DOJ Confirms: Another Superseding Indictment Coming!

The DOJ has confirmed in a recent filing that there will be another superseding indictment in the NXIVM case.

The confirmation is found in a footnote on page 47 of a 71-page Memorandum of Law in opposition to the defendants’ motion to dismiss.

The footnote – easy to miss in the 21,000 word memorandum – was part of the DOJ’s response to one of Lauren Salzman’s arguments to dismiss some of her charges.

The footnote reads.

“In any event, the government expects that this issue will be rendered moot when the government presents a superseding indictment to the grand jury in this case. The government anticipates that current Racketeering Act Seven will be revised in the superseding indictment to name one or more Jane Does in place of ‘lower level DOS members,’ and will allege the New York States law extortion of each Jane Doe as a separate predicate act.

But the language is plain enough: According to the DOJ, there will be new Jane Does named in a superseding indictment.

Possibly there will be new charges, perhaps new defendants.

A superseding indictment also means new discovery, new motions and more delays. The current trial date of March 18th is looking increasingly unlikely.

The last superseding indictment, which was issued in July 2018, pushed the original trial date of October 2018 off until March 2019 – a period of five months.

If the coming superseding indictment pushes the trial back a similar period, the trial will be postponed until August or September 2019.

The two big questions are: (1) Will others be charged? – and (2)Will the present defendants get more charges – adding to their potential prison sentences?

Stay tuned.

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  • Just read on Frank report the article about the former prosecutor that did a screw job on frank in regards to the grand jury indictment;
    Frank I am sorry for my previous flippant comments. I did not know of the major screw job that was done on you.
    I know you could probably careless about random comments however I would like to apologize all the same.

  • ….Maybe some of the defendants will cut a deal now that Keith’s ass is looking seriously cooked. The more time that goes by the grip of NXIVM and Keith will weaken on these people and more charges may be filed as more former members come forward.

    Seriously some of the defendants should really cut a deal. It’s not worth doing time for the evil hobbit.

  • I expect this superseding indictment to hit Lauren Salzman the hardest, especially since she was very likely Allison Mack’s puppeteer as far as running the DOS salves. I don’t think Nancy could cut a deal to save her, anymore.

    In a funny happy solstice flashback, I’m thinking of Tiffany Persons’ conversation with Keith Raniere about the impact of prioritising comfort and the benefits of choosing discomfort. Certainly good for a chuckle these days.

  • Hi Frank, what’s going on with count 7? Please see my reply to “And THIS” comment.

    Sometime I’ll tell you the mystical, magical story of how Jim Odato noticed he coincidentally had 3 phone numbers: mine, Gina Melita’s and Toni Natalie’s, all ending in 777 — for real. And Keith was proclaiming for years he had an aversion to the number 7 — probably to disguise his role in forming those GBD “Sexy 7” questions. Either that or he’s the Anti-Christ (lol) because 777 is a sacred number in ancient numerology but I wouldn’t wanna go there. This could be a job for your friend, Jamol.

  • Any new charges will likely not add anything to their prison sentences.

    Additional convictions will be concurrently applied by the judge. Plus most of these ladies are first time offenders with no violence in their charges (except Mack and Raniere who face 15 years minimum for sex charges).

    You can tack on 10 new charges to Clare’s indictment and she’ll likely only get 3 years max no matter how many guilty verdicts are returned.

  • According to the DOJ, there will be new Jane Does named in a superseding indictment.

    How many Jane Does will there be?

    Up to 150 Jane Does.

    an estimated 150 women ultimately joined.

    Plus I can name two women who were targeted for recruitment but quickly backed out when they discovered that NXIVM DOS involved branding and blackmail.
    I won’t name these women because they will be targeted by Clare’s Flying Monkeys.

    • What an obnoxious bore you are. You are not hiding any information. You only know what Frank let’s you know

  • Looking to Vanguard’s future, I took a few liberties with Robbie Williams’ Angels. Sorry Robbie.

    Not Angels

    I sit and wait
    For a jury to contemplate my fate
    But they don’t know
    I’m an ethical bro
    With a large ego
    Recruits were often told
    That my brain is worth its weight in gold
    So when I’m crying in my bed
    Indignation in my head
    Wishing all my foes were dead
    They have the most joy instead.

    And through it all, Clare offered me protection
    From criminal detection
    I had DOS slaves on call
    Though struggling to achieve erection
    I had a nice selection
    Sent for me to ball
    Blackmailed affection
    I was a failure in bed

    I’m feeling weak
    Can no longer hide
    My coward’s streak
    The inmates shove
    When they should show
    Unconditional love
    When the cell doors are not closed
    Fellow inmates are not bros
    And they’re butting on my head
    My Judo seems to have fled.

    And through it all, Clare offered me protection
    From criminal detection
    I had DOS slaves on call
    Though struggling to achieve erection
    I had a nice selection
    Sent for me to ball
    Blackmailed affection
    I was a failure in bed.

    I could have run a legal corporation
    Not a criminal operation
    Hounding enemies in court
    And now I’m in a cell
    Fighting my convictions
    With many health afflictions
    I had it all, I thought
    Seeing through the fiction
    Parlato’s smiling instead.

  • Page 56, regarding the identity theft for the purpose of tax evasion charge against Clare and Keith –

    “Bronfman also moves for the dismissal of Count Seven on the ground that it is
    alleged to have been committed in the Northern District of New York and not the Eastern
    District of New York. The government agrees that the Indictment alleges that Count Seven
    is venued in the Northern District of New York. However, this does not warrant dismissal of
    Count Seven.

    Prior to trial, if a superseding indictment is not returned to cure the venue defect,
    the government will consent to the severance of Count Seven and its transfer for trial
    in the Northern District of New York.”

    • I love THIS, And This. But before Count 7 puts me in 7th heaven, quick question, does the Northern District have to also “consent” to the transfer? Or can NDNY dismiss that count or just ignore it — like they’ve ignored all Raniere’s and NXIVM crimes for the past 30 years?

      Or can EDNY “force” NDNY to preserve the charges on that count if severed, if not covered under the superseding indictment in the Eastern district.

      “Consent” is being sooo loosely defined by Nx attorneys in this case, I can’t tell if this move will “force” NDNY to try their own Nx case or not! ?

      AUSA Moira Penza for President!!!!

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