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Kristin Kreuk – another pretentious hypocrite


Guest View: By Celebrities Are Not The Most Virtuous But They Sure Pretend

Kristin Kreuk is a hypocrite.

She is involved with a feminist documentary by a male feminist about Phoolan Devi, as an “executive producer”.

She got involved with that in 2017, tweeting all sorts of pretentious stuff about it, telling people to hand over their cash to pay for it, while refusing to even acknowledge NXIVM and the branding story of 2017.

Rose Bhura, who she also recruited into NXIVM, is involved with this documentary too. Not a word from her either. Aren’t they embarrassed?

Imagine if the press called her out on it. The guy doing this documentary obviously wants someone with a bit of fame to promote his shit, even though she was a devoted NXIVM cultist who ignored a real “women’s rights” story while promoting this documentary and portraying herself as the saviour of teen girls fighting a pedophile, not Keith Raniere, but a make belief pedophile, on a taxpayer funded television show.

Kristin Kreuk kisses males on television. That is it. Kissing and “smell the fart” facial expressions. What does she know about being an “executive producer”? Same with Rose Bhura.

Why do these NXIVM members come as a pair?

Also, while ignoring the NXIVM story, Kreuk signed an open letter against a theatre guy accused of misbehaviour.


Why did you stay with the pedophile Kristin?

You don’t get to pretend you care about women’s rights. Literally, a massive story you are a part of and you are more silent than a mouse fart in a thunderstorm, while attaching yourself to causes that have nothing to do with you.

Another pretentious hypocrite.

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