biosciences increased by 165%.  In 2000, the full mapping of the Human Genome was accomplished. It promised relief for all major diseases. It is  19 years later and none of this occurred.

Britain’s Tony Blair and President Clinton gave heartwarming speeches about the greatness of this new science. They may have had something else in mind.

Bill Clinton has called New Year’s his “renaissance weekends” where he’d meet with, among others, Craig Venter and Francis Collins, both major principals of the human genome project.

Clinton signed H.R.3474, and the 1994 Riegle Community and Developmental Regulatory Act (includes Executive Order 13037).

While the Petrodollar is worth $65 a barrel of oil, human blood sells from $100 to $200 per pint. Blood contains the DNA.

Grandview Research suggests the biotechnology market will expand to $72.71 billion by 2025.

UNESCO’s 29th Geneva Conference, called UniProt, according to author Cynthia Marie Brewer, secretly handed out patents for new biotechnology companies, pandering to the for-profit goals of this burgeoning industry rather than try to carry out any real efforts at human progress by ameliorating pain and solving the riddle of disease.

The National Institutes of Health may actually have a file on you! Minnesota activist Annie Brown found her newborn had his DNA filed without her consent.Annie discovered the National NewbornScreening and Genetics Resource Center. [NIH] The NIH includes, amonghundreds of courses, “Nursing in the New World Order”, pushing ‘PersonalizedMedicine’ utilizing genomes.

This governmental scientific institute keeps or tries to keep files on everyone, with their social security number and name.

In 2016, I called and emailed personnel at NIH to ask how an individual can find a genomic file using the NIH’s online search library. One answer I received was, “Well, here at the NIH we create a file for everyone we do not have a file on.”

That would take the next million years.

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  • Lol, F.D.C. re: “Nothing to do with anything at all.”

    Dear Editor, can you please explain? Maybe it’s over my head. …Or is there really some clue on cloning Keith in this that might shut down the entire human genome project faster than fetal rights activists?

  • If you worked in the medical field instead of conspiracies, you would know of vast advancces that have taken place over the past 10yrs.

  • If you Google this name you will find an author who writes fiction, and also a person who had put out podcasts on conspiracy theories. Considering how these articles are written, I doubt this person is the fiction author. I’m guessing this could be the podcast guy, or someone who has borrowed his name.

  • Another reason not to do business with those “Ancestry” companies that are constantly advertising on YouTube this holiday season.You don’t know where that info is going.

  • [Editor’s note: The following article has nothing to do with NXIVM. Unless you could argue that if we could somehow get hold of Keith Raniere’s DNA, we could clone him.]

    No, this article has nothing to do with anything at all. There are just two or three lines long paragraphs that are completely unrelated BS. There is not even a connection between those paragraphs most of the time.

    All his article contains are buzzwords the author does not understand and names of people he despises. Why on Earth do you allow him to use this platform for fake news and conspiracy theory propaganda?

    • The always redundant Willard.Throw the name of a couple of his leftist politicians in an article and it’s like a fly to shit.

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