Raniere headbutted in prison, knocked to floor; began crying

Slip Slidin’ Away – Raniere Continues To Go Downhill

Vanguard earns new nickname ‘Crybaby Jane’

Paul Simon wrote the lyrics to “Slip Slidin’ Away” back in 1977 – when Keith Raniere was just 17 years old.

And now The Vanguard is living out those lyrics in real life…

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away

Things are truly slipping away for Raniere as he nears the end of his first nine months of incarceration at MDC (Time really does fly when you’re experiencing joy).

And although his trial is currently scheduled to start just three months from now, some observers believe that he’ll be at MDC at least another nine months before that actually happens.

In the meantime, The Vanguard is not having such a great time.

According to sources who get to see Raniere on a regular basis, here are some of the things that have been going on with him during the past couple of weeks:

  •  Because no one wants to share a cell with him, Raniere is now living all by himself – unless, of course, you count all the mites that reside with him (Yep, they’re still there!).
  • And he recently got caught with some contraband in his cell (Nothing really exciting like a shank or some drugs – just some food that he was trying to hide away for a late-night snack).
  • He’s also gotten in trouble for not keeping his cell clean and tidy – which is understandably difficult because it’s now filled with numerous files and books that he’s using to craft his defense strategy.
  • All those files and documents are needed for his three-times-per-week, 2-hour meetings with his lawyers. And even though that’s already way beyond the norm, he been asking to meet with them 2-hours each morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday (Never going to happen).
  • He’s continuing to break down physically – and is constantly asking for trips to the Medical Unit. His latest complaints are that his back hurts from sleeping on a 3” mattress with no box springs underneath it – and that he has a pinched nerve in his neck. Aw, poor baby.
  • And speaking of “baby”, that’s part of the nickname that the guards have given him. His full prison nickname is “Crybaby Jane”.
  • His most recent crying session occurred when another prisoner head-butted him – and knocked him down. Rather than fighting back, Vanguard went into a fetal position and starting crying – which, needless to say, really impressed his fellow inmates.
  • He also got spit on by another inmate who was trying to provoke him into a confrontation. But rather then stand up for himself, Vanguard went and filed a report with the C.O. in his unit (Another great way to impress your fellow inmates).
  • He’s apparently been pretty depressed of late –which, given all the rulings that have gone against his numerous motions and pleadings, is somewhat understandable. The word “hopeless” is now how guards describe his demeanor.
  • But it’s not all bad news for the guy who once claimed to be the smartest man in the world. At long last, his new specs have arrived – and, lo and behold, The Vanguard can see again. Which would be really great news if he had something to look at other than the inside of the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Buck up, Vanguard. You’ll be getting your Christmas Bag any day now (I’ll explain what that is in a future post). 

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  • Dear Clare Bronfman,

    Since I know you will be reading everything on this site because you have nothing better to do while you are awaiting trial. Clare you have a disgusting amount of money, you and your sister both do. Clare you could be doing anything right now….anything in the world. You could start your own group it could be a self improvement or even charity. You and your sister do not need Keith. In fact your involvement in all this is not so substantial that if you cut a deal with the prosecution you could go on with your own lives. Alison and Keith is what the government wants. Not a socialite and her sister. I am fairly certain you have had your own ideas about how to run things in regards to NXIVM. Start your own thing. Do your own thing. You are your father daughter for Christ sake. Be a Bronfman.

  • Smith he is in jail not friggin prison. People in jail are awaiting a trial or have a short sentence. Jail is jail. Actual Prison is a whole different ball of wax. Summer camp is to jail that Prison is to military boot camp. Totally different beasts. That being said you can still be shanked, beat down, or get your fudge packed in jail or in Keith’s case head butted. My guess he squeeled on a guard and they arranged for his head butt. Jailies seldom want to increase there sentence or get a sentence while awaiting trial.

  • Prison is a hostile environment that requires inmates to adapt to very different conditions then they enjoyed on the outside. This story makes it sound like Raniere has done little to adjust to his new environment.

    One of the first things inmates learn (guards and other inmates will tell them this) is avoid CO. It’s a big mistake, quick way to make sure your fellow inmates never trust you. Would not be surprised if a shot caller torpedos him for this. Would not be surprised if he ends up in secure housing (solitary) to keep him from getting blasted.

    When they are physically assaulted, inmates always have to fight back. Curling up into a fetal position just ensures more beatings. As soon as other inmates know that’s your response, beatings increase in duration, frequency and severity. It also makes it hard to get protection – anyone would might think about looking out for him is going to have to weigh that against his observable behavior. No one wants to be a friend to a man who won’t stand up for himself.

    Hopeless is a good name for this guy. His mind is focused on getting out so he’s treating his present situation like an anomaly. Guards are going to have to monitor the status of legal motions because guys like this are a huge risk for self-harm and suicide. While it might not seem fair to say, this sounds like someone doing everything he can to make his present situation as close to lethal as possible. All I see in this story is someone giving himself justifications to check out early. I’d put the odds at 50% he’s not with us by April 1, whether he does it himself or someone gets sick of him and does it as a favor to the rest of the prison.

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