Keith Raniere seems to have been inspired by the movie The Mothman Prophecies starring Richard Gere.

Heidi: Keith once flunked his driver’s license test – then told others his brain waves set off radar detectors

A reader using the moniker TK asked a question: “Didn’t someone … state that Keith has been known to set off radar detectors, or smoke alarms? or something along those lines? …  I wonder if Keith actually told people about this stuff, his powers, as if to impress them. I mean, seriously, you can’t make this shit up because it’s so ridiculous. What would be even more scary is if people actually believed it.”

Heidi Hutchinson offered TK an answer:

After seeing the movie, “Mothman,” with my sister and pals, Keith convinced his acolytes that his genius “Vanguard” aura interacts with electric power, energy waves.

Movie nights with Keith were always a mind trip. “Mothman” was one of the movie’s he liked to use repeatedly to mind condition his young prey.

Richard Gere, a hot actor in the day, starred —romantic plot, the hero acquires omniscient superpowers due to tragedy that “kills” or “transforms” his wife, Debra Messing, after they’re attacked by a giant moth.

Gere himself starts to set off electric storms and heroically saves people by predicting major tragedies. There’s some time travel element in the movie, if I remember right. I think Gere saves Messing from dying to begin with and they both live happily ever after in Mothland or something.

But from then on, Keith’s own Mothman-like powers — that set energy waves a flutter in his presence — were extolled to newcomers.

This phenomenon was also Keith’s excuse for why he could never drive.

The real reason Keith didn’t have a drivers license was because: HE FAILED THE WRITTEN NYS DRIVER’S EXAM required to renew his license and instead of retaking it blamed the “illogic” and idiocy of the exam itself.

I think he had Karen Unterreiner make a complaint or a proposed redesign of the exam at first. But the final solution was that Keith was to be chauffeured everywhere due to the dangers of his Mothman powers to other drivers and society.

Good excuse as any to keep him off the streets behind bars.

Oh, also if you ever repeat this to anyone — that Keith failed the driver’s test — it’s said, “tragedy will strike your life like lightning.”

So, keep that to yourself or Mothman’ll getcha.

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  • Mothman was released in January 2002. Keith must have been over the age of 40 by then. So what excuse did he use for lack of a DL before this movie was released?

  • Heidi’s article sounds like fiction to me.


    …Because even if he failed the test for lack of studying (which many people do) he could have retaken the test with minimal studying, since even 16 year olds can retake and pass the test.

    Keith TRIPLE majored in math, biology and physics.

    Yet according to Heidi, he gave up on driving for his entire life SIMPLY BECAUSE he failed a test? Yeah sure.

    TRUTH: He was simply too lazy to drive and wanted to be chauffeured. That’s the likely reason.

    Oh, and regardless of his 2.3 GPA he was still a TRIPLE major in 3 advanced subjects. Heidi can make no such claim.

    Also, the radar detector story is BULLSHIT in my opinion. I’m doubting that Keith ever said such a thing.


    …because EVEN IF Keith’s brain really set off radar detectors while driving, it would continue setting off those same radar detectors from the passenger seat too. lol

    Therefore I’m doubting that Keith ever said such a thing because it makes no logical sense EVEN IF his brain were really able to do that.

    It sounds like bullshit designed to ‘wow’ people about Heidi’s inside knowledge about Keith.

    • The radar detector story about KAR is old and common knowledge. I believe other people besides Heidi have said the same thing.

      • Thanks much for backing me up, Anon. I’d love to know why the radar detectors, specifically. In Keith’s Mothman phase it was a more generalized power, not just radar detectors but engine trouble, power lines shorting out, smoke detectors (especially in rooms filled with pot smoke) etc. And there were some displays of this power whenever an outage occurred, a car wouldn’t start, etc. Keith took credit for it.

        Getting pulled over for speeding seems to be more of the concern lately. But Keith had fewer reported crimes under his belt back then that might result in an arrest were he stopped by the police.

        Maybe he needed to be “off the grid,” or “off the radar.” ? Maybe he believed without having a driver’s license he’d never be found if he were ever caught? Maybe the more he believed he couldn’t be traced, the more crimes he could get away with?
        This is all speculation, of course. The Mothman story is true.

  • This is awesome Heidi! Thank you so much for telling this early stuff about Keith. It’s an incredible story and truly speaks volumes. He just seems like he was such a little wimp when he was young. It seems by some of the other accounts I’ve read is that he became a bully so early on in life. There was one instance written in the Epoch Times (?) article, that he was picking on one of his classmates, a girl, in biology class while working on a microscope. All of this behind the scene stuff is so very informative because it helps connect the dots so to speak. I think I’ve said this before on this site, but something else must have happened to this kid when he was young.

    The Mothman movie. That’s hilarious! I can easily see how the fictional superpowers must have influenced him, so much so that he tried to mimic what he could, or a quality that made him feel important. Although, we all know very well how all that mimicking worked out for him. End of story is most likely he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison. I’m just hoping we can see a picture of him sometime in the near future. Maybe in court. But, I understand this isn’t possible in the EDNY. Rats!!! 🙂

    • Welcome TK. I hope it helps everyone. All your thoughts, when genuine and true, helps me to put the pieces back together, too. I did hear that story before about the girl and the microscope but in a different context.

  • You can’t make this crap up
    I must be one of the top two problem solvers in the world since I saw clearly that Keith was a fraud and not very intelligent. Keith understood this and stayed clear of me since I had really studied Philosophy rather than read the Cliff Notes
    Anyone that can’t pass a drivers test cannot comprehend philosophical writings

    Bottom line is there are a lot of women out there that will do and believe anything for a dick!

    • “who will do anything for a dick” ??!!!

      Who said anything about a dick? These girls I’m talking about weren’t looking for “dick,” my friend. They were looking for everything but “dick.” Keith came off as their MENTOR, their spiritual guide, GURU, a daddy figure and, if you understood his “soft” demeanor, a mommy figure too. He portrayed himself as their helper, their savior, their EMPOWERER, their General in the battle of youthful rebellion, their VANGUARD!!

      For a long time Keith declared he was even “a celibate.” A renunciation, too. Whatever ”dicking” went on was purely all part of healing and spiritual awakening. It was a true love — predestined to continue to infinity and beyond.

      In short, it was RAPE of mind, body and spirit.

      And, somehow, I think you already know that. So, don’t dick with us.

      • Also, did you catch Agnifilo’s interview about how Keith just liked to snuggle and hug, show affection and caring? There wasn’t any dickery mentioned at that point. I guess something emerged to change that tact?

      • I realized he had a Harem one minute into meeting him. His handshake was limp as I’ve heard was his penis.

        Mentor, guru, father figure, long haired Jesus, not what I saw. He was a lying fraud with his army of skinny long haired women love bombing anyone with money at the intensives.
        When he did make appearances for his hour of Vanguard questions and answers , his responses were the same stale shallow mumbo jumbo bull. Not too many deep thoughts coming from that Vanguard brain!! Snore..zzzzzzz

        You can fool some of the people some of the time. Didn’t fool this person

      • Glad I read Heidi’s comment. Couldn’t fathom why women would follow this guy or find him sexual attractive. I was looking at the situation as a man.
        Thanks Heidi.

        That’s probably the major question most of us men have when we hear about the story and then see what Keith the evil hobbit looks like. He took advantage of a lot of vulnerable people.

  • This disgusts me. It sounds like he couldn’t handle anything that took a little patience or studying. Too busy sleeping, having sex, or playing the commodities market. Making everyone else do all the work. Keep these anecdotes coming, Heidi! They help paint the full picture.

    • I totally agree, OCD. It’s like he turned into this little disgusting annoying horny geeky brat when puberty set in. His life is basically over at 58 years old. Done. In many ways, it’s really sad how much he influenced others. I’m actually more curious now about this whole hypnosis stuff that Nancy claimed to study from her professors. I’d guess Nancy taught Keith the same skills. Clare was nothing more than a cash cow and totally seduced. Sold.

      Like you said. It disgusts me too.

  • How does Little Lord KAR’s story make any sense. If his brain was so powerful that it set off radar detectors, how is being in the drivers seat vs the passenger seat make a difference?

    He would be unable to be in a car or get anywhere without constantly being pulled over just by being in a vehicle.

    Maybe he wore a tin foil hat in order to not set off a radar detector which would mean he could drive. It doesn’t take a genius to know his story was bogus.

    • Laughing because don’t you think any of the women, at least those of us old enough to have a license, who had to drive the arrogant SOB around — and often to rendezvous with other girls — ever asked themselves the same question?

      Oh, but it was a highly rewarded honor and privilege to be entrusted with possessing the motor skills, the daring and dexterity, to counteract such potent supernatural forces and safely deliver the precious cargo to its destination.

      If you’re out to make logical sense of any of this w/o considering ego gratification, competitiveness, jealousy and other tools of manipulation, better put your shrink on speed dial cause you’re in for a bumpy ride.

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