Who you gonna believe Vanguard or your lying eyes?

Guest View: Lies, damned lies and Nxivm

Guest View by Raniere’s Lying Eyes

Clare Bronfman not only lied in the Frank Parlato contract, she lied in the criminal/civil computer trespassing case by saying one thing in the criminal case and the complete opposite in the civil case.

Another example of how NXIVM teaches one thing but does another.

Lying is harder because you have to keep track of which lie you tell where and how it can come back to burn you.

NXIVM members also lied about where the coach/student notes where stored during their lawsuit against Rick Ross. Members testified under oath that the notes were stored in a locked room – which happened, but not during the time frame these testimonies happened. During the time frame of the Ross case, the notes were kept in a file cabinet in a main hallway. It was locked but everyone knew where the key was hung on a wall that anyone could have access to.

NXIVM members, backed by Raniere, lied in order to get Joe O’Hara arrested, not once but twice. Later both cases were dropped against him.

NXIVM members backed by Raniere attempted several times to get Raniere’s exes – Toni Natalie and Barbara Bouchey arrested, but failed all but one time –all charges were dropped.

NXIVM also lied to the Washington State Department of Revenue. They told the DOR that they licensed their technology to the center in Washington to avoid paying business and occupation tax to Washington State.

This was a lie since everyone was an independent contractor that received commissions from NXIVM. Later NXIVM told the Courts the truth in Washington State – that members were independent contractors which proved they lied to the DOR.

The last round of lies were in Mexico where Emiliano Salinas Ocelli and Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma filed false charges against several Ex-NXIVM members who Raniere considers his enemies – by using their money to buy off Mexican judges. These people can never enter into Mexico again or they will be arrested.

NXIVM got away with their lies until people started to jump ship and know what reality is. Sharing the truth with each other and the courts is what put an end to NXIVM ability to get away with their lies.

NXIVM example of lying to save the “Jews in the basement” has brought about Fake Lying. NXIVM members lie only to save their perverted Master and their own asses. There is no nothing noble about their lies.

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Keith Raniere taught it was ethical to lie to protect the NXIVM mission. He used the analogy of hiding Jews in the basement and lying to the Nazis who came to your door.

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