Julian DuPont is no Keith Raniere and for that we must be thankful.

Raniere has competition for elite prodigy status – as 15 year old graduates from RPI

Vanguard, eat your heart out.

In Troy New York, one Julian DuPont, 15, graduates from RPI this month.

Since age 12, DuPont has been tutoring and mentoring fellow college students in organic chemistry.

He was a freshman at age 12.

The students he mentored were six – eight years older.

In 2014, at age 12, he attended Bard College. He transferred to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at age 13.

Now that he is graduating at age 15, DuPont wants to go to medical school and be a doctor, perhaps a surgeon.

Now, he may be no Vanguard – the exalted name for prisoner 57005-177 also known as Crybaby Jane and on official records as Keith Alan Raniere.

While DuPont has been reading ever since he was 3 years old, Raniere was reading since he was one years’ old.

DuPont, at age 5, had a microscope.

Raniere, when he was 8, hid the flies from the microscope of a special needs child and called her stupid.

DuPont writes in his two-page autobiographical summary that “There was an immunology card game that I made out of my immune cell drawings that showed the functions of white blood cells fighting off pathogens.”

Raniere in his autobiography was already a concert-level pianist, judo champion and master of mathematics by the time this dullard DuPoint got out of diapers.

DuPont, at age 15, is researching jellyfish that glow a neon green due to Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP).

Raniere, at age 30 plus, researched sex with 12 year old girls.

Young DuPont has been described as having a “quick, nimble intellect.”

Raniere did a study that showed he was one of the top three problem solvers in the world.

DuPont’s future looks bright and promising as does Crybaby Jane’s – who is undoubtedly going to do a lot of researching in the coming years on the effects of prison life for the world’s smartest man.

Rhiannon was part of Keith’s harem when she 12 years old and he was in his 30s. She ran away from the harem and was put in juvenile home. Keith Raniere escaped charges.

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  • Rhiannon was a lucky girl. Yes her life changed. For the better. She’s blessed and I bet she thanks Keith every day. Lay off her. I wish Keith had mentored me at age 12 instead of my early 20s

  • This reminder of Rhianon’s story brings tears to my eyes. It’s said rape victims are often molested twice. First the rape itself, secondly when it’s reported but not believed and met with ridicule.

    In Rhianon’s case, she’s vey sadly been molested thrice, not twice. She was raped first by Raniere — molested over 60 times at the age of 12 in broom closets, warehouse rooms, etc. — then by the local authorities she first reported the crime to (within the time statutes) who failed to prosecute, then again in 2012 when she came forward in the Albany Times Union report which was quashed and misconstrued.

    Merry Christmas, Rhianon. I think of you often, hope you’re doing well as can be expected and much admire that you’ve had the strength to endure and speak out for others, despite so many repeated assaults from not only your molester but those covering it up for their own hateful, self-serving reasons. I think justice will prevail this time, but don’t quote me.

    • Heidi, this is sad story about Rhianon. At such an early age, she’s scarred for life. In my opinion, there isn’t a form of reparation or relief that could possibly come close to righting this wrong. My only hope is that Keith is made to suffer each and every minute for the rest of his life in prison. Perhaps call it vengeance, but Keith deserves every bit of discomfort he is currently experiencing. The broken eye glasses, shit-bombs, head-butting etc, is minuscule in comparison to the harm he has caused others. While I understand MDC is merely a holding facility for inmates for the duration of their trial, when Keith is sentenced, I wish they would keep his ass at MDC versus sending him to a different prison to live out his sentence. He deserves this, and much more.

  • “Raniere did a study that showed he was one of the top three problem solvers in the world.”

    What kind of study? I’d be curious to know more about how he came to this conclusion and passed it off as fact.

    On a lighter note, Happy Holidays everyone!


    • Happy Holidays, Tom. What Keith did was he and Karen U. found an open book IQ test he had just about every smart kid he knew research and provide answers to. The IQ test wasn’t time barred either. The research went on for weeks, maybe months and when the results came back, there were a couple of wrong answers despite all that effort. So, Raniere called the test administrators in a fit and after much ado, recalculating and schmoozing of the librarian whom Keith renamed the test in honor of, it was determined that despite the wrong answers relatively to the population of people who’d taken this test and OTHER IQ TESTS of its alleged “caliber” (though maybe not open book) Raniere was genius of genius in the rather unique category of “problem solver.”

      In others words, it was bull shit as usual.

        • The Mega IQ test is a take home IQ test without a time limit. There is nothing preventing someone from using books – there is a “honor” prohibition of having other people help with the test. Keith explained to those who doubted him that he did it all by himself that “I couldn’t cheat because who is smart enough to help me?”

      • Happy Holiday’s Heidi. Thanks!

        In my book, Keith is nothing more than one of the best liars in the world. And yet, he’s a poor liar because he told far too many to keep track of. He’s nothing more than a big baby — a spoiled brat. When this is over, and one day it will, let’s just hope the record is set straight and Keith’s biography is rewritten to include his abhorrent accomplishments at the expense of others. It should be made so that he owns each and every one of them. He also deserves every bit of public shaming, ridicule and disgust.

        Speaking of disgusting, lets hope he is served a double portion of faux meat for his Christmas dinner. For me, I’m going to take a hot shower and make myself some Eggs Benedict and enjoy my holiday. I hope you enjoy yours, my friend. Tom

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