Heidi: Nxivm Christmas Songs: Judge Garaufis is Nobody’s Clown

By Heidi Hutchinson

Between the mystery list and Judge Nicholas Gaurufis, I’m inspired by Pyriel’s Christmas sprites!

To the tune of Santa Clause is coming to Town:

Ohhhhhh, you better watch out,
You better recount
You better not lie
I’m telling you why
Gaurufis is nobody’s clown!

He’s making a list,
Checking it twice
Gonna find out whose got
A Nxivm Stripe
Gaurufis is nobody’s clown!

He sees you when you’re
He’ll know if you’re a fake
He’ll know if you’ve been had
For good
So you better be good for
Goodness sake!

Oh, you better watch out
Better recount
Better not lie
I’m telling you why
Gaurufis is nobody’s clown!

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    • I’m in but I’ll pass on the sash, thanks.

      I’ll even throw out some titles if anyone wants to go with ‘em to get a head start:

      “Joy to Vanguard” – Joy to the World
      “Deck Keith’s Balls” – Deck the Halls
      “Police Navidad” – Feliz Navidad
      “Silence Plight” – Silent Night
      “It came upon a midnight Clare” — It came upon a midnight Clear
      “We Are Vanguard’s Slaves” — We are Santa’s Elves ????

      That’s all I got for now. Prize? How ‘bout front row seats at the trial?

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