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Body Language video analyzes Ben Szemkus’ Stormy Daniels – NXIVM story – concludes he’s telling the truth

A reader writes:

Hello Sir, great admirer of your work. I commented a couple times on  
threads, but I’m more of a reader, so I’ll keep this short.

You might find this video interesting, I’ve been watching videos on a YouTube channel that looks at body language and what it can say about whether the person is telling the truth or facts. It’s interesting as psychology.

The channel is “Body Language Ghost.”

I did a search on your site and nothing came up. It’s a few months old, but still relevant until the whole truth is known.

Body Language: Ben Szemkus on NXIVM Party with Stormy Daniels, Keith  
Raniere & Allison Mack:

Anyways, keep up the heroic work and have a Merry Christmas.


The video narrator of Bombards Body Language concludes that Ben is telling the truth.

“All of this is his truth. he is not making this up. He is giving you his truth,” the narrator says.

Stormy Daniels was there and allegedly went into a room with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

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  • […]
    The video narrator of Bombards Body Language concludes that Ben is telling the truth.

    “All of this is his truth. he is not making this up. He is giving you his truth,” the narrator says.

    The last two sentences directly contradict each other. HIS TRUTH is what he likes to be true. There is no physical evidence for half a year or so and if there was someone would have used it against her. The GOP would have been all over it in no time and I am very sure some redhat conspiracy theorists just spin something like pizza gate.
    On top of that, these things happened 11 years ago and the human brain is particularly bad at memorizing details. Just think of some natural constant you had to learn in school like the vacuum permittivity and tell me the first five significant numbers. These did not change since you were sitting in your Physics course.
    Or try something more recent. Think about the people who were on the Christmas party of your workplace, write their names down and later cross check with the photos. See if you got them correct or added some/left some out.
    The human brain can store only very little actual information and filters a lot. This is why even eye witness contradict each other minutes after an incident. So take whatever this person is saying with a grain of salt. It is most likely not accurate. At best it is accurate to the best of his abilities and at worst it is simply a scam.

    PS: You can see the people Szemkus video is aimed at. Just go to his youtube channel with a new IP and a cleaned browser history and youtube will suggest other channels which people watching his content like. These are:

    Donald Trump’s personal news station: FOX NEWS
    A right wing conspiracy theorist talking about democrat false flag operations, faked moon landings and George Sorros called LIFT THE VEIL
    And an internet radio called #WeThePeople 24/7 Patriot’s Soapbox. These morons are talking about how the big state uses inflation as a weapon against the people with Nancy Pelosi being the culprit.

  • We the Shadow family challenge Bombard to interview our beloved Shadowstate to prove once and for all if he is truly is or isn’t the Allison Mack window stalker.

    • I don’t think Shadow is Thomas Sekera any more. The court case where Sekera appeared proved that to us. Allie and I now think that Shadow wants Allie but Allie has her own man and her women too. That’s not going to change and we will all be together soon. Sorry Shadow. I’m sure you’re a nice guy but Allie and I have our man.

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