Allison Mack confessed to the New York Times - it was recorded too - that she came up with the idea of branding women.

Shadow State: All Slaves Are Equal But Allison Mack is More Equal Than Others

By Shadow State 1958

The most famous line in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is “All Animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

The striking thing about the list of 309 top NXIVM leaders sent by Allison Mack to India Oxenberg is the timing of the email.

The email was sent on March 9, 2017 shortly after a shocked Sarah Edmondson had been forcibly branded under the direction of Allison Mack.

“The prosecution obtained this list, which was originally sent by email from Allison Mack to India Oxenberg, on March 9, 2017. “

Maybe  the branding was for young slaves to  prove their loyalty. Not for older slaves like Sarah Edmondson.

Does anyone believe that rich slaves like the Bronfman sisters or Rosa Laura Junco are branded?

Allison Mack herself is not branded.

FR: Did she get branded?

Jane: No. Mistress Ally is not branded. 

 ‘Slave’ tells about her role in GBD, about Allison & Kristin Kreuk: “I never saw KK do anything illegal’

‘Slave’ tells about her role in GBD, about Allison & Kristin Kreuk: “I n…I had an interview with a woman who claimed to be Allison Mack’s slave. She gave me her name. I looked it up on…

Older, richer slaves were to be grandfathered into the NXIVM DOS cult.

Did Allison Mack inform the young women that only some slaves are to be branded? Don’t bet on it.

All Slaves Are Equal But Some Slaves Are More Equal Than Others.

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  • Shadow,

    – Sarah Edmondson’s branding group was “directed” by Lauren Salzman not Allison Mack, as you say. Sarah recounted the details in the CBC podcast. Allison was not there. Lauren was.

    – I agree with you that Allison is likely not branded herself. In addition to “Jane’s” attestment to that, Allison mentioned she has a meaningless “tattoo” but did not say whether or not she was branded, nor did the New York Times Reporter apparently ever pose that question to Allison. Or it was edited out if she did.

    – Can you imagine Allison refusing to be branded if Keith wished it so?

    – More likely, Keith did not want Allison to be branded for the same reason her initials are purportedly part of the brand applied to the other women.

    – IMO Allison was long set-up for the fall to, at least, soften Keith and Nancy’s fall, so to speak, if not suffer the entire impact, consequence herself.

  • Pure shit! This site is crap! This is not even a story of what went on in court! Frank Site this is just a time waste! Shut this site down!!!

  • Hey how about some real journalism instead of this crapola.

    So, what you are looking for is the pattern of behavior that matches the cult behavior. Remember Eric Schneiderman? Nobody ever said he was in the cult, but he does exactly what the cult is. Part of what you have to understand is the creation of artificial cults. Tavistock created The Process Church of Final Judgment which was created to infiltrate other cults. They infiltrated Scientology, the Manson Cult, Santa Muerta Cults, VooDoo cults, etc, then took them over from the inside out. What you have is an operation in the intelligence community whereby your buy in is by creating a cult. It doesn’t have to be religious. You just need a following.

    The cults are dupes. There is no all powerful cult. Though some are plenty more powerful than others. There are just compartmentalized operations that share common iconography and mimeticry. But cults have the ability to control behavior to the extreme, so they are extremely useful when needing to operate in secret.

    So, SNCTM get doxxed, NXIVM gets rolled up, a lot of cults are being exposed and what you are seeing are the commonalities between all of these cults and non-profit organizations.

    As a result, cults are very often intelligence operations. So, Bronfman installs a keylogger on her father’s computer, but they are also investigating people they are spying on. They are a private intelligence operation and probably dabbling in blackmail. So, they start getting a treasure trove of information and this is why they are arrested. Other cults are left alone, but this was a blackmail operation in progress that has it all. I assume Raniere wanted blackmail, but he could have been after something else. Either way, their investigations were targeted and they were the result of the keylogging.

    U.S. District Chief Judge Gary L. Sharpe; U.S. Magistrate Randolph F. Treece; U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert E. Littlefield Jr., and U.S. Senior Judge Thomas J. McAvoy.

    It starts to look like a blueprint of Scientology, except that they were caught. But… they have been held in limbo for the longest time. To me, these NXIVM cases are a barometer in that nobody wants to expose the cult/NGO game, but they screwed over the Clintons and a lot of other power players merely by spying, in the first place.

    As to Schumer, specifically, he was likely standing in NXIVM’s way, as they hired Canaprobe to investigate him. Schneidermann was already fielding complaints FOR NXIVM, seemingly running a limited hangout for them. Was Chuck Schumer asking for too much of a payoff for protection?

    Schumer was running a racket to intimidate banks with an army of short sellers behind him. He got Indymac shut down. Schumer is running a racket of his own and it looks like NXIVM was looking to strong arm him. Maybe he demanded tribute? Maybe he blocked some of their business ventures? The others investigated were squarely in the way of NXIVM.

    What is weird is that Canaprobe purportedly provided false banking statements. That might not be true. Schumer is getting dark money through Majority Forward and if NXIVM could trace this, they could find the source of the dark money and either bribe Schumer or pay into the right racket, themselves, to achieve the type of legitimacy Scientology received. Either way, the world gets a glimpse at some real spy versus spy stuff that doesn’t resemble anything you see in the movies.

    The Canaprobe lawsuit is not fake news. NXIVM had them investigate their enemies.

    Schumer was one of their targets.

    Were the bank records real or not? I believe they were disallowed as evidence, but it sounds like they were the trail to other evidence that could be authenticated in court.

    NXIVM now has the Democrats in a weird position, resulting in their arrest, but it probably wouldn’t have been exposed if Roger Stone hadn’t gotten involved. It is possible that they hired Roger Stone to help take on some figures on the left, but it was the interaction he needed to learn more about what was really happening. Stone, then, passes on this intel, whereby a group acts upon it to get a slew of leaks which surface a few months later, all at once. From Podesta emails, to DNC emails, to Panama Papers, to NGP VAN, etc. Then, someone obfuscated the source by sending it out across multiple channels, even though they likely all came from one place; given the timing of the releases.

    Roger Stone, later, tells Bannon that Assange cut a deal with the Clintons, which would explain why the keys were never dropped for the Ecuador files and others. Bannon, who has been accused of being controlled opposition by many, then leaked that email.

    I believe Mueller is still looking for the faction that orchestrated these leaks. I believe that is why he is harassing Stone & Co, and I believe them to be working with someone within Naval Intelligence to attempt to clean up some dirty characters. But, what is the likelihood that most of these factions are competing cults created by the intelligence community? Pretty good. There may be no good guy, at all, and Wikileaks was a protection racket all along, too, run by GCHQ.

    Alternatively, there could be a couple of good guys around that aren’t strong enough to effect a change, but are still pushing and they need our help. Beyond that, there could be a plan in place to affect these arrests going into the 202 election for a sure win… which is what I would do if I were Trump. They have been doing a good job of building momentum in arrests of high profile pedophiles, but nothing that satisfies me, yet…. just enough to keep me hopeful.

    Either way, I will be watching the NXIVM cases because they are going to tell us which way the wind blows for a while to come.

  • I don’t doubt that the “Jane Doe” DOS slave proved her identity to Frank but I doubt her story, She seemed to appear around the time that Clare took a trip to Clifton Park.

    • All Frank needs to do is ask Jane Doe for a picture of her with Kristin Kreuk or some other evidence she was a part of Girls By Design. Then, the fact she is in NXIVM would mean Kreuk recruited her into NXIVM and lied about GBD not being related to NXIVM (she did lie). She is now a DOS slave.

      Jane said GBD was a feminist approach to BDSM created by Kreuk and Mack to teach teen girls it’s okay to be a slave. Then Mack was taken off by Raniere.

      Kreuk, Mack and Rose Bhura (Mack and Bhura both recruited into the cult by Kreuk) fronted Parvati Inc, a female “production company”. They did a bullshit short film with other NXIVM members. Mack left. Could she of been taken off Parvati Inc by Raniere like she was taken off GBD according to Jane?

  • “Maybe the branding was for young slaves to prove their loyalty. Not for older slaves like Sarah Edmondson.”

    What is your point? We know that both Sarah Edmondson and Lauren Salzman were both branded and neither one is in her twenties so clearly the branding is part of DOS and we only have a slave’s word that Mack wasn’t branded. Maybe she was and no one knows it. Mack has been on the same starvation diet as the other women, the same sick devotion to Keith –I would think she’d be the first person to be branded.

      • shadow should take classes with raniere, affirms as facts rumors that he himself learned from third parties and considers that his vision of the facts or of the stories is the most objective above that of the other readers. That is, a vision superior to that of any other reader in this blog.

        • So something is true only if experienced first hand?

          By your reasoning there was no branding and no sex traficking
          You didn’t see it or experience it.
          All you saw were press accounts of it.

  • Oh you mean the fake intervew about Allison? Sorry again you need to stop and be fired.

    Leave Allison alone it doesn’t take a fanboy that you have this unhealthy obsession over her which i find very creepy.

    You believe everything you hear not knowing the facts but using whatever means to hurt Allison and why? Because your ass got rejected by her?

    get over it and get over yourself.

    You care nothing about those women but your revenge on Allison.

  • How do you what you’re told is even really true? You seriously suck at your job Shadowboy!

  • We the Shadow family approve of this post. The author has done a fantastic job of both reading a book and of fact checking sources. [Deleted]

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