Shadow State: FBI should investigate Allison Mack’s acting school

What was the true purpose of Allison Mack’s The Source acting school?

One of the many mysteries of NXIVM is the true purpose  (beyond raising money) of The Source, a life improvement program for actors, artists, and writers, run by Allison Mack and conceived by Keith Raniere.

For a cool $10,000, Ms. Mack would teach the artsy set about authenticity and creativity.

Hint: robots are not authentic or creative.

As late as March 2018, prospective students were being pitched at wine and cheese parties that The Source was an aid to artistic creativity.

Prospects were shown an hour and a half video of Keith Raniere tossing word salad at a fawning Allison Mack.

(Mack always enjoyed tossing the Vanguard’s salad.)

These pitches occurred as Raniere was hiding out in Mexico and Mack was chasing Mexican  police cars.

Alleged sex cult recruiting hipsters in Brooklyn

The main purpose of The Source was to raise money from gullible and desperate actors and artists.

However, The Source had been around for a number of years and appears not to have been a functioning acting school in the conventional sense.

For example, The Source’s website listed several faculty members who were no longer with the program.

False Advertising: The Source lists people no longer associated with company

Moreover, The Source had a high percentage of faculty from Mexico and presumably was initially targeted to actors and artists from Mexico and Latin America.

List of The Source staff.

Keith Raniere – Conceptual Founder

Allison Mack – President

Marcelo Ortiz – Educational Board Leader/Leader of Head Trainer in Training Program

Carmen Garza – Educational Board Leader/Leader of Head Trainer in Training Program

Eduardo Asunsolo – Leader of Ongoing Workout Program/Leader of Certified Mentors

Mark Hildreth – Leader of 12 Week Program

Mark Hildreth is gone. He left at some point after he found out that Keith Raniere was branding women.

Allison Mack
Marcelo Ortiz
Carmen Garza
Eduardo Asunsolo

Alicia Novak
Seth SharpRebecca Davis
Maja Milkovitch
Mark Vicente
Bonnie Piess

Marc Elliot
Ana Risoul
Victor Ochoa

Maja Milkovitch, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, and Rebecca Davis were out for some time, while The Source continued to advertise their names.


Allison Mack
Marcelo Ortiz
Carmen Garza
Eduardo Asunsolo
Mark Hildreth


Allison Mack
Marcelo Ortiz
Carmen Garza
Eduardo Asunsolo
Mark Hildreth
Alicia Novak
Nik Isbell
Jennifer Kobelt
Rebecca Davis


Victor Ochoa
Veronica Jaspeado
Robert Younis

There was also the bizarre incident where Dr. Brandon Porter and Allison Mack tag teamed the mother of a teenage girl trying to get her to enroll in The Source to be recruited and groomed for purposes other than acting.

How Dr. Porter and Allison Mack worked to recruit a teenage girl to the sex slaver cult of NXIVM

So what was the real purpose of The Source?

Was The Source a convenient vehicle for wealthy Latin Americans to launder money into the United States by paying exorbitant tuition for non-existent acting classes?

Money that was later partly kicked back?

Anytime a person pays an outrageously high price for a product or service one starts to wonder about money laundering. Was The Source a means of justifying the issuance of fraudulent visas to wealthy foreigners? Was The Source a means of recruiting young good looking actresses into the NXIVM DOS sex cult?

Or was The Source All of the Above?

A full FBI investigation of NXIVM requires an investigation of NXIVM’s acting school front The Source.

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  • Hey Frank,

    Did Keith collect antiques, art work or rare coins? That’s as I am sure you know is an easy way to launder money or hide money in the open.

  • Perfect way to launder money. I think you are right on the money.
    I am still wondering if Keith actually lost all of the Bronfman money in that commodities trade gone bad or stole some of the money and doctored the paper work.

  • I think it is a no brainer to say that at least part of it was a recruitment tool. Anything a cult does to interact with “outsiders” especially if they are relatively young and impressionable, and in the case of one run by someone like Rainerre, attractive.

    I think it’s noteworthy that the list of people involved is lacking several high ranking NXIM and DOS members with acting cred. You’d think they’d at least want to slap names like Edmonson (before she left obviously) or Clyne up there. Other than Mack and Vincente are any of those people assosiated with showbiz?

    • Some of the Hispanic faculty members were associated with Mexican show business which leads one to wonder if The Source was trying to recruit Mexican and other Hispanic would be actors.

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