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You Might Be a Good Candidate for ECT IF…

By Teresa Reile

“ In 2011, actress/author Carrie Fisher went on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss how she has struggled with her own severe depression, since her 20’s. She now receives ECT every six weeks to help successfully manage her manic depression. In 2012, Dr. Oz dedicated a whole show to ECT and its effectiveness, entitled “The Shock That Could Save Your Life”.

That is taken directly from BryLin Psychiatric Center website.   Dr. Oz dedicated a WHOLE show to ECT. One. Whole. Show. I guess that lends credibility to it.

Carrie Fisher went on the Oprah Show!  ECT every six weeks.   Carrie Fisher is DEAD. Dead!  Looks like her ‘treatment’ didn’t work. Being on the Oprah show didn’t work out so well either…for Carrie.

BryLin is a private for profit psychiatric center in Buffalo, NY which uses ECT liberally.  They want to use it more.  It’s a huge money maker for them.  BryLin has been using ECT for decades.  They never stopped using it. 

Until recently, it was BryLin’s dirty little secret.  But now, they are openly advertising it.

For a few cents of electricity, they cash in while deliberately creating brain damage to their patients.

The practice is so brutal, so barbaric that most people can’t even fathom that it is even being done.  But guess what?  It IS still being done, it always has been being done, and the plan is to do it more – a WHOLE LOT MORE. 

They want to do it to everyone – your children, your grandma, your wife– they won’t discriminate. They will do it to you. 

Psychiatric drugs have raked in billions and haven’t cured a single patient, but they have created millions of drug addicts who now, addicted to mind numbing drugs, STILL have their problems!

Now, the psychiatrists can say, ‘What? The drugs didn’t work? We need something a bit more invasive.  We have something right here!  How does 460 volts of electricity to the brain sound to you? This won’t cure you either, but at least we can try.  Oh!  And don’t worry, we will sedate you first!  That way, it will seem safer (and we make more money billing the insurance companies for the anesthesia), and you won’t break any bones from the convulsions the way everyone used to, before our brilliant idea to sedate first. We even changed the name from electroshock to make it sound nicer.”

The plan is to normalize ECT, make it seem safe, innocuous and ‘the thing to do’.  ECT is the next big push for the psychiatric industry. They want to remove the ‘stigma’.

ECT – do it on your lunch hour, do it after your break up, do it while you are pregnant, do it at home, do it at the corner spa. Do it whenever you want, but just do it!

If they do enough advertising, and if the repeat if often enough, then people will start to believe that Electroshock IS normal.  Guess what folks?  It’s not normal. 

It’s also not an effective cure, except of course, if you want your brain fried and you want your IQ to drop up to 20 – 40 percent – then ECT is for you.

Electro Convulsive ‘Therapy’.  Oxymoron.  There is nothing ‘therapeutic’ about it. 

Changing the name from Electroshock to Electro Convulsive Therapy and using a muscle relaxant first does not make it any less violent.. 

The muscle relaxant they administer can cause cardiac arrest, fatal allergic reactions and prolonged respiratory muscle paralysis.

And guess what? The Voltage and the Amperage is HIGHER now than when they didn’t use anesthesia!

“ECT can be a beneficial alternative for women who don’t want to expose their infants to antidepressants while breastfeeding. It is the most effective and rapidly acting treatment that we have today.”

That is another gem from BryLin’s website. Who the hell would advocate getting ECT while breastfeeding?  Your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist, that’s who.

The FDA admits that ECT can cause permanent memory loss, confusion, heart attacks, prolonged or delayed onset seizures, BRAIN DAMAGE and DEATH. 

If that is what you are looking for then, you might be a good candidate for ECT.

About the author

Teresa Reile

Teresa is a strong leader having worked closely with Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, business and entertainment icons, political and religious leaders the world over.


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  • Wonderful article! How anyone could think that shooting up to 460 volts through a human body could do anything but harm a person, is beyond me. If someone is having problems, it’s time to start FIXING! Finding WHY and look in a different direction! What in the world is the mental health community doing with all the money, hooking people on addictive, mind altering drugs that can cause Tardive Dyskinesia, suicide and death, then if the person lives but doesn’t feel better, electroshocking them into not remembering, which causes complete disability, as the person can not care for themselves? This is not what Mental Health should be! There needs to be a complete change!

    • Speaking from my personal experience I’ve had ECT. I’ve also worked in a clinical setting where there were clients who received ECT and benefited from the procedure. Typically, ECT is given as a last resort. It is not just meant for anyone.

      I received a series of six treatments (in 1982) and have not had any of the memory-related issues that have been referenced to in the comments. Since that time I have been on medication which has served to stabilize my bipolar disorder and help me to lead a meaningful and productive life.

      I cannot speak to BryLin’s marketing for ECT but as I stated, I personally know people who have benefited from it.

      So, until you have walked in the shoes of someone who has had to deal with the awful symptoms of major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, or other disabling conditions such as these then perhaps you should consider reserving any judgments.

  • Tell you what, Doctor: I’ll jump down onto the subway tracks and step on the third rail instead.

  • Hi Jane, if you look on google for “ect cardiovascular side effects” you will find four studies on the first page showing cardiovascular and even heart attacks associated with ECT. Not to mention grand and petit mal seizures for the rest of your days. Unless your in the money you can be assured of being on disability. Buyer beware.

  • Thank you so much for this refreshing article. It is the truth. Did you know that Somantic, makers of the Thymatron ECT machine have been sued recently re brain damage. They settled out of court and have now added ‘permanent brain damage’ to their ‘side effects’

  • How was this incoherent word vomit even published? This isn’t news. This is someone’s unscientific, unsupported opinion about ECT based off of the single time they watched “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Why not talk to someone who has received ECT? Or a medical professional? What was the purpose of creating this article other than baseless fearmonging?

    • Why not go talk to Carrie Fisher? Oh, that’s right, she’s dead. Or Earnest Hemingway? Oh, I forgot, he blew his brains out after ECT. Ask a neurologist what they think of ECT, not a pill pushing, electrode welding, junk science based, money grabbing shrink. I know the truth hurts, but this article was written for people who have an awareness level above that of a cantaloupe.

      • Are you suggesting ECT gave Carrie Fisher heart disease? Approximately a million people in the US receive ECT treatments every year. I think the author could have found -someone- to consult with. A neurologist would have been an excellent choice. The could also ask a “shrink”, as psychiatrists go to medical school and would be equally qualified.
        Modern ECT has minimal side effects, is painless, and is 80% effective. Surely a doctor could have been consulted to inform the author of that? This is lazy writing, that’s all. No citations, no science, no credible quotations, just the rambling of a woman who is woefully misinformed. I’m disappointed to have wasted my time and energy here.

        • ECT gives permanent brain damage. Any immediate effect is due to concussion. A temporary euphoria which fades after 4 – 6 weeks and the patient goes back to how they were plus they now have brain damage. People can forget their education and many years of their past life. They can have cognitive deficits and be unable to make new memories. ECT machines have never been tested for safety on humans by the FDA (US) or the MHRA (UK).

        • Two people in the US recently sued Somantics – Thymatron ECT machine makers for their brain damage. They settled out of court and have added, ‘permanent brain damage’ to the list of side effects on their website. This gives added hope to those who were not warned of damage and can now sue also.

        • Fred A. Baughman, Jr. MD is a Neurologist who speaks about ECT.
          Did you know ECT originated in a slaughter house for pigs in the 1930’s? They’d comatose the pigs with a shock to the brain before killing them. Italian neurologist Ugo Cerletti observed this and thought it would be great to use on humans!! Utter stroke of genius – fry peoples brains.
          The shock would cause spines, limbs and other bones to fracture as well as break teeth. The aneasthetic just allows the pain to be implanted deeper into the person’s psyche with less visible damage – so this makes it even better!!
          Yes, people say it helps them and it probably does handle their malady, which is great but losing part of their memory or cognitive ability as a side effect? That’s not humane – but really, in such an advanced age, is this the best method of help we can come up with??
          The FDA are now requiring companies who make ECT devices to label them as causing brain damage, memory loss etc. (this was mentioned in the article) So there are side effects, it is not painless as patients suffer headaches and other body pains after treatment and if memory loss or brain damage are minimal side effects, I’d hate to think what you consider to be severe side effects!

    • Hi Jane! If you search “ect cardiovascular side effects” on google the first page has four studies linking cardiovascualr problems with ECT. Have a nice day!

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